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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Calling all Creative Minds!

I have a problem. Well, okay, maybe it's not exactly a problem, but I need your help. I have a couple of things that I want to incorporate in my decor but I'm not sure how to do it. The first thing is this basket.I love this basket for some reason. Well I love baskets. I have a weak spot when I go to a garage sale and see the baskets. I unknowingly gravitate towards them and somehow end up bring more than I need home. But I really like this one and I want to use it SOMEHOW! I actually caught myself wondering around the house with it like a dog trying to find somewhere to bury its bone. I gave up and ended up putting it on our bookshelf for now. Any ideas? I don't want to put a plant in it but that's all I know.

Second is this antique watering can. This was my grandmother's and because it is sentimental I can't have it outside because living so close to the beach this thing would be a rust bucket before long. Tell me what I could do with this and where I could incorporate it.Right now it's in the garage serving as a home for creepy spiders that I know want to parade on my face when I'm sleeping. Ugh! *shivers* If you don't know already, I HATE spiders! But this isn't about that is it? No. This is about you helping me be creative.

I did do this today.(Warning extremely long run-on sentence ahead!)
My friend Kathy was getting rid of these cute little bottles and she remembered me eyeballing them at one time and so she gave them to me and so today I cleaned off my kitchen window sill of it's ugly contents and put this happy scene on there. Isn't it great. Now when I do dishes I have something pretty to look at.

So can you help me out with the other things? I would really appreciate it and if I use your idea I'll take a picture and post it on here when I'm done.

Thank you my sweet, creative friends!
MEGA Hugs!


  1. If you have space about your kitchen cabinets, baskets look great there. You can even put some greenery around them. You should plant some flowers in the watering can so they will grow out of it and place it on your porch or in your flower garden. The bottles look cute with the flowers in them. Good luck! I love to decorate!

  2. I would plant something in that watering can. Bright flowers of some sort, to come right out the top and place it somewhere neat in your yard or on a porch or near a porch.

    Here are some totally random ideas for the basket. Take 'em or leave 'em, lol.
    You could put the basket in your bathroom and roll bathroom towels and wash cloths in it and set them in there all pretty. (Don't know if you have space for that). Or you could do the same thing in the kitchen.
    Remember I told you I'm not real good with decor? I was right, lol. I'm really no good at this. I hope someone else can give you some great tips! :) HUGS!!

  3. Ok, first off - I am as creatively-challenged as you so while I have no ideas to offer, please post a picture of what you ultimately do with your objects so I can see!! :)

    Secondly, I made the mistake of clicking your handy little link there and reading the post on the hideous beasty (and yes, all spiders want to parade across your face...it's part of the spider-human relationship!! lol!). Then, I saw the picture...


    I'll tell ya right now, sweetie, they don't grow 'em like that in NH!!! We had one of those all dried up in our bathroom right after we moved in here. I made DH flush it. All those legs just give me the creeps. Biggest spider I ever saw was, in fact, in Florida, several years ago....they called it a "banana" spider and I'm not kidding you the thing was as big as your hand all spread out.....

    So on that happy thought, have a happy Saturday!


  4. I agree w/ Brooke, above the kitchen cabinets is great. Is it large enough to hold magazines or toilet paper in the bathroom? It would be so cute filled with scissors or markers for your craft room or office space. Also, you could add some filler to the bottom of the basket (like styrofoam) insert silk greenery that looks like beach grass and maybe add a shell border (hot glued of course) around the rim and a starfish or two, add a ribbon (I always add ribbon) and hang it on your front door. I adore watering cans. Mine are outside, but since you can't do that, use it inside with a happy plant, gerber daisies are nice.

  5. Shivers! Ugh hate spiders!!

    I agree about the watering can and putting some greenery or a plant in. Also loved the idea of putting it in the bathroom with rolled towels or rags in it. If you have a craft room, you could put different rolled fabrics in it. Or even better idea - put some fabulous coffees and chocolates in it and send to me. :D Just kidding! :D

    Have a great Saturday!

  6. I concur....plant flowers in watering can. That is what I did with mine and it looks so cute!

    agree with towels and stuff in basket as well....or you could put it in the living room with some decorative balls or something...it's hard to tell the actual size without your quarter beside it LOL (your book post)

    Have a blessed weekend...having a garage sale myself today :)
    wish you were here!

  7. you can never have too many baskets - I pick them up every chance I get, but we have so many toys, tools, flowers, remotes, that just cry out for baskets. Waiting breathlessly for the update on what you decide to do!

  8. If the basket is big enough, you could use it to hold magazines. I have containers like that filled with rag balls too, for decoration. The bucket would look beautiful on your front porch. A nice coat of polyurathane would help protect it.

