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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The ongoing lessons continue...

This was a busy week so I'm going to pull out the things that left a mark on my brain!

This week I learned that....

1. ...if you do things out of order while in the shower you might end up getting out and getting dressed before you realize you forgot to wash your hair and then in turn have to try to wash it in the sink! That's what I get for shaving my legs first instead of last!

2. .....while celebrating your son's 7th birthday you'll find yourself trying to explain to your 4 year old son (ALL DAY) why it's not HIS birthday AGAIN! His was LAST month.

3. .....I am not going to lose 10lbs if I keep eating cake and brownies. *sigh* And Snickers! And an occasional Almond Joy! *sigh* What?

4. .....I have no style when it comes to clothes. (She says after staring into her closet!) I'm going clothes shopping TODAY. Something that I haven't done in a LONG time. Why? Because I don't enjoy it. Why? Because I don't know how to put anything together. I just come home with the same shirt in different colors. But I have recruited my own personal fashion stylist to go with me to break me out of my comfort zone. I'll let you know how that goes!

5. ...grilled cheese, ice cream and pop corn can be deemed as supper when your husband isn't home! Hee! Hee!

Aren't you glad I go through this every week so you don't have to? Yes, I know. I'm pretty selfless.
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  1. Enjoy the shopping trip - having a shoppy friend might be just what you need. I have a friend who has a great wardrobe, and when I am shopping with her it is easier to step outside of my comfort zone and try on different things.

  2. Oh I love me some grilled cheese! Although my husband does too, so it's usually a dinner when he IS home. Or it WAS when I was eating carbs for dinner. Sigh...

    And I can't turn down a Snickers. EVER.

    Good luck shopping!

  3. #1 - been there, done that, LOL...actually forgot to wash my body, had to get back in the shower, LOL.

    #3 - are you sure????? :)

    #4 - looking forward to today my friend! :) Fashion Sylist? :)

  4. Yea...all this darn exercise and I can't lose a pound because I can't stop drinking those yummy iced coffees with lots of cream and sugar.

  5. Sounds like a good supper to me ;)

    I have had almost the same problem in the shower. I have a terrible time remembering what I have and haven't done. I get too busy thinking and lose track. I am sure I have done things twice because I couldn't remember if I did them the first time or not!

  6. Gosh... Rachel Ray would die of a heart attack if she saw what our dinners sometimes consisted of! :o) Have a good tues.!

  7. Oh how fun to go shopping with your own fashionista! Have a blast!

  8. I can totally relate to #'s 1, 3 and 5! (hey, does that me "odd"?!....lol!) What is it with having a routine in the shower anyway??....If I don't go in the same order every time, I will forget something!

    Don't want to talk about relating to #3....

    And I have been very "creative" for dinner at times myself.... ;)



  9. I have had the same thing happen with switching the order of my shower routine!

    Good luck with the shopping.

  10. Routine is an amazing thing! I have a certain order in the shower too! And I totally understand about the birthdays. All three of my girls are back to back in consecutive months. Unfortunately my youngest is last and being a part of her sisters' birthdays is sometimes painful.

  11. Grilled cheese, ice cream and popcorn sound like a perfectly sensible meal to me. Hmmm... I think I'm getting hungry now...

  12. I love what you learned - as usual!

    Have fun shopping! I'm waiting to hit a 5 lb loss before I shop for some summer clothes (lost 4.6 so I'm close!).

    Your dinner sounds fine to me - LOL!! If it contains sweet and salty, then it's a complete meal, right?

    Hope your day has been fabulous!! Big we-need-to-make-up-a-candy-bar-diet hugs to you!! :)

  13. Some lessons are harder than others:-)

  14. #4. When you are done with your shopping friend can you send her to Florida? I am so lame when it comes to clothes! T-shirts and shorts or capris are my basic essentials since shopping is a miserable experience! Thank you for reminding me I am not alone! :o)

  15. I had to deal with #2 on Friday. It was our daughters 6th birthday but our son insisted that it was his birthday again! His birthday was in April.


  16. Showering can make me lose my mind sometimes too! What is the deal? HAHA
    Have fun shopping!!

  17. I would so mess up my shower if I did the shaving first, too.

    You mean those things don't help you lose weight?! Ugh, guess I need to stop that too. LOL! :D

    Can't wait to hear about your shopping trip!


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