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Monday, June 1, 2009

Okay! Help me out ya'll!

Okay, I'm going to assume that 90% of you that blog have a digital camera of some kind.
We have this one.It's a Kodak Easy Share, blah blah blah, out of date, dying, blah, it's on it's way out blah blah.! It won't keep a charge and basically has to stay on life support until we want to take a picture and then it will only last about 10 mins. and it dies. (Does us a lot of good when we actually would like to take it somewhere. You know like maybe VACATION! ) We've gone through at least 3 batteries and we are starting to think it's the camera itself. How did I take a picture of our camera? With our daughters camera.
I want to know what you have! Why do you love it? What do you not like about it? We would like to get this one or similar. It's a Canon EOS Digital Rebel T1i. And it's insanely expensive. So in order to get this.We need to sell this.The boat was a divorce victim. We got it at a great price but it needed work. The work is done and we hope to make a really REALLY good profit, so ultimately we can buy this.This is a C- Class 30 ft. camper. It's a 97' with only 20,000 miles on it and it runs great. We've ALWAYS wanted one. Especially while the kids are young. But we never wanted to go in debt to get it. God is so good. The guy that is selling us this is getting a brand new one and he is selling us this one for an EXCELLENT price. So when we sell the boat we can pay cash for it and be debt free. AND we may have enough to get the digital camera. See both my husband and I LOVE photography and he has a Canon Rebel 35 mm. But digital is just the way to go now a days.
So did you get all that? Tell me what you got and how well it works for you. Maybe there is something just as wonderful that's cheaper that we haven't seen. Talk to me my peeps!



  1. I have a sony a 200. I love it . The battery last for ever. And it uses my Minolta 35 mm lenses. So I did not have to buy more. As I have both the canon rebel on 35mm. My Minolta always too better photos.
    But my friend in a canon person. She loves here.
    I can take clear high speed photos at 70 mph in a car. no matter what slr you choose they are faster than the regular cameras. My Nikon cool pix drove me crazy. By the time it snapped the photo the picture i wanted was not longer there.

  2. I have a Kodak Easyshare Z712 IS (it looks like your "want" camera, not your "have" camera). This is the first camera I researched and bought on my own (I have always "inherited" my dad's old cameras as he has upgraded). I am VERY pleased with it.

    It's strengths are an AMAZING zoom ability (12x) and very sharp daylight photos (or with flash). It's downside is lots of "noise" in low-light conditions (the pics can come out kind of grainy). But I mostly take vacation, nature and scenic pictures, so it works very well for me. It has too many special settings to mention here, but if you looked it up on-line you could get all the specs! It also takes video and I filmed the entire "SpectroMagic" parade at Disney last week!!

    Very excited for you over the RV!!!!! That's our dream. For now we have a little pop-up camper...lol! I'd love to win Powerball, buy and RV and travel the entire U.S.! Ah, to dream...



  3. Wow... good luck with all of that!!! I love how smart youa re being finacially!!

    God bless-

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  5. We've had some Cannon handhelds and invested in a Nikon D40 when one princess was getting into photography.

    One reason batteries go fast sometimes is when you use the display screen to shoot the pictures. If you shut that off and just use the eye hole - lol - it saves A LOT on batteries.

    Good luck with all of this..

  6. So sorry about your camera my friend! I am no expert on cameras - ours is a Canon - nothing near as fancy as the one you want and my new camera is a Kodak easyshare which I haven't used enough yet to tell how I like it.

    I'm excited for you selling the boat and getting such a good deal on that camper. How fun!! Now you just need to drive it on out to CA when you get it - it's not THAT far away - LOL!!!

    You'll be blogging your camping adventures - how fun! Of course, I'm sure nothing the least bit interesting will happen during those trips - HA!

    Have a lovely day my friend! Big wheelin' & dealin' hugs to you! :)

  7. Well, my husband and daughter are the photographers in the family and just since our grandbaby was born did I start taking pics. (I know I know horrible mom right?) anywho,
    I love using my husbands Nikon D80 but couldn't tell you any "facts" about it other than it is easy to use, even for me, and takes awesome pics!
    My daughter has the Coolpix and also a Sony Cybershot (handme down from her daddy) which takes great pics too!
    Praying your boat will sell quickly! and you will be blessed for your diligence!

  8. Sweet! I would love to have a new camera. i have an Easy Share, too. Looking forward to seeing what you get. :D

  9. I have a Nikon D60 and I love, love, love it! I thought I wanted the Rebel also but our friend reminded me that Nikon has always been the leader in lenses and he was right.
    Best Buy runs amazing sales often...I think there is one this week.