  9. I don't have many ideas, as I am usually one who "borrows" ideas from others for my own home, lol. But I was wondering if you would be open to painting the basket? I saw in my mind a white basket. If you wanted to make it look "old" you could even sand it in random places to give it an aged look. Flowers in the watering can would be very cute :)

  10. The bottles are very pretty.
    If you don't want the watering can outside, I would stick some fake ivy or something that will spill out of the top. Then set it on top of a cabinet or high shelf.
    Is the basket large enough to hold magazines? I think baskets with magazines in them next to a couch or chair is cozy.

  11. Now, see - BOTH those containers are round. (I don't know if you've ever read about my aversion to round containers).

    Round containers waste space - but if the basket were square . . . oh the endless possibilities. Here's some of the things I've placed in baskets over the years (some actually round): Books, CDs, mail, magazines, remote controls, shoes, silk greenery or flowers, balls, toys, cat toys, playing cards, art or office supplies, scarves, makeup, lotions and bubblebaths . . . that's all I can remember.

    For the watering can, I like the idea of planting something in it, but I myself would just kill the plant.

    Let us see what you decide?

  12. Here is a different one for the water can, use it to hold umbrellas by the door and walking sticks. Could put some pebbles on the bottom of it to give weight. Could use it also as a door holder. I am sure you get winds at times and doors in your home slam shut.
    As for the basket towels in bath. Outside your door or by your door holding items you need for beach. Such as a straw matt to sit on at beach.
    Things like these and character when you used for other purpose then made for
    Good luck hope to see how you decide to use

  13. Creativity is not my strong suit, but I HATE boring plastic trash cans. You know, those small ones they sell for your bathroom? My mom used to use a nice basket as a powder room trash can (with a plastic bag inside so nothing icky gets stuck in the basket). It added character to the room and avoided those plastic trash cans.

    I love Tara's suggestion about using the watering can as an umbrella/walking stick holder or as a door holder. Have you any aversion to painting the watering can? It could be painted any color and simple designs added to really work with your home.

    Can't wait to see what you decide to do!

  14. You got some great ideas on how to use these things my friend! On the basket, I really like the ideas of magazines, rolled up towels, etc. Also, I use baskets to hold remotes. Or fill it with beachy things like shells.

    The watering can almost requires flowers. I did have another idea, but I don't know if it works with your space or decor. You could have it in the kitchen to hold wooden spoons and kitchen utensils.

    Love your bottles with flowers - so cute!

    You'll have to update us later!
    Have a wonderful Saturday! Heading to a baseball game soon here.

    Big use-your-readers-to-decorate-your-house-for-you hugs!! :)

  15. I am so bad at this...but I use baskets for magazines & throw blankets. I would pain the watering can maybe and put those cute wooden flowers in it.
    Sorry I am not a bigger help.

  16. BASKETS!!! I love them too! So I totally know what you mean about them gravitating to you. I also walk around looking for somewhere to put them and when it fails I put it away in a closet until I am inspired by my husband's threat to get rid of them!

    With the one you are asking about, I would use it to hold toilet tissue in the bathroom, or use it to put books and quiet toys in it when you have guests with children who are uncomfortable leaving their parents. This way they can play quietly and still be in eyeshot of mom!


  17. I'm pretty pitiful at figuring out basket uses. As for the watering can, you could make a fountain... Get a spigot, run a tube up from the can and have the water continually pouring into the can... from the 'magically' suspended spigot. DId that make sense? Too bad you can't have it outdoors. You could have it 'sprinkling' into a pond.

    If you want some really creative ideas, ask the people in one of the GardenWeb forums. They're pretty amazing.



    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  18. Creativity is not my strongest attribute at all. But I would really love to see a pic of what you decide to do with all of them. There are alot of good ideas on here already.

  19. I'm thinking the towel idea is good for the baske! I'd probably put a bright colored silk floer arrangement in the water can. I love the colored vases!

  20. I enjoy using baskets when I make muffins or rolls. I put a pretty little napkin in it with the rolls. The basket seems to add the right touch. The watering can would be cute with some flowers real or fake in the corner of a room or under a end table.

  21. For the basket...roll up towels andsit onthe floornear bath or sink. And buy some tall flower sprigs to stick in the wateing can...curious to see what you end up doing!

  22. Sorry nothing really for the basket.
    but the watering can is very cool!
    not much of an idea for that either.

  23. I saw on a blog about front porches they put a bunch of American Flags in a watering can and it looked cute! Just in time for 4th of July too! Or you could put some flags in the basket -- just thought that was colorful and patriotic and nothing to have to water! I want to see what you do with your treasures of the basket and watering can!


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