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--Thomas Jefferson

Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Mornin' Chillin'! Grab your coffee and join me!

You ever wonder where people do there waking up in the morning? Well I thought I would take you to my morning chillin' spot. You know the place where you sit and ponder the important things. Like, wondering if I could sneak back in the house and make more coffee without waking the kids. Or, why in the world I painted my toenails that color. You know, the life changing thoughts that will either make or break your day. Yes, it all happens right here!

So here you are, the view from my mornin' chillin' deck chair. It'll be like you're sitting there with me. Well, it would actually be like you're on my lap, so just try to shift your view a little to the left. No make that the right because my hubbalicious sits on my left. Got an empty seat on the right, sit there!
This is looking straight out into our yard. This particular morning it was so quiet that we could actually hear the ocean.
View to the right.
View to the left. There's my sweetness filling the bird feeder.
As I was sitting and pondering the important things, I began to think what a cool picture the chimnea would make so here is a couple of pictures we took. I thought they looked pretty cool.Won't you join me some time?
The deck is always open and the coffee is always hot!

Where do you do your mornin' chillin'? Do you have a special spot that you do your waking up in the morning? Share, take pictures, take us there. I'm the kind of person that will look in your window at night if the curtains are open just to get a peek inside!(While DRIVING by!) No, I don't press my face up against the window. I know what you were thinking. You thought I was some kind of a nut, didn't you? Uh huh! You know you do it too! Just call me Alice Kravitz! (That will only be funny to certain people who know who that is.) Do you know?

Hugs to you my sweet friends!!


  1. Goodmorning Kim,
    Thank you for the view and the coffee. Now I am off to work,2 more days of subbing and I am back home where I belong. The picture I posted of the garden with the fence on my blog, that is my view from my deck in the back yard.
    Love to sit out there often we will eat dinner out on the porch.

    I love the beach but the beach where we live in Fl is for the tourist.
    Today I am off to Marineland with the class I am subbing in, so beach here I come, YEAH!

  2. What a beautiful view, Kim. It is so peaceful. I just rearranged my living room a bit yesterday to make better accommodations for the computer. It looks SO much better. When I get a chance, I'll take a pic of it.
    Have a great day!

  3. Looks like a GREAT place to chill:-)

  4. How relaxing!!! I would love to be able to hear the ocean while I drank my coffee!!!! BTW: we have the same birdbath! Thanks for sharing!

  5. First off I have to say your blog is always so much fun to read. I have missed it alot.

    Lovely spot for you to sit and enjoy some time with your hubby and some coffee.

    I will post my spot tomorrow!!

  6. Is it the Honeymooners??

    I love your morning spot Kim!! It's so pretty and peaceful. I'll be right there to sit. Oh, well, it might take me a few hours, but save a seat - LOL!

    Sometimes I go in my living room (the one I redecorated) since all the morning sun comes in there. Other times I "hide out" in the family room on the comfy couch. Once the weather is warmer and I have a chance to create a little outdoor living room like I want out the back door - I will go there. I hope to start that project as soon as school is out.

    LOVE your pics!! They're great!

    I hope you have a wonderful relaxing day my friend! I have to go finish my procrastination project now. :)

    Big Chillin'-til-the-coffee-kicks-in hugs to you! :)

  7. Your deck is beautiful! I would love to join you! It looks so peaceful. :)

  8. Great post. You are truly blessed. I've done a post like this in the past, but not sure where it is..LOL.

    Enjoy the beauty :-)

  9. Great pics! What a great spot to do your morning pontificating. I chill from my recliner. I rise later than I used to now that Kristyn has flown the coop, so the chilling time is less. I need to start rising early again to do that. I also love to sit on the back patio and have my quiet time when the weather is nice.

  10. Love your view. I love to sit on our deck and watch the birds, dogs, chickens,etc. It is always beautiful and peaceful.

    Lisa Q

  11. I can't wait to see your face when I show up one of these days.

    Your deck and yard are beautiful, simply beautiful. I love it and can just imagine waking up and having my first cup there!

    Thank you for taking us there.

  12. Kim,

    I would love to chill on your deck with you. Save me a seat. Beautiful view.

  13. I think I'd rather just join you in your special morning spot everyday!!! You can hear the ocean??? Whoa.


    God bless-

  14. Um, it's Gladys... :) Gladys Kravitz, LOLOL - love you my friend. :)

  15. What a great spot! I already posted, once upon a time, where I drink my morning coffee - my recliner! Yep, my behind gets planted in that cushion of lovliness, and I watch Fox and Friends while I sip my coffee!

  16. Shhh...I do that drive by car peeking thing, too!


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