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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Kim's Shopping Trip 09'

Okay I admit this post "seems" a little long but like most of my posts it should be an easy read! LOL!

First off let me tell you that I don't like clothes shopping. This is the first "real" shopping I've done for myself in a very very long time and my closet will vouch for it in every way! Like I said before, I gravitate toward solid colors and if I like something I will buy it in at least 3 different colors!
But the other day I recruited 2 of my friends to drag me out of my hum drum comfort zone. The first half of the day started out with my friend Laura but neither one of us brought a camera so we don't have any pictures of that "experience"! But she was grabbing things left and right as I would slowly wonder off toward the solid colored shirt section. (Say that 10X fast!) She had to keep pulling me back and I finally gave in and tried a bunch of things on that I normally wouldn't. And I actually liked a few things and ended up getting them. She unfortunately couldn't finish the day with me so I then recruited my friend Kathy, who DID bring a camera, to finish the home stretch. Posting what I got would be boring but posting what I DIDN'T get will be fun!

First of all this sign caught my eye and made me laugh! I want to know what exactly IS an Active Bottom? And do I want one?

There was this number here that I really had a hard time understanding WHY they wasted so much pretty blue material on. (you may have to zoom in on the dress to fully appreciate)
Prom? Pajama's? After this picture was taken I was trying to get this off from around my neck and it and the hanger got stuck in my hair and I couldn't get it out. Kathy had to help me! That would have been a good picture!
Okay I know. NOT a very flattering picture of me, but I liked this skirt and then saw the price tag!! Yeah if you can't read it it says $100.00!! Are you kidding me? I could totally buy me some fabric and a pattern and so let it sit there and NEVER make my own skirt for a lot less!
Kathy and I actually put this little ensemble together and left it on the rack like the store might have done it. We walked out laughing hysterically and then decided that we really needed a picture of it and went back in and took this picture. Partridge Family anyone?
This nice yellow and black checkered thing sure caught my eye. Not only would it NEVER cover my backside but it's yellow and black checkered! Enough said!Now we took tons of picture of clothes I didn't buy and or wouldn't be caught dead in but really all you have to do is go in ANY department store and you too can see all the UGLY clothes for your self.

But as you can see I did manage to find something and I thank my personal fashion consultants for helping me out so much!
Okay okay! As women I know you really want to see a few things that I did buy so I won't let you down.
No I'm not going to model them for you! LOL.
Are you still with me? Do you want more? Cause there is more. But you have to go see Kathy's blog for the lunch time post!
Love you my friends and thank you for caring a lick about what clothes I didn't buy!


  1. How fun!!!! Love the "Active Bottoms" pic! Ha ha!

    I can't click on Kathy's Blog...link doesn't work?

  2. LOL! Sounds like you had a blast shopping! :D

    Love the new outfits especially the one on the far right - blue top and cute skirt to match. :D

    Great job! Can I borrow your friends to shop for me? LOL!

    Have a great day!

  3. I love what you were able to find. Ross is a good place to shop. I generally give myself an hour in a store to even begin finding anything. There's too many unwearable clothing items out there, as I guess you found :) Great fun just getting out!

  4. Kim,
    The outfits that you did end up getting are cute! I do love the great pictures and the facial expressions are priceless!
    Sounds like you got a great group of friends. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

  5. Good choices for your clothing. But how could you resist the Partridge Family ensemble! It was perfect -- good eye, you guys!

  6. LOL! You are so funny...you could make the most boring trip so stinking fun!

    I love the outfits...I have to go tomorrow to try to find some "longer" more appropriate shorts for our family reunion this weekend and a few outfits for going out to dinner and church. I'm not looking forward to it. You wanna come and go with me...then I'd have fun!

    Can't wait until July!!!


  7. You are so funny!! But I really like the things you DID bring home, very pretty :)

  8. That was a fun day my friend! :) But you DID model the blue shirt, and your readers just might get a peek at that in a day or two???? :)
    Love you!

  9. Great pictures!! Looks like a lot of fun:-)

  10. Oh what a fun shopping trip! I am inspired to recruit some gals and hit the thrift stores:)

  11. What a fun day of shopping my friend!! Oh the clothes you didn't get are so funny! So fun to shop with friends!

    The clothes you did get are really cute!! Looks like you had lots of success. Good job!

    Have a wonderful day! Big active bottomed hugs to you!! :)

  12. Truly one of the most entertaining posts I've read all week, anywhere!! :) I particularly like this little gem: I could totally buy me some fabric and a pattern and so let it sit there and NEVER make my own skirt for a lot less!

    LOL!!! (I don't sew, either, unless it involves something minor like a tiny hole in someone's jeans...).


  13. Nice get ups! You r gonna look marvy!!!!!

  14. Kim, You are so funny! I felt like I was watching, What not to Wear!! I can't wait to see what really was in those bags. On you of course!

  15. I wonder how many looks you got when snapping the photos in the store. They were great. Cute outfits too.

  16. Active Bottoms...Lol! I'm still giggling!

  17. Cute clothes and hilarious post, as always!
    Way to break out of your comfort zone!

  18. Okay... A. Ross is my favorite B. YOu crack me up! C. YOu took your camera shopping! I LOVE IT!!

  19. You are a trip. The people in that store must have thought you two were crazy. LOL.

    Makes for a good post though!

  20. I expect some styling and profiling Sunday at church!!!

  21. DAWG! $100 for a skirt?! That's why I do my once-a-decade shopping at Beall's Outlet. And that would so be me with the hanger caught in my hair, LOL!

    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  22. I like your outfits. The pinkish colored one looks pretty and I really like blue\teal too.
    Our blog looks great by the way thank you so much for the help. HLO

  23. Wow! You came out with some very cute things! Funny you are in FL as well but we are on opposite coastlines. BUMMER! This fashion illiterate is on the "east coast" of Florida. You did give me some cute ideas to look for and since we live so far apart no one will ever know I copied! For example those lovely yellow/black checkered shorts were divine! :o) HA! They won't fit my behind either! CONGRATS on your successful venture!

  24. I love the blue outfit you got on the right. Very cute. They all look nice, but that one really caught my eye. I love shopping! Great pics. You are too funny.

  25. Those are cute! Please explain the blue dress joke. I think I tried that same dress on at Nordstrom last week. Loved it except for those weird pleats on the boobs. ??

    Looks like you came away with some cute things and had a good time too. :-)

  26. This was too funny! I can totally relate to the clothes shopping nightmare...

  27. That was great! My sister and I shop like that! We have a blast at Ross making fun of the weird clothes. We always manage to find something there, though.

  28. I love the idea of putting together anensemble like the store did it---hmmmmmm???!! so gonna do it sometime! I had a different shopping experience the other day that i posted about-but yours sounds like a lot more fun!:) Amanda

  29. Oh Kim, you are so much fun! I would totally love to go shopping with you! Looks like some great purchases! And to think you wouldn't model them for us. ;) Great post!


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