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Monday, July 13, 2009

All About Me Week Day 1

If you didn't read my post on Saturday then you won't know that I'm doing an all week birthday celebration. Yes, I'm throwing myself a party and you're invited. Sorry there won't be any gifts but this is your opportunity to ask me anything you want to know about me. Within reason of course!
I know I don't display too much about my "personal" life on here but it's not because I'm afraid to but my personal life really isn't that interesting! LOL So, with that said I'm letting you ask the questions and each day I'm going to answer some.
Here are the questions that I've gotten so far.
1. Do we still home church?
2. My testimony and how I came to know Christ?
3. Kathy (my best friend) wants to know what I want her to make for my birthday dinner.
4. What are my favorite 3 smells and why?
5. How I met my hubby and how he proposed?
6. (These fun questions were asked by my bestest bloggy friend Lisa. She probably didn't think I was going to post the first 3! LOL)
Why do you insist on living on the complete opposite coast from me?
Why are you so afraid of canning?
Are you still hiding chocolate in your bathroom?
OK, maybe...
What are the last 3 movies you have watched?
What is your favorite feature (of yourself - e.g. eyes, hair, legs, etc)?
Have you always been a healthy cook and was it hard to make changes?
LOL. I included all of Lisa's in one slot!
7. Someone wants to know why and how I wake up so early each day.

Like I said you can ask me anything. Serious or silly!

I'm going to answer a few today, see how many more I get and just keep answering as I get them throughout the week.
Do we still home church?
No we don't still home church. We home churched for about 3 years, all the while looking for a church that was more family integrated. We decided, after having our 2nd and 3rd child, that we wanted them to be in the service with us and it's really hard to find a church that doesn't want to shuffle the kids off to Sunday school. We finally found First Baptist Church of Cocoa Beach, where the Pastor is passionate about homeschooling and keeping the children with the parents. We really really like it there and can't wait to see what God does!

What do I want for dinner on my Birthday?
Hmm...I'm going to say either Egg Rolls or BEEF TENDERLOIN/with mashed potatoes and a nice salad!! (I'm sure my husband would help pay for it my friend! LOL)

What are my 3 favorite smells and why?
Food related, I'd have to say bread baking, cookies baking and a turkey cooking.
None food related I'd have to say, the ocean, a clean baby and my Christmas Candles.
They just make me happy!

Okay that's enough for today. I don't want to overwhelm you.
Tomorrow I'm going to answer how I met my husband and how he proposed and why and how I wake up so early. Maybe more depending on how long winded I get!

And since it's All About ME this week, I'll try to include a picture with ME in it. Here's ME doing what I love, fishing!

Oh and I would love to know who Anonymous is? You leave such great comments and I don't know who you are. And just to answer your question really quick. No I'm not a Quaker, but you were pretty close with the quacker thing! LOL.


  1. Nice to get to know you a little better! How often do you get to go fishing?


  2. I just love you !! You crack me up you Quacker!! :o) I also would like to know if you are hiding chocolate in your bathroom. THat is a great idea!! :o) Have a great day!

  3. Wow Kim this is so so cool! What a great idea! It IS nice to know more about you....I mean the details and all :)
    hmmmm.....I guess I want to know how far away from St Augustine you are?
    What would a perfect day be to you?

    Here's to an awesome Birthday week and an AWESOME BIRTHDAY GIRL!!

    Love you my friend!

  4. It's great to get to know you better:-)

  5. I love this idea, my friend! I might do this in October for my birthday.

    I love getting to know you better via blog post but I am so excited that I will get to know you personally in just a few more days...13 more days to be exact.

    Have a wonderful birthday!

  6. Wishing you a Happy Birthday. And many many more. It is great to get to know you a bit better. I did not realize you were close to the ocean. I went to Orlando for my honeymoon in 1980. And my sister in law has Florida on her list for our 2ng road trip. She wants to ride on a glass bottom boat. I will have to think of a question? I love your fun since of humor. And admire you home school ability's.
    Big hug bye for now.

  7. This was a great idea. I'm looking forward to getting to know you better. I asked about the home church because we are there right now. Not sure where the Lord will lead us.

  8. I love how you posted your questions you have received and I am sure you will have a lot more.

    I love your smells by the way, I love the ocean, it's just so relaxing and spa like. Feels like home.

    Happy Birthday!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  9. OK - I did not think you would post the first 3 questions, but now I will look forward to the answers - LOL!

    Love knowing these!! Totally understand with church - we attend a very small church where the kids stay in service. And I would say the majority of kids at our church are homeschooled, with the rest attending Christian schools.

    Is there some secret reason you put BEEF TENDERLOIN all in caps? I'd say that is a not so subtle hint that you would prefer that - did you get that Kathy??

    Like your fav smells, though you did not include chocolate. I will still like you.

    Nice pic of you too - I love your week!! Oh, and hubby wants to know - when you got rid of a bunch of DVDs, which ones did you end up keeping?

    Big I-don't-know-you-can-fix-me-anything-you-want-like-maybe-BEEF-TENDERLOIN hugs to you!! :)

  10. Love the insights!

    But you need to clarify - the smell of a clean baby - Johnsons? or Baby Magic.

    I'm a Johnson's mom, myself.

  11. Love this idea! Happy Birthday week to you! My brother's is today and mine is the 22nd! Have a great week!

  12. Kim,
    I love getting to know more about you! Can't wait until next post!

  13. This is so fun. How cool that you found a church that meets your needs for the family. That is awesome! I too love baking bread. YUM

  14. LOL - oh dear my friend...you don't want me to wait and do BEEF TENDERLOIN for Christmas dinner? Ohhhhh...you don't want to SHARE with THAT many other people, LOLOLOL. Hmmmm, we'll have to see about that...and how many thousands of hundreds of times do I have to tell you that I would never want anyone to pay for a dinner I cooked??!!!?? Oh my dear friend...what to do with you. :)
    I love you!

  15. Moi is my alias (which means "me" in French in case you didn't know).
    I live a great expanse North of you where I homeschool my two kiddos, too. (not in tutus because they are both boys)!

    I am a few years younger than you, but not by much. However, this particular topic (age) is usually a taboo thing with women, but I appreciate your genuineness in shouting yours from the "mountain blog top" greatly. I am very partial to those who aren't phony baloneys!

    Your blog blesses my socks off especially in the winter when I'm actually wearing them.

    Thanks for keeping it "real" and giving us all a dose of clean and quacky medicine (laughter) unselfishly.
    Speaking of fish, did you catch any on the day you took that picture you posted recently?


    (But you can call me Moi!)

  16. Great to know more about you!! :D I'm a baking smell lover, too. LOL!

  17. I've been waiting for a few minutes to have time to sit and read your posts. This is fun:) I hear what you're saying about church-I'm glad our church isn't picky about that either. That is one of the main criteria if we went to another church-especially with young ones:)

  18. As you can tell Kim, I'm catching up on my blog hopping. I'm enjoying your personality so much. Debra of Clothed With Scarlet told me I would love you and you know, I think she just might be right. YES!

    I go to North Phoenix Baptist Church so we have that in common too.


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