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--Thomas Jefferson

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Oh Yeah! I "VLOGGED" about it!

You can check out all the winners and categories at Amanda's blog, I am Mommy!
Thank again my friends!


  1. Kim you are TOO cute!!! How fun that you won PRIZES too! I didn't know prizes were involved!! :-P
    I want to vlogg, but, well, I need to deal with my ancient camera which is NOT digital, but IS capable of computer upload. It just takes longer. So, when hubby helps me figure out which tape (yes, tape!) is usable, I will be bold enough to have him help me.
    Though, I don't know if Wordpress will allow it or not (their weird sometimes). But they might. I'll have to look into it.

    Anyways! Yay! Enjoy your Starbucks and Wally World card!!! ((hugs))

  2. Yeah! that is so exciting for you! Wow 55.00 just for being funny. WHo knew? You are great! You deserve it.

  3. O my goodness!!! 86?!?!?
    H-h-how ??? my HIGH score was 33! I guess I really need to pratice, I think I tryed, uh, 10 times!THINS IS WHAT I WANT TO KNOW: DO YOU HAVE ROBOT FINGERS?!? That's AMAZEING!
    Awesome Vlog!


  4. Well, shoot! I opened your page 20 minutes ago and have now seen exactly 15 seconds of your vlog. (Have I mentioned I HATE DIAL-UP!?) And now DS is waiting for me to go get a free Zax meal - they sent me a coupon, woot! I'll absolutely try again later... translation: start all over. >:\

    Love ya, anyhow, sweet thang! 8-}
    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  5. So cool my friend!! Excellent vlog! Wow - that is awesome that you not only got your Starbucks card but a $50 Walmart card - Woo Hoo!!! You deserve it!

    Love ya and I hope you have a fabulous weekend! Big the-real-you-is-awesome-and-funny hugs to you!! :)

    *This comment is coming to you today at the speed of 49 words a minute.

  6. Only your mother would dare post this comment. ( BRAGGER )

  7. Dude...my score was 71 and I was flying...no way I normally type that fast!

    Great Vlog and holy fast fingers!!!

  8. Hi Kim,

    Thanks for sharing that with us! We love your
    site!! Amen & amen! :)

    Hey. If you get the opportunity, would you
    mind praying for the prayer requests that are
    on our main page?

    May the Lord bless you and your family!!

    Mark, Lynn, Brooke & Carley Seay

    ps - please consider "following" our blog
    -or- atleast grab one of our free, linking,
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  9. Wow! Congrats on that awesome win! I saw some of those cool WM gift cards this afternoon. What a cool idea.

    OK, Speedo, how many of those 86 words were right? Sitting on the bed, leaning over the laptop, I managed 53 and only mangled one. Reckon I won't be too ashamed since I never took typing and my clerical aptitude is about 4%. 8-}

    Hope you're having a super weekend!
    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  10. Would you consider a temp. job helping me type all the last minute stuff for my kids' end of the year portfolio submissions??? ( ;

    You are a hoot!

  11. Yay!!! YOU ARE THE FUNNIEST!! So glad you won! Here's a BIG {HUG} & a BIG {SQUEEZE} for ya!

  12. That is awesome that you won that! You are so funny! I love that you're real enough to get on here and just be yourself....for that, you are an inspiration!:) We love ya, bloggy friend!

  13. I can't believe I missed this!!! lol You are TOO funny.

    Well. I guess we already established that.

    lol I hope you sunflower blooms and blooms!!!

    God bless-


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