"The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those
who are willing to work and give to those who would not."
--Thomas Jefferson

Monday, April 20, 2009

Giveaway! Are you ready to laugh at me?

Here it is! The day you've all been waiting for. A video post of me! LOL. Well all except those of you who have actually met me in person and know just how weird I am. Don't you love the Christmas lights around the bed! Yeah, baby!

(I am realizing that my favorite words are Um and So! LOL I told you I write like I talk!!)
So here are the prizes.
Now remember I'm not GREAT at making anything but I do enjoy it and wanted what I give you to be something made by me so here are your choices.

I know it's hard to think about cold weather right now but I've made this really pretty and soft scarf. It's almost finished. My husband makes a great model doesn't he?
So this is Choice #1
Choice #2 is this apron.
Yes, it takes a real man to model an apron! LOL. This is the first and only apron I made, but I made it with the intentions of giving it away because I have 5 aprons soon to be 6 already. I love aprons! LOL. This one is made from very sturdy material and a cute kitchen type pattern on it.
Choice #3
This is a denim bag that I made. It had pretty flowers on the outside and is very sturdy.
Here's a picture of the inside.

Here's choice #4
Lounge shorts!
You aren't getting this pair. No this is MY pair and I love them. I will make you a different pair and you will have your choice of a few different colors of flannel.
Well my initial plan of videoing my whole post just didn't work out as it would have taken me forever to upload, so I still have to explain a few things I forgot on there. It was my 3rd take and I was losing it! LOL.
Like I said, you can leave a comment every day on this post to enter. You must be a current friend aka follower. And sadly I must limit this to the U.S..
In your first entry please state what it is that you would like to win. After that you can come back and leave a comment to enter again, but this time I want you to tell me something about YOU. What your interests are, your hobbies, favorite foods, etc. Just make sure it's on THIS post. (I'll have the link handy at the top of my blog each day).

Oh and these aren't the only things you'll get. I will be slipping in some other fun things as well.

Have you spent enough time on my blog today? LOL. I hope you enjoyed it and I can't wait to hear what you thought of the silly video of me! I can't stand my picture being taken or being on video, so this was a big stretch for me.


  1. YOu are so crazy. We will so get along! I would love to win all of them. LOL no seriously I would like the bag...very cute!
    Congrats on 100 followers and thanks for doing this giveaway:)

  2. Kimmy,

    I am laughing so hard...you are so cute!!!! You are cracking me up girlfriend. I want the handbag...and the shorts..I have no need for the apron (as you know)...I think that was a ploy for someone else to win! lol

    Your post was too cute...I'm gonna show it to Jay later. Silly girl!

    Love ya!

  3. Kathleen submitted a post but we are not sure it went through.
    I have to say that she has a desktop icon to your blog though. So if we won, Kathleen likes the denim bag. Thank you for all the good laughs. We enjoy coming to see what creative thing your up to next! Heather

  4. Oh Kim,
    How delightful! You are so funny and you do talk just like you write.It is so nice of your husband to model for us.
    I love all the things you made!

  5. How cool, Kim! Um, cute video! :D I do the same thing. LOL!
    Love the giveaway(S)! I love the bag and the apron. Your husband models well! LOL!

  6. Kim, it's so cool to "meet" you!!! Your hubby is a champ! :)

  7. Your hubby makes a good model! lol I would like the bag or maybe something you haven't put on here yet. I'll be checking back often.

  8. Hey Kim! This is so fun. I see your husband's as funny as you. If I win will he arrive in package with a big bow on his head? LOL! He makes the perfect model for your prizes. You two look like y'all would be a blast to hang out with! I don't know what you were talking about on your 8 THINGS thing. You are very skilled sewer (much better than me that's for sure). I've been wanting to make me an apron, but since you're so good at it, I'll just take yours. That's if I'm lucky enough to win. It's so cute.

  9. Yup, I think you may just be crazier than me!! LOL!!! I am so impressed with your hubby! What a good man!! I am honored to be your follower... not in a creepy stalker kind of way though! :o)

  10. Okay, so maybe I DID take my crazy pill... I forgot to say what I liked the best!! I love that bag!! TOO cute!!!

  11. My friend, um I am like SO glad you are not um actually like giving away garbage! LOL!! I LOVE your video - too cute!

