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--Thomas Jefferson

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

On the down side of things!

Last week I posted about my "free" coffee maker that I was so excited about. Now I "know" that nothing in life is "free" and I've done the math and figured out just how NOT free this coffee maker is.
The coffee on the right is a whole bean organic coffee I buy at Sam's Club. On the left is the coffee that came with the "free" coffee maker.
Bag on the right? 40 oz. Box on the left? 8 oz.
Bag on the right? Rounded up to $14.00. Box on the left? Rounded up to $8.00
So let's see, to buy 40 oz of the coffee on the left it would be......$40.00!!! No, uh uh! I don't think so. And one of those boxes only last a week between the two of us so that would be $160.00 in coffee a month. That would be $1920.00 a year! Uh, no! Not going to happen. I also like to eat! So with that said, here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to set my auto ship out as far as it can go (12 weeks) get one more order and then cancel that bad boy. By then I'm pretty sure my conscious will be clear and I can enjoy my partially free coffee maker.
Moral of this story? Uh, quit drinking coffee because it's too expensive and not a necessity? Nah! Buy Sam's coffee, grind your own, get your free coffee maker, enjoy your first shipment of coffee laced with gold, cancel, and have a second cup! YES!

Is anyone else's brain hurting from all this math? Phew! I think I'll go grab me a cup right now and take a moment to reflect and let the mind relax a bit! LOL.
Hugs to you my friends.

Oh and don't forget about Sarah Mae's Giveaway Party this week. Her button is on my sidebar and there are fabulous prizes!


  1. hahah so true! Whenever somehting is *free* there is always a catch ;) Thanks for a funny post. It tickled me.

  2. OH man, such a bummer!!

    BTW, congrat's on winning the bloggy award! Yay!!! You've earned it!!! ((Hugs))

  3. LOL!! Sounds a bit like Fuzzy Disney Math to me! ;) Which of course is when you toss some numbers around to "justify" the trip! I do that a lot... ;)


  4. You know, Kim, we did that SAME "free" coffee deal and canceled it right away. My husband has this weird obsession with coffee makers. At one point we had about 5 perfectly good coffee makers just laying around. We also buy that good o' Sams coffee and use our handy dandy coffee grinder. Hope you have a good day, girlfriend!

  5. I just noticed your spanking-new, awesomest, funniest award. CONGRATS!!!

  6. We bought one of those and yup it is not "free"

    ~ Mrs. B~

  7. Yeah, my mom fell for this too. We stopped it right away.

  8. Yes, you have to cancel right away and then the coffee maker is still a really good deal!

    You know, for some reason I keep thinking that your blog is the awesomest funniest blog - oh yeah, it's because of your fabulous new award button! :)

    Have a wonderful day! Big not-quite-free-but-still-a-good-deal-if-you-hurry-up-and-cancel hugs to you!

    Oh, and my blog seems to load OK now - I wasn't messing with it, really! It is slow off and on though. Not sure what's causing it.

  9. very funny post. I love coffee.

  10. Ugh! Sorry to hear about the coffee. :( Coffee is one of my faves, too.

  11. LOL! I need a cup of coffee now. Great post!

  12. Haha! LOVE LIVE COFFEE!!! (however you can get it!) Love this post!


  13. You are too funny. I think that will be good enough for you to enjoy your free coffee maker. :)

  14. I got the package today. Thank you, thank you! You are a sweetie. I love the apron, towels and clips. They will all get use. I'm hoping to post about it tomorrow. Have a great evening.

  15. Wow. Don't you just hate when a good bubble like that bursts.

    Thanks for the math lesson today though :-)


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