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Saturday, April 18, 2009

8 Things that I know you want to know!

I haven't done a tag in awhile and my new friend Miti decided she wanted to get to know me better so she tagged me with this fun tag.

Here's how to do this 8 THINGS thing:

  • Mention the person that tagged you.
  • Complete the lists of 8's.
  • Tag 8 of your wonderful bloggy friends.
  • Go tell them you tagged them!

  1. My Best Friend coming home.
  2. Christmas ( I know, I know, it's early but I still look forward to it. Heck, I look forward to it the day after it's over! LOL)
  3. All my kids birthdays coming up this year! Especially my soon to be Sweet 16 daughter!
  4. Losing 12 lbs by the end of the year.
  5. My Birthday, only because I get to eat my peanut butter pie or my chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting. Oh yes, this certainly does contradict #4. LOL
  6. To another beautiful day tomorrow!
  7. Getting an RV for real cheap because the Lord is good!
  8. To actually get to use the boat we purchased almost a year ago! Hubby is fixing it up to sell it but we want to at least try it first!
  1. Had Coffee!! Woo! Hoo! YES!! Sorry, I get a little excited about this every morning!!
  2. Did my devotional
  3. Blogged baby!
  4. Did my Wii fit
  5. Went to the Gym for Zumba
  6. Fed our resident squirrel Skippy, peanuts from our hand!
  7. Read Blogs!
  8. Played with the kidlins!
  1. See without the use of my contacts or glasses!
  2. Sew really really well!
  3. Focus on just ONE activity at a time.
  4. Have my 23 year old figure back.
  5. Make the world a peaceful place.
  6. Meet all my blogging friends in real life!
  7. Make money from home. Well not literally but make and sell something. LOL.
  8. Protect my children from ever getting hurt.

  1. I
  2. don't
  3. watch
  4. any
  5. tv.
  6. Yup!
  7. We're
  8. weird!

I'm tagging people I don't know very well, YET. If you do this please tell me so I can come learn more about you.
  1. Terri @ The Four Scarbarys
  2. Becky @ Every Day A New Beginning
  3. Kaci @ Beautiful Mess
  4. Darlene @ Everything to me AkA Puffs Pocket
  5. Noel @ Bloom Where You're Planted
  6. Julie @ A Day in Our Life
  7. Michele @ Michele's Morsels
  8. MrsHester @ Forver Student
Well did you learn something you didn't already know? Yeah, I know, not very exciting huh? That's why you gotta wait for those posts where my OCD kicks in! LOL.
Oh and you know what? If I didn't tag you and you want to do this, PLEASE feel free. I wanted to tag all my followers but I'd be here all day. So if you're a friend and want to do this, let me know so I can come check it out!!

AND, if you are my friend aka follower don't forget to stop by Monday to check out my giveaway just for YOU!


  1. Lovely things about you my friend! You did the gym AND Wii Fit? Well, I am glad because obviously you are exercising for me too so I no longer need to worry about it! :)

    Have a fabulous fun day and 8 hugs to you!!!

    Still in the airport, only now there are a lot more people wandering around and flights getting ready so I am feeling more and more odd sitting here on the floor by the outlet! But I'm already odd, so it shouldn't bother me, right?

  2. I enjoyed learning more about you. I too gave up tv. it has been over a year.I do not need all the negative news in my life. This tag make you think and plan. In the past my life was always in the future or past. And it took allot of work to learn to live in the moment. Have a great week.

  3. Great to learn more about you!

    You definitely need to have your favorites on your birthday even if it does contradict. :D Yum!

    I got to do Zumba about a year ago and it was fun! :D

  4. Very interesting! I enjoyed learning more about you, I do like these sort of things.

    And I don't think I've done it yet, at least not outside of my own mind, but I want to say thank-you for the kind comments you've left me. Now, on to the 8 Things!

  5. Cool! I love to learn more about people. There are so many ways to do it. I definitely like this one. I'll probably be back to do it later when I have more time. 8 more hugs for you. :)

  6. What a great tag! I am will play along and have mine up hopefully this afternoon!
    Have a Fabulous Day!

  7. Hello! I stumbled over here from Stop and Smell the Chocolate. We also don't watch TV at our house. We haven't had cable since we were married almost 6 years ago. Way to go!

  8. I only watch one show...but could really do without any TV at all. I had coffee yesterday and today too:)

  9. Very impressed with the no tv watching!


  10. Oh, gosh, who knew you liked coffee so much? LOL!

    OK, I confess I had to look up zumba, then remembered I actually HAD heard of it before. Next time, take your camera and give us a little video of your dancing. 8-} Keep up this pace and you'll lose that 12 lbs before you get to that PB pie.

    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  11. Hey, sweet thang! Could we ask for a more beautiful day?! Hope it's just as nice where you are.

    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  12. Kim, I'm so glad I met you. Every time I read your blog, I end up laughing my head off! Thanks for sharing your 8 things with me. I actually didn't make it to my zumba class yesterday. Instead, I decided to go and buy someone elses trash and went yard selling. AHHH...nothing like a good yard sale! Having an RV would be awesome! I wish I could do that too! Good for you for not watching t.v. That's not weird. It's inspiring.

  13. Whew! I am glad I didn't get tagged! I wouldn't be able to come up with such nice lists:-)

  14. k, i just posted your tag. Thanks for thinking of me!! Have a blessed week.

  15. I love that you do Zumba. I tried doing one using their DVD but I think it might be easier in a class. I can't believe no TV but that's good. My hubby likes to watch and I want to spend time with him so I watch. LOL.

    I was tagged on this one yesterday so I need to write mine up. You gave me a few ideas. Thanks!!!

  16. I love the things about you and how you listed the tv one! Too cute.

  17. You are so funny! I wish I could sew period! I may be the only person you know that flunked home Ec and got a B in metal shop!! LOL


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