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who are willing to work and give to those who would not."
--Thomas Jefferson

Monday, May 25, 2009

Found this while doing some perusing!

You want to know where 90% of the people of Melbourne, FL were this past Saturday? Cause I can tell you! Sam's Club. Have mercy! It's stops raining for a few hours and EVERYONE and their MOTHER went to Sam's. How do I know this? Because I too had cabin fever and headed out to do my monthly Sam's shopping trip. What I didn't expect is the Christmas like crowd that was there. I literally had to park out in the Dopey 98 section. Seriously I parked closer to their gas pumps then I did the actual store. And as always, people were patient, kind, and on their best behavior! Yeah, right! I had to leave and come back to several areas that I wanted to check out because people lined the aisles. I purposely went down the detergent aisle just because it was empty. I didn't need detergent but it was EMPTY! * deep breath* As aisles thinned out a bit I was able to gather my necessities. I love to stroll by the book section. I don't know why. I don't have time to read books. But I love to "look" at them. Especially the cookbooks. I don't need any more cookbooks! I need intervention! But as I came to a slow pause around that section this caught my eye! A Debbie Mumm Home Cooking Recipe Binder!You all remember MY binder right? Well I love it because I can put my favorite recipes all in one book. But this was too cute to pass up. It came with a note pad and magnets and pretty paper to print your recipes on and splash guards.........(can you picture my excitement?) And the cool thing is is that the stuff I already have printed out in MY binder will fit into this one! YES!
Here's a look at the inside.

And the pretty paper to print my recipes on!
Isn't it just too cute? How much you ask? $9.88! Not bad, says I! I should buy more and print my recipes out to put in them and sell those bad boys! LOL. Hmmmm!

I hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day! God Bless America!


  1. What a cool binder! Happy Memerial Day!

  2. You are too funny. I love that binder. What a great find. I think it is perfect! Have a great memorial day!

  3. Hmm I do smell a business opportunity for you :) My mom has a binder like that in red. They are very cute.

  4. Want another temp. job organizing my recipes? Then you could definitely keep Sam's club in business...well their book sales would top the charts once you got done spending all the extra moola from your organization service!

  5. How pretty! I love Debbie Mumm designs, LOL. Have a wonderful Memorial Day!

  6. Kathleen,

    I came over from Mimi's. This post was so cute. I wish I had such inspiration. I did not have much time to look around today and I would love to come back and visit some more.

    Christy Rose

  7. That's cute...the two I have, are "write in" style, but FAT, could use a new one to add to my collection, lol. Thanks for picking up nuts and coffee for me amidst the insanity, hee hee. :)

  8. Binders...I'm totally addicted to binders, I buy them randomly at all the office stores and then get home and I have 20 of them!

    Love the cookbook idea!

  9. Um....are we neighbors? I'm in Satellite Beach!

  10. Between rain drops, we went to LOWES! BAD IDEA! quick... it stopped raining, lets go plant something so the next storm can wash it away! :o)

  11. Um, please pretend that I do not already have one of those really cute binders and that it still has the plastic on the outside with the price tag and that I bought it at Costco at least 2 years ago to organize my recipes. Thank you.

    Love how cute and organized your recipes are getting my friend! Too bad I am not close - we could have a recipe organizing party with some coffee and chocolate of course! Of course, we would just focus on the party part and never get around to the organizing!

    Big cutest-recipe-binder-in-the-east hugs to you!!! :)

  12. Kim,

    Thank you for your sweet comment over at Laced with Grace last week. I had written on busyness...and have been SOOOO busy that I couldn't respond until now. Our oldest just graduated.
    Yowza, what a busy time it's been!

    Loved your blog!

  13. I've seen these at Sam's club. I actually saw one at the homeschool convention this weekend too. They look like they would be a lot of fun!! Enjoy!

  14. Great find! and I'm sure your mood channged after that! Have a great night!

  15. Well....
    I thought your little binder was cute-as-can-be to begin with and now this will make it even cuter. I've GOT to get me one of those!!

  16. I was just thinking that that is what I need to do this week. organize my recipes. That is a good idea to organize with.

  17. That is an adorable binder! :D I love it!

  18. I love binders!! Yours is VERY cute:-)


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