    I really like the scarf even though it's getting warm - I don't have any cute scarfs or scarves or even scarrffss. And I really like that denim bag too!

    Glad I had a little time to see that video now. I'll stop back over tonight. Have a fabulous day!

    Big like um so like really big um like hugs to you! :)
    (You know I couldn't let that go, right?)

  12. Great video. Really. I like it that you are you, no b.s!! I like you! I would love the apron. I only have one and I would love to add another to my collection!!

  13. You are so adorable!! I really want to make a video to put on my blog, but my webcam won't work and that means I'd have to use the video camera, which means hubby would have to hold it for me (hmm....unless I propped it up on the kitchen table or something).

    Anyhoo! Your husband is a brave soul. Kudos to him! I really love the handbag. I could use that for my Bible and journal going to and from church!! :) HUGS!

  14. I loved hearing your voice! You are too cute. Isn't it wierd to video yourself? But your blogging friends love it. I love the apron!!

  15. Oh, Kimmy! You are so brave to do a video! I just love you to pieces. Not flattery, LOL! Um, so...I love the denim tote and the scarf!! Too cute! I'll be back to comment again. You are so sweet to do a giveaway!

  16. Shoot! I hate Monday movies, coz the lieberry is closed Sunday and
    Monday. >:\

    I've tied a string around my finger to remind me to come back first thing tomorrow. (First thing in my world, mind, may be much different from yours. *g*)

    Looking at the first pic, before reading, I thought the Red baron was visiting you. (*;^) And I notice your dear sweet hubby drew the line at holding the bag. LOL!

    Love ya tons, sweet thang!
    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  17. Oh, yeah, I'd pic the scarf. 8-}

  18. Girl, you are nuts! You are so funny...you totally crack me up!

    I would love to do a video blog but you guys would die when you hear just how country I am! The video doesn't lie about how you sound just like the answering machine doesn't lie...so, I might do one.

    So...here is my comment for you...I TOTALLY LOVE YOU! You always put a huge smile on my face and I've missed you since I been absent on my blogging over the past few...very busy weeks. I'm back!


  19. You are just as AWESOME as I thought you would be! Goofy, cute, and totally real! Yeah, YOU! And no, I have not been drinking an adult beverage this afternoon, LOL.

    Marty will have to post a comment on here tomorrow. He'll want choice #5, a pile of carrots. But today, it's me and I'll pick choice #1!

  20. You're personality is pretty much what I imagined it should/could be. You remind me so much of my college friend Meredith. In fact, I think you are her twin! Though you have more depth of character because you are a believer, and she was only into "hippie" stuff!

    Being from the North, the scarf is tres suitable. Being a mom lends itself to carrying all the "stuff" that moms have to carry to and from the car, etc. making it tres cool!


  21. Love it! ROFL! You are so brave. I've video taped myself and just have never had the guts to put it out there.
    You go girl!!

  22. I'm baaack! I'm supposed to tell you something about me, but I'm trying to think of what you don't know.

    Hmmm, what about that I was born in MT and lived there until I was 18. Just before I turned 19, I moved to California with a friend of mine. I actually met my hubby within 3 weeks of being in CA!

    If you already knew that, I'll have to think of something else my friend!

    Uh, by the way, LOVE your fabulous blog!! :)

  23. Hello! Back to tell you something about me....hmm, what could I tell you that you may have not already read? LOL
    Oh! I saw your book shelf below and several of your books are ones I've read!
    Created to Be His Help Meet
    Passionate Housewives Desperate for God
    A Charlotte Mason Companion

    So of course this shows we have some things in common, huh?

    I was wondering, how are you liking Created to Be His Help Meet? I know it can be a "sock it to ya" book! ((hugs))

  24. Hi Mrs. Kim!
    uhhh,,, it's hard to choose, I would say the CUTE BAG. You are VERY TALENTED. :)


  25. Hey, kiddo! Marty here! I decided to hopped on over and see what the fuss was about. Hopefully, Donna won't notice that I am NOT minding her blog.