  10. I have a Kodak EasyShare Z1015 IS and like it. It is a bit clunky, but takes great photos and the rechargeable battery (which can charge while plugged into your computer or directly into the wall) lasts forever!

  11. We have the Kodak Easy Share, it works fine for us. (Kind of!)
    Alright TTYL

  12. Nikon D40x. LOVE it! FirstHusband and I researched for WEEKS. It was between a Canon Rebel and the Nikon. They are neck and neck.

    We finally picked the Nikon because of a review by a photographer who purchased a Canon Rebel and returned it to buy a Nikon. Then the Nikon went on sale . . .

    FirstHusband got me a GREAT 3rd party lens for my birthday. I can zoom in SOOOO close now! I also LOVE the fact that I can take photos a fraction of a second apart!

    Check out these Nikon D40x photos:


  13. I bought my step daughter the Kodak easy share camera ($250ish) and I LOVE that camera. and you know I have hundreds of dollars tied up in all my equiptment. So I am telling you, that Kodak, from Wal-mart is one outstanding camera. I bought MY daughter a Nikon for Christmas , about 120 dollars and it already is NO GOOD.

  14. I know NOTHING about cameras. Ours is a JVC something or other that was on sale one Christmas at Wowmart for $88. It takes pictures but Steve gets aggravated because by the time it clicks the moment is gone. It's a flash/Steve issue, I think. Not sure. That said, "Hey, Kimmy! How you doin'?"

  15. I have the canon rebel and also the Nikon D90. I love them both but am preferring the Nikon. I use it all the time.

  16. Aw, shoot! I thought those were all prizes in your latest giveaway, LOL! Dern, I sure wish Duller was a little handier than a slippery rock.

    I do love my present camera, a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ18, but it isn't perfect. The 18x zoom is a huge plus, BUT I can't zoom while filming like I could with my last camera (Konica-Minolta Dimage... Z3 I think). Anyhow, it has a really good image stabilization, but could do a tad better in low light. I think I liked the macro on the Dimage better, but the Lumix does a much better job focusing on smaller objects at a distance. Doncha hate it when it keeps focusing on the grass behind your subject?! The 'Intelligent Auto Mode' is super-handy if you're not completely comfortable with all those manual settings. The FZ-18 is a couple years old, so they obviously have better models now.

    Much as I'd love to splurge on a DSLR, I'm just saving my pennies for a bigger lens for now.

    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  17. I have NOT had a free five minutes today to post you some advice. Ugh, what a day! I hope to get back to you tomorrow.

  18. OK, getting back to you now. Whew, where do I begin? As you know, DH is a retired pro photographer. That said, he loves and uses Nikon equipment. We have used the D70s for many years now, and I got the D90 recently (DH will get one too very soon).

    The Canon model you picked out is a great one and equivalent to the Nikon D90, it appears. Is there a reason why you want Canon? Is it to use the older lenses you already have? You will want to really consider getting the new lenses that electronically reduce camera motion. In the Canon, these are the "IS" lenses. Best thing since sliced bread because you can take crisp hand-held shots in low light that you could NEVER take before. Given that technology advancement, you may want to consider getting new lenses for your new digital camera.

    Thus, you are NOT tied down to a Canon. My hubby could bore you with the technical details, but he believes that Nikon is a better camera. And you've seen the quality of the images from my blog photos (you ought to see the big images - they would knock your socks off).

    But ultimately, you have to consider your budget! My best advice is to buy as much as you can afford, looking to the long term. With a digital SLR, you will be using it for a long, long time. So don't skimp and then open yourself up to regrets later on.

    Whew! Sorry to rattle on so much! Good luck on all these transactions and I am PROUD of your frugal ways!

  19. Love my sony cyber shot! Takes special sony batteries but the charge last forever! Great pics! So many useful settings, small (great for fitting in pockets) and touch screen. Def digital. Downfalls? its not water proof. LOL Thats my next one I think .
    Too bad that boat isn't a sailboat or I might be asking some serious questions. If you hear of one at an amazing price please, please let me know. ITs a dream for my husband and would love to fulfill it one day!
    Good luck with everything !

  20. I love a Canon PowerShot SX100 IS. It has a 10X zoom lens and 8.0 Mega Pixel. In addition to taking awesome pictures, It records great videos. With a charger, I used it to record a 30 minute lecture.

  21. I use a Nikon d60 for work. I own a Nikon d 90 for my own personal use. It records and takes beautiful pictures! Yes, it's pricey. It truly could be all the camera you ever need to purchase. I work as a newborn baby photographer and we trust our pictures to Nikon.


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