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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sharpening the mind a little, even though it hurts me so!

For those of you who don't already know, I really enjoy the Jane Austen movies. Last year I purchased her collective writings all in one book.
This book is HUGE. It's not a curl up by the fire kind of book. No it's a sit in bed and rest this bad boy on a pillow for support kind of book. This is how thick it is.
See what I mean? Thick huh? Next time I'll try to think past the killer deal I was getting and think about what a pain it is to read! LOL.
There really isn't anything easy about her writings. I have already read Pride and Prejudice and I am now reading Mansfield Park. For the first 2 chapters I had to keep going back to the first paragraph to figure out who was who. I think I have it now. It's hurting the ol' noggin'. You won't find me using her writing style anytime soon, though I am going to be writing in an English dialect from now on. So if you could do me a favor and read my posts in an English accent I would greatly appreciate that. As it may help me through this extremely large book.
Speaking of writing styles. I crack up when someone comments on MY writing style and how much they love it. I am sure that I make "writers" crazy with my "writing style" LOL. I didn't even know I had a "writing style". I wonder if there is a name for it. Maybe I'll call it Kimagery or something. Hee! Hee! Whatever it is I appreciate you putting up with it because I'm sure at this point in my life it isn't going to change. But I thought the least I could do is change my accent and at least "sound" smarter! Ha! Ha! Oh me!
What books make your head hurt? LOL.



  1. Wow, you make my summer reading books look like Dr. Seuss!! lol! Wow, that is some book alright.... You're not kidding that you need a pillow to prop it up! :o



  2. That is quite a book you got there Kim!!!
    You know who I love but have a hard time reading? C.S. Lewis. I've started several of his books only to stop just as fast.
    My problem, I think, is that I tend to read at night, and my then my brain is already mush...so trying to grasp the language of this amazing writer is quite a challenge!
    I've also tried reading Jane Austen on a few occasions only to give up! Gosh, I'm such a quitter!!!
    Maybe we should do a book club or something! :-P

  3. My goodness, do you need a crane to haul that book around! ;O) J/K
    Although it may be huge and not a sit by fireplace kind, think of the treasures you have there!!!

    Oh, and you simply have a lovely writing style my dear; simply lovely. (done in an English accent) and it was fun reading the rest of your post in one as well. Have a wondeful day!!!

  4. When you get tired of reading it, it could double as exercise equipment! ;)

  5. Well, you know me and how I love the Jane Austen Novels. I've read them all, but did it the "fun" way, by curling up with a nice moldable, lightweight paperback with my feet on the back of the couch, pillows under my neck, coffee and probably cookies by my side, hee hee. :)

  6. Like christinjon, I'm having trouble with C.S. Lewis. I've read quotes and excerpts before and I've read a fiction book he wrote called "The Screwtape Letters" but for the past few days I've been reading one of his books - no skipping - the entire thing. I need a dictionary and I need to rewind a few times, but when I get what he's saying, it's really, really good stuff.

  7. WOW - good luck with your reading. I'm merely pleased that I am again reading books for pleasure, albeit mostly borderline romance novels!!

  8. Ello Guvnah! Is that English enough for you?

    Oh, I am typing the rest of this comment in a very uppercrust British accent if you insist on knowing.

    That rather large piece of literature sounds intriguing though I have of course already perused those many novels. You mustn't be discouraged from the reading of it even though it is somewhat overpowering for your delicate stature.

    Do enjoy the remainder of your day! It has been a delight chatting with you.

    Large intelligent-sounding-accents-make-books-more-fun hugs to you!! :)


  9. Great reading. When I tried to read your post with an English dialect it kept coming out Aussie. Oh, bother! I"ll keep trying.

  10. I don't read very often...Are you serious with that book? HOly moly

  11. I just started working on - not reading, mind you, but WORKING on - The Portable Seminary. It's about 2.25 inches thick, around 785 pages. I'm determined to get through it, if it takes me... well, however many years I have left, lol!

    Here's a funny - read odd - thing about me. Quite often, especially after watching a lot of BritComs, I think in a British accent. And always, when I use the word either, I'm saying ee-thur, but thinking eye-thur. Why be nermal? 8-}

  12. You can do it!!
    My youngest has been reading her lately.. this is how she did it..
    She watched Pride and Prejudice and Becoming Jane a couple times and then started reading. She said she understood it a lot better. LOL.
    She also got them individually so it wasn't overwhelming..

    But what a beautiful coffee table book that is :-)


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