    Let's see now, I'm supposed to tell you my hobbies and something about me. Hmmmm, you mean besides being a charming rascal? What more is there to know than that!? But I can tell you a tidbit or two about Donna! Shhh, don't tell her that I was ratting out on her, OK? Well, as you may have guessed, she LOVES photography and is always searching for the next great picture. Food? Oh yeah - you can tell she LOVES food just by looking at her! Hahahaha!!!! However, most importantly for ME, she does NOT like rabbit stew! ROFL!

  26. I guess I am also supposed to tell you something about me... hmmmm... I am terribly scared of heights!! I think I may throw up just thinking about it!!!

  27. It's hard to do a video isn't it?? No one's around but you get all nervous. Remember mine? Something to know about me...my longest out of the home job was being a birthday party hostess for Discovery Zone kids play center:) Homemade is always best:) I like the scarf, bag and shorts-you did a great job on all of them!

  28. I'm back again today to flatter you even more...you are fabulous, girl! Love you!

  29. I love this! You are too adorable! Your video is just precious!

  30. Happy 100 Followers...I am late at this but I really really want the denim bag! That is soo cute!!! =)

  31. Like, how many times can a normal adult say, like, like? Your voice is too deep and your hair is too long and you don't smile nearly enough.

    (Just wanted to get your attention with a comment that REALLY stands out, lol!)

    Seriously, you're a DOLL! What's not to love? You're the most beautiful blogger I never met. And your bedroom is so CLEAN! What's your secret? (I'll be back with more flattery later). 8-]

    I'll be doing another giveaway myownself in a week or so... if I can get anybody to actually POST their comments instead of emailing me privately or reading and sneaking off without a word. (^;^)

    Aaaaannnnnywho, hope your week is being, like, wondermous. Love ya loads, sweet thang! Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  32. Oh, yeah, and I LOVE your new look! Is this, like, new new or was I just olivious up till now?

    Love ya! Later, dudette! ^i^

  33. Hi Mrs.Kim,
    We're your Friends!!!!!!
    Love Your blog!
    Alyssa and Mariah Campana
    The Apron is awful cute. ;)

  34. I'll take garbage I'm really not picky.
    but any way your so much fun to be with i can't "NOT" Laugh when I'm around you.
    I mean you are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo....
    Funny !!!!(O.k. I wont go on with the O's but you get the Point).
    You know I'm your #1 fan!!!
    lots of laughs
    p.s. flattery will get you any where.

  35. I love your sense of humor! I love the apron!!!!!!!!

    Have a great Tuesday!

  36. Ok, when I quit laughing I want to tell you how much I enjoyed your video. That was so darn cute. I want to win the apron. I love it. And if I win, I will let you fly me to your town to take your family pictures. Or you all can fly to Tulsa and I will take your pictures while you are on vacation here. But what ever we do, we have to spend time together....you fix such good foods, and you make me LAUGH. Thanks for good time!
    It was more than what I could have ever expected. You are really so darn cute!

  37. Hey, sweetie! I see that Marty popped on yesterday and was babbling on and on. Geesh! I hope he didn't try to flirt with you because he can be quite a cheeky fellow!

  38. You are so very fun and talented, I might add!
    I love the bags you make. I was impressed the first time you gave one away!
    Thanks for making me laugh...and by the way, I love the new look. The color is great!

  39. Hello! I love your new background and header, simply BEAUTIFUL!
    And if I would win the CUTE bag.

  40. Good day Kim!
    Here's something new about me: I'm currently potty training my almost 4 year old. Not fun! LOL

  41. I'm back for the 3rd day in a row. Let me tell you something about me. I'd talk to a complete stranger in an elevator or doctors office waiting room and even offer a cookie. ha ha...... You and me... we'd get along great!!! I love the apron!

    Has your hubby considered male modeling as a second career? Just kidding...

  42. OK, I changed my mind... I want the bag. It is TOO adorable! Wait, no, I want the apron! I definitely don't want the shorts, coz then I'd have to shave my legs, doncha know.

    Now that I've finally made it to the lieberry, I can watch your veejo over and over. I didn't notice the fan the first time. So I sat here, staring at the movement at the top of the screen for like a full minute. So then I had to, um, start it over and at some point found my eyes wandering back to the top again. So then I had to, um, start it over and...

