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Thursday, April 2, 2009

She's got me beat!

My husband and daughter went to the Vision Forum Father / Daughter retreat at Callaway Gardens in Georgia this past weekend. They came back so inspired and ready to do some reformation. More on that in another post. Yes it's going to be one of those serious posts from me, but I hope it will inspire you as well. But this isn't about that right now. Right now I want to show you the dress that my daughter made for the high tea at the retreat.Isn't it gorgeous? Didn't she do a wonderful job?
See I wouldn't attempt something that large a scale for many reasons. One, I would end up crying like a baby while pinning and cutting all those pieces. See if a pattern has more than 2 pieces I start to break out in a cold sweat. Even the SewEasy patterns make me want to cry! LOL. I want full color instructions, step by step by step. Don't show me a picture of JUST an edge and expect me to know what edge they are talking about. I wanna see the WHOLE piece. Now I can make a bag, a pair of shorts and a quilt but there is no way that I would attempt something like this beautiful dress. Two, if I did for some insane reason attempt it, I can guarantee you that it wouldn't be wearable at the end! LOL. So for my daughter to do such a huge thing (with no help whatsoever from me, aside from cheering her on) just makes me so proud of her.
Okay Mommas done bragging.

Friday Funnies is right on schedule for tomorrow. Don't forget to come by and link up your funny.
I'm going to look for some tennis shoes today! Ugh! I'm taking all the people's advice from yesterdays post and going on a shoe hunt!

I'll probably be posting about the reformation our family is going through on Monday. You won't want to miss it. I feel you might be very encouraged by it.

Have a GREAT day!


  1. Very pretty! She did a great job!

  2. Wow!! Her dress is gorgeous and she has very impressive sewing skills!! Can't wait to hear more about the retreat.

    My friend, as part of my Top Commentator duties, I feel I must mention that you did not give any HUGS today at the end of your post!! Also, I am surprised that your OCDness has not made you move your right-hand column stuff back to the top! :)

    Hope you are having a great day! We got my Dad to the airport this morning. Sad to see him go, but now I can get some things accomplished at home! Oh, and it was so exciting - the only baseball game he was able to watch was last night - and was my son's team's first win! Yay!

    Well, I will give the hugs even if you won't - LOL! Big Dressed-for-High-Tea HUGS!!

  3. That is fabulous! I am very impressed! I would be proud too!

  4. Wow! I am truly impressed; she must have some pretty awesome sewing skills. That is absolutely beautiful! I bet she felt like a million bucks too.:)

  5. WOWZA! She looks LOVELY! That looks pretty complicated! She did an ABFAB job! One look at that pattern and I'd be cowering in the corner with you. 8-} Looking forward to your family post.

    Are y'all getting any of this rain? It's been going on for days and days now and, much as we needed the wetness, I'm sick of it. Power was out 6 hours the other night. Now it looks like 8PM out there in the middle of the day. I wanna see some sunshine! If you have any, please send it my way!!!

    Love ya loads, sweet thang!
    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  6. Oh, my goodness...she did a fabulous job! I can hem a pair of pants and that is it!

    Way to go!!!

  7. Wowzer, she is gorgeous in that! I can't believe she did that!!!!

    Okay, and you asked about the Cafe. Yes, it is experiencing technical difficulties. Pray as you think of it. You can still get there, but the only way to do so right now is with this address:


    Thanks for asking, Kim! Much love and TExaS-sized HUGS!!!

    Also, thanks for praying for and supporting the St. Johns in Fargo. I know your words meant so much to them!

  8. Gorgeous...did she use hot glue! Ha! Just kidding...that's my kind of sewing. Beautiful job!

  9. Your daughters dress is lovely,she did a wonderful job!

  10. Wow, that is just incrediable. I am very proud that she not only attempted something like that, but that is turned out so beautiful. She should feel so good about herself and her accomplishments. When I first saw the picture I was sure you must have made it and was showing it. I would have never attempted something like that as a girl her age, nor a woman my age now! So give her a big thumbs up for me.

  11. Brag away because she did GREAT! I could never do that in a ka-zillion years!

  12. Beautiful dress, Kelsey!

    I love how it has a different fabric for the center panel!


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