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who are willing to work and give to those who would not."
--Thomas Jefferson

Monday, June 29, 2009

Boy did they see me coming!

This is what happens when you go to an Estate sale, after hours, 2 days in a row and the lady just wants to get rid of stuff.

You end up getting this.
A giant piece of luggage stuffed with Christmas stuff. And I mean STUFFED! Which is still in my truck.

Two large crowbars. Which are still in my truck.
A bunch of old books. Well most of them were old. These are only half of them. Which are still in my truck
A beautiful teacup. Which is not in my truck.
And all for $20.00. Yup! They also had this Ethan Allen telephone bench that she would have given us for $50.00, which I know is a steal but I have absolutely no room for it.
The thing about it is, is apparently what they don't sell gets donated, so by the time it's over they will make some really good deals! So my advice to you is to check out your local estate sales and find some deals for yourself. I'm ready to decorate for Christmas, that's for sure. Oy!
Now I have to go clean out my truck! *sigh*


  1. You must be tapping into the Christmas in July tradition, eh??

  2. Good stuff!!!! I love the teacup!!! (and crow bars - ha)

  3. Umm... crowbars... one could start to wonder about you!

  4. That is totally like me at an estate sale...I usually end up coming home with much, much more than I need! :)

  5. I absolutely loved that teacup! Happy Monday, my friend. Love ya!

  6. It's kind of interesting that you posted on this today. I may have my own estate sale. We are downsizing! Our house is for sale but in this market, who knows? I have a garage full of items I need to sell. I've done some on eBay and I checked into our local swap meets I hate the thought of sitting outside all day in 100 degree heat though.

    I have an antique dealer coming over tomorrow to give me a price on all of my silver serving pieces, including coffee and tea sets, platters of all sizes, etc. I wish you lived closer and maybe you could squeeze in a few more items? LOL

  7. Good deals my friend!! I love the teacup and I am glad that it is not still in your truck!

    My hubby would not be happy if I came home with all that no matter how good a deal (I know 'cause I got a carload of stuff for free once) - because we are trying to clear clutter and get rid of things! So I must stay away from those kinds of sales - sigh.

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend! Have a lovely Monday! I will get a blog post written eventually, but it's not there yet. :)

    Big man-you-got-a-lot-of-stuff-for-not-a-lot-of-money hugs to you!! :)

  8. Oh how wonderful! Still living vicariously through you!

  9. You did get a great deal. I totally need to go to an estate sale. Great finds!

  10. Looks like you make a good run through the estate sale. I've never been to one but always wanted to go. I have several friends who find beautiful, old furniture (which I love) at some around here.

    I love the teacup!!!


  11. Oh, I'da had to say, 'I only have $20 left' and see how desperate she was to sell the bench. Yes, I know no shame. 8-}

    I'm addicted to Craigslist. Most of the stuff around here is way overpriced, but every now and then I find a real steal. Thanks for the estate sale tip. I've always avoided them, coz their prices are higher than a regular yard sale.

    Love ya loads, bargain babe!
    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  12. Beautiful Tea Cup and what a great deal...I'm wondering about the 2 crowbars myself.


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