"The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those
who are willing to work and give to those who would not."
--Thomas Jefferson

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Are you getting your free chocolate?

You heard me! I said free chocolate. You know how sometimes things seem to good to be true. Well about 2 weeks ago I signed up for my first free coupon for a free candy bar from this website and I just got it in the mail yesterday. See?
Let me tell you, dust didn't gather on that bad boy. No! I swiftly made my way to Wal-Mart and got this.
AND I would have eaten it right away except my friend and I were making brownies and I had those instead. BUT don't you worry this will get eaten tomorrow.
For crying out loud! I have a serious problem. I'm a chocoholic. I need help. What? Huh? No I don't. I don't WANT help. I'm fine. Sorry,having a relapse there. Phew. It's gone. I'm good! Sooooo....what was I talking about? Oh yeah, free chocolate. So make sure you go to that site up yonder there on Fridays and claim your free chocolate coupon.
You're Welcome!!!


  1. So that's your secret to being up at 5AM----pumping la chocolate into thy veins!!!

  2. Yes, for some reason they sent me two coupons for free chocolate. Did you et your free hotdogs yet?

  3. I got my free coupon yesterday too!!!! YIPPEE!!!

  4. Thanks for the tip! I'm definitely signing up.

  5. NO way! I love snickers. Now I need one. Thanks alot.:)
    I am gonna try the link, but don't tell Jillian.

  6. Sorry. :D You're not a chocoholic. If you were, you would have eaten the brownies then run to the bathroom with the Snickers and eaten that, too... in hiding, where no one will see you. ;) At least that's what I'd do.

  7. Defintely, like you, SNICKERS!! I keep a canister full of little ones...and people know where to find them!

  8. your so funny Kim and yes Thankyou I will go claim my coupon NOW!

  9. Ack, it says that I can't get one until another 18 hours!!!! What???? A woman MUST have her chocolate, hahaha!!!

  10. sounded like 1/3 of your post was pre-chocolate, 1/3 was during chocolate, & the last 1/3 was post-chocolate. You are hilarious and always put a smile on my face. :D

  11. Oh, yeah! Got my free coupon just the other day!!

  12. Wow - Snickers! That really satisfies... :)

    Just a quick stop to say hello and that I lied on my fake post today - I just don't have enough time to actually post anything until tonight and then what's the point?

    Love your chocolatey post today - link it up tomorrow so everybody gets their chocolate! I got 2 free coupons so far and you're allowed 4, so I need to remember to try 2 more times. No, I have not redeemed them because I am being oh so good until I go weigh at WW Sat. morning!! And I don't think I've had a brownie in months! I will get my chocolate vicariously through you! :)

    OK, must go - glad I stopped to get a chocolate fix - LOL. Dessert Friday tomorrow and I'm having a chocolatey giveaway - woo hoo!

    Big free-chocolate-is-the-best-chocolate hugs to you!! :)

  13. Nice tip...and great self-control!

  14. I signed up the other day! But thanks for mentioning it... can't wait to get mine!

  15. UGH! I'm not getting my CHOCOALATE!!! LOL
    See you all SUNDAY!

  16. No coupen yet for chocolate, but I got onefor a pkg of hotdogs! Wooo hoooo!


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