    OK, OK, so, um, here's your daily falttery: You have a FABULOUS smile, girl! Come back tomorrow for another allotment of adulation.

    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  43. Daily flattery: I think you're a hoot! That means funny in MS. :)

    Much love, sistergirl!

  44. Its your friend again,
    you know, your like #1 fan,
    with my comment number two.
    We are liking the apron.

  45. LOL, I just noticed I falttered you earlier! Aren't you flattered? I never falttered anybody before.

    Gee, and I've been so busy flattering, I completely forgot to tell you anything about myownself. Completely contrary to my online persona, in real life I'm terribly shy. I've learned to cover it fairly well, so most people don't realize just how much till they get to know me better. I'll try to think of something more interesting tomorrow.

    Sleep sweet! ^i^

  46. Kathleen O. is your #1, NOT #2, BUT #1 fan. I still like that VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY,,, CUTE DENIM BAG.
    The apron is very cute 2, but the bag is my pick.

  47. Ok, I need to tell you something new about myself again today..hmm...what to tell....I'm a junk food junkie. I love chocolate (love your latest post on chocolate, btw!) I go through withdraws if I can't have chocolate at least once a day (seriously). This is something my loving husband doesn't' understand about me (and that's ok!)

  48. I love you Kim! Seriously, this was so fun. I just wanted you to know I loved seeing your real, wierd self because it reminds me of my own real, wierd self, you know? Actually, it reminded me of me,while practicing a speech in front of a mirror, or something. Anyway, you are a treasure, even without any giveaways.

  49. I have not had time to stop by regularly and flatter you properly!

    I do love your new design - very pretty, BUT you must warn me of these things ahead of time so I don't get confused when I click over - LOL!

    You are so creative my friend and do the BEST blog designs! :)

    You are just the most super awesome creative friendly funny fabulous friend!

  50. Makin' up for being gone...

    Quote from Kung Fu Panda:

    You're awesome.
    Last thing I'm gonna say.

  51. something about me...the girls and I played in the sand today and it reminded me of FL!

  52. Flattery for the day: you merry my heart every morning. I do look forward to visiting your blog every day. I'm not a real social butterfly... don't hang out with a big circle of friends... just a very few special souls. And most of those live at least half a state away, if not several states. In a nutshell... youse special. 8-}

    More about me: in my fantasy life, I drive in demolition derbies, fence (with swords, not chain-link), dance the flamenco, sing opera with Pavarotti... I've always been the oddball of the bunch. Also, I always wanted to wear over-the-knee boots. LOVE boots. Reckon I'm not exactly the type for that particular style, though.

    Love ya tons, sweet stuff!
    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  53. Something about me...Hmmm...I'd rather flatter you some more. I love the hat you're wearing in your pic.

    Something about me...I have an elephant phobia (seriously) and Nolan's 2 favorite movies are Hoo-Hoo (Horton Hears a Whoo) and The Jungle Book. I may have to go into therapy over this. Sigh.

    Cain't wait for Friday Funnies tomorrow. I have a funny one about MS life.

  54. Hello again Kim!

    I love commenting little tidbits each day - FUN!!!

    More about me....

    I love reading your blog and laugh and enjoy seeing what your family is doing.

    The guacamole recipe on my blog... I spoke to one of the hispanic custodial guys I work with and he said lettuce is added as a filler to make the guacamole stretch further. Ahh... okay....

    I work full-time in the Children's area of a mega-sized church. I design their post cards, fliers, booklets and work with the curriculum. Oh and it is F-U-N!!!! I love finding cute kid-attracting things and using them to get on the kids' level. Between all of the Easter services, we had over 10,000 people attend.

    Because I work all day in an office and I am not one to ever ever ever plan ahead, I use my microwave daily because it defrosts my meat so I can cook hme-cooked meals. If it weren't for the microwave, my family would never get to eat meat.

    I love flower gardening, blogging, trying new recipes, crafts, playing games with family, and baking brownies.

    I still love that apron!!!

    Have a great day!

  55. Back for more...

    I was so glad to talk to you today my friend - always love the laughter!! And so happy about everything!

