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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What I Learned this week!

Where does the time go? Since I skipped last week, you'd think that I would have twice as much to post about this week. But alas, I must not have been paying to much attention, or I was just to tired to care! LOL. So the things that stuck will be the things that I share with you so you too may learn and become wise. LoL.

This week and possibly last week I learned....

1. that you always see people on Easter that you won't see again till Christmas.

2. that when you're in a hurry to get somewhere you'll always leave late from the house and hit every red light and get behind the lost tourist trying to find his way out of Florida. BUT when you AREN'T in a hurry you'll leave an hour before Sam's Club opens to go to the post office and the library and you won't hit one red light, the post office will for once in your life move along very quickly, there is no one in front of you for a mile on your way to the library ,which in turn forces you to stop at your favorite fabric store (JoAnn's) and test your self control, because you now have a half hour to spare before Sam's opens.

3. that it takes about 3 days to send something priority mail to California from Florida. Not bad.

4. that things always seem louder when you're kids are sleeping and you want them to stay asleep. For instance, my coffee maker. Has it always sounded like a giant grizzly bears stomach growling? And why do my fingers all of a sudden feel so heavy on the keyboard and sound like a woodpecker trying to break into the mother board?

5. that since our Wal-mart is completely remodeling the store and moving EVERYTHING from its original place, I started pretending I'm on a scavenger hunt and try to beat my prior time on how fast I can find the things on my list. Hey you gotta make life fun sometimes.

6. that if you watch young boys long enough, they will do something gross and think no one's watching. ( I won't go into detail)

7. that when you run out of creamer for you coffee, milk just doesn't cut it! Ugh!

8. that my parents can be here for 5 months but we all miss them the day after they leave and are ready for them to come back to Florida.

9. that when my parents left they took the snacks with them and now my kids are having withdrawals. LOL.

Sad, I couldn't come up with an even 10. Oh well, I'm sure I lost you at 5 anyway.
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Big Hugs!


  1. I've noticed that everything is louder when my toddler is asleep too! I like your Wal-Mart scavenger hunt idea. I think my store purposely moves thngs around to make my shopping trips more difficult!

  2. The red light part is so true! I always hit them when I am running late, but never when I have the time to spare.

    Boys do gross things...that I can attest too!

  3. Wow that's a pretty good list. I think you covered it all. Cute blog.

  4. The grandparent thing - I think it is wonderful that your family had the opportunity for a 5-month visit. That is awesome! You made quite a diverse list.

  5. LOL about #1!! And I hear ya about running late/killing time.

  6. #1 is hilarious. Love your blog! So glad I found it!

  7. I have learned many of these things myself. I agree...milk just isn't the same as cream.

  8. Great list!

    We were on hols in Florida 3 years ago -it was probably us!!!

    I'll be your friend, but I can't find where to sign up!

  9. Those are all things that we should learn early in life to make things easier:-)

  10. No, milk just won't do. It's almost like it's taunting you - "Look! I made your coffee lighter, so it must taste good! Try me. Really, I'm good... Psych!" It's always good to have some powdered creamer (preferably flavored!) on hand.

  11. Yes, when I first heard the term C&E people I was like: "What on earth ?" Oh.... Christmas and Easter people who you only see on those two holidays!!!

  12. Love the Wal Mart Scavenger hunt idea. LOL

  13. Great list! I can definately relate to 1-5!

  14. I am totally with you on number 4!

  15. What were you saying? You lost me...I'm KIDDING!! You learned a lot of excellent things as always my friend! I have actually learned several of those myself.

    Hey, you have 97 followers now - almost there! Hope you are having a lovely day my friend! Sorry that your parents left - I'm sure you must miss them a lot! So nice that they get to spend that time with you though!

    We are going out to dinner tonite since we didn't last night - yay! And it's to a restaurant that I've never been to (a local one that everybody loves and they are always shocked I haven't been there) so it's exciting! Birthday week continues - LOL!

    Big Gaining-lots-of-wisdom-from-you hugs!! :)

    Oh! And super-excited about video of you!!

  16. The Wal-Mart scavenger hunt is a great idea to make a frustrating situation more fun!

  17. Amen on seeing people a couple of times a year but what is sad...it is usually only in church twice a year.

    I do the timed thing in Walmart myself because I think our rearranges things every night to mess me all up and keep me there buying unnecessary things while I am trying to find what I came for.


  18. Little boys.
    Gross things.
    I also won't elaborate, but I could! I definitely could! Several times from this week, in fact...

  19. Oh, I can SO relate to #2, in its entirety! The WM scavenger hunt is a great idea! Have you ever gotten lost in a WM? I did once... couldn't figure out where the front door was, lol!

    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  20. You always make me smile, Kim! Thanks for the chuckles...

  21. Oh my goodness! Loved them. Am so right there with you too. The problem is, I've learned those lessons, but some do I ever put to use, yeah right. Had to laugh at the Wa-Mart ordeal. I'll have to give it a try, as that really frustrates me when you get into a routine and then they take and move everything. Leave it as is, please!!! But then I guess life would become dull. Hee hee. :)
    Have a beautiful weekend!


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