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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Some Lesson Love!

Yup! Once again I am sharing some lesson learning love with you all. I know, I know, it's so very unselfish of me but you know that's the kind of gal I am!

This week I learned.....

1. ...that as my birthday approaches I'm not as excited about it like I was 20 years ago! *sigh*

2. ....the Nature's Table is actually a really good place to eat. Ate there for the first time yesterday! It was yummy and not to expensive. We got half a wrap, cup of soup, a drink and a yogurt for less than $14.00 for the two of us! I'd say that's not to bad.

3. ....that when I pull my hair back in a ponytail the little gray hairs REALLY stick out AND straight up!

4. ....that I'm afraid of hair color and I'm not sure what I'm going to do some day in the future. (see #3). My husband calls it my crown of wisdom but I'm willing to sacrifice some wit for my brown hair again. Hee! Hee!

5. .....that my friend Kathy has the same problem (a little worse, so she says) so we will be going through this together and you KNOW it's going to be blog worthy. Oh yeah!

6. ....when you hide in the bathroom to eat your couple of pieces of chocolate because you don't want to share, it's just not as enjoyable!

7. ...that when you actually have your chocolate "stashed" in the bathroom, you have a problem. (Note to husband: Don't go looking for it it's all gone!)

8. ...that I can't seem to let a week go by without at least ONE of my posts containing the word chocolate in it. *sigh*

Well I can't think of anything else, which as I look back at this list is kind of sad! LOL. I hope you are able to find a gold nugget of wisdom in there somewhere, especially since I haven't covered any grays so it all goes to you as pure wisdom from my crown! Hee! Hee!

If you want to check out the lessons of complete strangers head on over to Musings of a Housewife.
Love you my sweet, patience, good humored friends!


  1. Um. Chocolate in the bathroom? EW. That IS a problem in and of itself. ;-)

    And also. The gray. Yes, I started noticing mine when I pulled my hair into a ponytail. Then I cut bangs, and there is that gray for all to see. I finally relented and had a semi-permanent color put on it. It looks very nice, I must say. I think the girl who did it did a GREAT job. I'll probably have to go to her for life now.

    How did this become all about me?

    So anyway, have a GREAT week! :-)

  2. Kim,

    I have been dying my hair for years. I have tried hair salons, any store brand and then I discovered the natural hair color at the health food store. I love it and will never go back. It doesnt have chemical smell and it doesn't make my head itch. Just wanted to throw that out there.

  3. I finally succumbed to gentle persuasion from my hair dresser to have highlights a few years back. Wish I had done it sooner. Was worried about roots/regrowth but it has been fine. Only need it done twice a year too!

  4. Oh, my, how true these are. Aging is not all it's cracked up to be. Have a great day!!

  5. my advice to all your friends... don't die your hair when you are pregnant or nursing...


  6. Hey Kim! I laughed at the comment you left me about the lipstick. I feel like we just bonded a little more just then. This will be a story I'll be telling his girlfriends. Too bad I won't have the pics to show them.

    Reading your post, I learned something. Stash your chocolate in the bathroom. Great idea. I can't ever eat a piece of chocolate without having to share it (or anything sweet for that matter). I'm now gonna call the bathroom my sugar shack. :o)


  7. Oh, one more thing. You know yesterday I colored my hair thinking I was tackling every single little perky gray hair I had. NOPE! They seem to have wiggled themselves out of this one. OH, Well. I'll be coming back with a vengeance!! MARK MY WORDS!!!


  8. #6 gives wisdom for me. Not pertaining to chocolate, rather anything that I just have to have to myself.

    I have actually missed the joy in my kids' face when I share "my specials" with them.


  9. Chocolate in the bathroom? Never thought of that. Nor would I think to look in there. Unless of course, you had a nosey friend in your bathroom rummaging through your cabinets. (ahem!) ;)

  10. I started going gray at 25 so, I color, color, color:-)

  11. LOL! Have no fear of hair color...greatest thing invented for wise "old" women!!!

    Too funny!

  12. Oh Kim, Kim, Kim

    Girl let's just say you can be wise and have color too!!! Get rid of those grays girl and don't worry one bit about it! I wish I could spend a day in your kitchen and color it for you...that would be so much fun I have no doubt!!

    I am blessed because my kids don't like the same kind of chocolate that I do heehee

    Thanks for sharing today and again for your continued prayers! You always bring a smile to my day....I just love ya

  13. I have white hairs that stick straight up. Thankfully I have a great frined who is a hair dresser and accomidates me when I scream "I need COLOR!"

    I have also eaten treats in the bathroom.

  14. Hmmm, maybe I'm going gray - it's hard to say since I've colored my hair or highlighted or something in one form or another since high school! OK, I know there are some grays coming now 'cause I say to myself - wow - check out THAT highlighted piece of hair and then realize that the highlighted pieces are grown out so this one that seems light all the way to my scalp is actually gray! Whew, that was a long sentence.

    My hair will probably all fall out someday and then I'll start a wig-wearing blog - LOL!!

    You know I'll be checking your bathroom if I visit someday! It's good for you to mention chocolate at least once a week I say!

    I always like hearing about what you've learned my friend! Have a great day! Big maybe-there's-a-way-to-color-your-hair-with-chocolate hugs my friend!! :)

  15. When it comes to Hershey Bliss - I just can't share.. LOL. Every once in awhile I'll buy a bag and stash it.
    I guess I'm a horrible person because I do enjoy putting one in my mouth knowing that it's just for me..

    Though I do buy my family other treats to enjoy..

    I know.. I'm horrible.. but it's GOOD Chocolate..

  16. Hiding in the bathroom to eat chocolate is a bad thing? Hmmm... You must be hiding in the wrong bathroom... :o)

  17. does stashing your chocolate in your closet count??

  18. I have the gray hair issue too - most of them don't hide, either. They hang out right in my part! My solution (while extremely costly) is highlights & lowlights. I can crank them up in the summer and tone them down in the winter. But what it does is fool the eye to see lighter and darker colors all the time and disguises the grays. And you don't get that awful root LINE when your hair starts to grow out.

  19. LOLOL, I'm totally picturing out sitting in the bathtub with some chocolate! That's a great place for a stash, because I'm sure that NO ONE would ever think to look there!

  20. My favorite chocolate hiding stash is located in my nesting mixing bowls! Since I do all of the baking around here, no one is likely to look there!

    Oh, and ditto on the gray hair thing. I discovered my first one last month, and nearly passed out. My mom got a real chuckle out of that when I called her screaming with the announcement.

  21. LOL! My husband likes to think just because he has shorter gray hairs that they don't amount to the small amount of grey on my head but he has wayyyyyy more than I. LOL!

    I might have to try the chocolate stash in bathroom. I have mine up in the cabinet of my kitchen.


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