    By the way, it got down to 25 with white snow covering the ground - so not OK with me. :)

    Very glad to be one of your "imaginary" friends - LOL!

    Your blog is the bestest ever! Keep it up! Way to go! You're great! Who's awesome? You're awesome! Oh you are so awesome - hey!

    Big cheering for you and your blog hugs - hee,hee!

  56. Good mawning! You can learn more about me from my Friday Funny post. You have your funny on today, don't you? I love that you started FFs!

  57. Hi Mrs. Kim!

  58. Ok, now I get to try and figure out something else to tell you about myself, lol
    I'm really bad at this.

    Ok, I really want to get my garden started but I've never gardened before and am REALLY unmotivated! But it's getting late in the season and I need to get in gear!

  59. Daily flatter... er, maybe I should make that flatterY. 8-}
    You're one of the very few people I've met online I'd like to meet in person.

    And now, another Sophism... what little tv I actually watch, sometimes I watch just to see how they decorate their homes.

    Oh, and in case I don't get home in time to leave tomorrow's bits...
    *Fattery: you're raising awesome kids! I'm so proud of mothers who choose to homeschool. It irks me no end to hear a mom say, 'I'm so glad vacation is over, so the kids can go back to school and get out of my hair.' >:\
    *Sophism: I have a blue ribbon for winning our school spelling bee about umpteen years ago.

    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  60. Oh Kim! I love your video. You are just who I thought you would be like from previous posts and recent. And your husband is just like you. What a great pair you make! It would be awesome to meet ya'll someday. You done um a great job, so um, sorry, like many others, I just couldn't resist. Your so cute!

    Because I've been a bad blogger I won't compete, just wanted to let you know I loved your video and love you as well.

  61. I dozed off and realized I had not yet submitted my daily comment for you!!!

    I hope you and your fun hubby had a great week!

    Did you know that I played the french horn when I was in junior high? Did you know that I took first place for ping pong at church camp when I was a bony teen? Did you know that I won a contest for shorthand and typing winning a partial scholarship to a private Baptist university when I was a teen? Did you know I L-O-V-E brownies?!!!! Did you knwo that I love kitchen towels and aprons? Putting an apron on makes me feel like I know what I'm doing in the kitchen. Did you know that a farmer ran a stop sign in 1996 and I hit him going 65 mph and the air bag saved me while crushing my hand, now fully healed after reconstructive surgery in 1997? Did you know I cannot stand to have anyone touch my feet? Feet are so gross.

    I love your apron!!!

    Have a great Saturday tomorrow. We'll be getting ready for the prom so not sure if I'll get ot post or not.

    Take care!!!

  62. HI MRS.KIM!!
    Anyway, Can't wait to see ya'll Sunday!
    @ www.n-orenczakfamily.blogspot.com

  63. Wow so many comments! I had to show Noah the lady parking the car that took 4 minutes. Very funny.

  64. I love:

    fresh catfish,
    juicy steak,
    fresh-baked cake,
    corn on the cob,
    the color red,
    dark chocolate,
    and your "handmade with love" apron!

    Good night!

    P.S. My daughter made it home safe from the prom! Now momma can relax and go to sleep!

  65. WOW you got 65 comments. I love the video and your hubby modeling it was great. I did a pay it forward and a swiffer give away and did not get more the 5 responses.

  66. Hey MRS. KIM!
    LOVE YOUR STYLE!!!! lol
    LOVE YOUR FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. remember,,, I'm your #1 FAN!!!!!

  68. Good morning, Sunshine! (Er, ok, afternoon)

    Always remember, don't ever forget, just coz it's flattery doesn't mean it ain't true. 8-}

    Gosh, if you were a different kinda gal, your head'd be so big by now, there'd be no living with you, lol!

    OK, one final comment here...
    The Daily Flatter: You're a lovely, talented young woman with an infectious zest for life.
    Boring Bio Bit: My first (late) dh was a carnie when we met. After we married, I traveled with him for a short while. It was an experience I wouldn't change, but I wouldn't have wanted to do it again. Interestingly, his first name was the same as Duller's.

    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  69. I would love a pair of the shorts. They look comfy.

    What do you have on your husband to make him willingly model, lol?


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