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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Wow! Ask and you shall receive!

THIS JUST IN: My computer is acting wacky and not loading your blogs so I guess I won't be visiting much today. We may be buying a new computer as mentioned in an earlier post that I can't access because our computer is an outdated dinosaur! *sigh* I'm not bitter, no! Instead of sitting here drinking my coffee staring at the computer screen and watching NOTHING happen I'm going to go feed squirrels! Love you gals!

I asked you all to share your ideas for my basket and my watering can and I am loving the ideas you came up with. I am tossing around a couple of the them. First off we are redoing our room in a cottage style. So I loved the idea of putting long fake flowers or ivy in the watering can. I think that might look really cute in there. But I also like the idea of putting the flags in it for the 4th of July. I liked the fountain idea as well but as I said I don't want to have it outside as the salt air will kill it in probably just a few short months as we get a lot of sea breeze!
Now as for the basket, I liked the ideas of putting rolled up towels,washcloths or toilet paper in it but our bathrooms are small and floor space is valuable. I already have a basket filled with magazines in the living room and a basket that holds our remotes and a basket that holds cd's. *sigh* I told you I loved baskets! Have any ideas on how I could use it in our office? Or kitchen?

Also thank you all so much for your input about your cameras. My husband was at first sold on the Canon but now with all the responses on the Nikon we are looking into that. Of course we won't be able to purchase ANYTHING until we sell the boat. If anyone is looking for a camera go to my post and read the comments. They were very helpful.

Thank you for those of you who took my polls. It looks like for the most part you are all pretty happy with my blog the way it is. So I'll just continue to post come what may! LOL! I mean JASG!

I thought you might enjoy seeing a few of my baskets and their uses!
Here's the basket full of magazines. Wow! Time to dust I'd say. Hmmm, that's my daughter's job to dust the living room. I'd say she is so BUSTED. (She's probably thinking that no one will notice under there. But she didn't realize her Mom would be taking a picture of this and plastering it on her blog!)

The holder of the remotes!
Easily accessible gaming!
Some extra bathroom storage! These hold the little things really well. Okay that's it. I'll let you go!
I have a really funny story to tell you on Friday. I was going to tell it today but figured I'd save it for Friday Funnies. It's about me and my first cup of coffee EVER! Yeah! You won't want to miss it.
Love you my sweet friends and thanks again!


  1. Basket use for office: trash can? can't really think of anything there.
    Basket use for kitchen: measuring cups and spoons, cookie cutters, utensils not used very often, paper plates, pot-holders/oven mitts, dish towels, snacks. Can't think of anything else right now; it's early.

  2. Good Monday! :D

    Office use - pens, pencils, scissors

    Kitchen use - spatulas, tongs, wooden spoons, etc. those that you want to have readily available for cooking

    Yeah, a funny! Boo, we have to wait until Friday! LOL!

  3. I love the idea of putting flags in the watering can. Why didn't I think of that, LOL? Have fun with your camera shopping! If you need any more help, please let me know.

  4. I love baskets!! I have them all over my house for one use or another. They make organization more attractive and yours look great:-)

  5. My poor friend - not being able to blog read!! I always figure it's God's way of telling me to go do something else - heh,heh. I really am sorry for your computer troubles - that's no fun!

    For the basket in the office, what about putting all mailing supplies in it - envelopes, stamps, return address labels, pens, etc. In kitchen - coffee supplies? Like filters, measures, etc.?

    Thanks for showing us all your basket uses. Um, why do you have books in your bathroom?? ALOL!! (Almost laughing out loud) I'm sure we don't have a basket of books/magazines in our bathroom - hee,hee.

    Have a wonderful day my friend! Big hugs that can't fit in a basket to you!! :)

  6. you did get some great ideas. Now go to the craft store and start your projects so we can see the finished products. I know they will look great.

  7. These are great! I love using baskets in the kitchen for junk mail, cookbooks, frequently used cooking utensils, napkins, etc.


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