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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Product Review Friend or Foe

Have you seen these? It's the Glade Sense and Spray Automatic Air Freshener. A.K.A The adrenaline rush giver. Why? Well I'm glad you asked!
I bought one thinking I would try it out and at first I had it in the kitchen but found that it clashed to much with, you know, regular cooking smells. So then I moved it to the bedroom. I can't tell you how many times my husband and I just about jumped out of our skin and knocked that thing into another room because it scared the living daylights out of us. It senses you walking by, waits about 5 seconds, and then makes a "pssst" kind of sound. Nothing like thinking someone is behind your door ready to jump out at you. Not that they would give you a warning by going "Psst", but you never know! Because it sounds just like a person going "Psst!" It finally ran out of juice and I haven't refilled it because of the "scare" factor. It does smell okay. I got the fresh linen scent. I think if I do feel brave enough to buy a refill it will be something else.
Has anyone else tried these and if so did it give you grays like it did me?
So to sum it up, I'm pretty neutral on this one. I might just stick to my quiet BeanPod Candles!
My suggestion would be to give this to someone you want to torment a little! LOL
Have a great weekend everyone.

Starting Monday it's all about me week. Yup, that's right! My birthday is a week from Monday so get ready to get completely sick of me by then!
Here's what I'd like YOU to do. Leave me a question about something you'd like to know about me. It could be anything (within reason) and I'll try to answer them in my posts all week long. I'm not sure if there is anything left that you don't know if you've read my 100 things about me post. But I'll try. This of course is if you even care! LOL. Other than that I'm coming up with my own all about me posts ALL week long.


  1. We have two in our basement...without the batteries...could'nt take the surprise...

  2. lol...oh my goodness. That would totally scare me too.

  3. Here's a question for next week. Do you still home church?

  4. That story made me laugh. We do not have one of those...but I always wondered about them. guess I will pass on the scare factor too:)
    I can't wait for your birthday! LOL It's the best day of the year to be born on:)

  5. I'd like to know your testimony of how you came to know Christ.

    Thank you for your kind comment on Heart Choices this morning. And I wish you a happy birthday in advance.

  6. I had one of those before and the noise upset puppers all night long...I think I ended up taking it back to the store because it was a nuisance.
    Another thought is, I didn't like that it was shooting a chemical into my house every once in a while - didn't feel real good about that.
    Hmmmmm....what do I want to know about you...ummmm...I can't think of anything I don't already know!!! :) Can't wait for your birthday - Oh! I have a question..what do you want me to make for your birthday dinnner?

  7. I actually have one. I got one from a product review panal called BzzAgent. You try things out and give a review on it.

    My shipped out with the Clean Linen scent and I didn't care for it, but I have friends that do. It seems to be the most powerful scent they carry and it lasts for a long time.

    I changed it to the Apple Cinnamon scent and love it. I have mine by my cat box and it works really well. It does last 30 days or longer depending on where you place it but it's better than the plug ins for me.

    I do like that it locks once it sprays the first time for 30 minutes so you can get over done.

    My question for you is what are your favorit three smells and why?

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  8. Enjoyed your story..I don't have one and after your story, don't think I'll be trying it either.

    What I want to know about you is how you met your hubby and how he proposed.

  9. I would like to know why you all choose to home church, and do you keep your jammies on?

    Created to Be His Helpmeet!!! I've read that book two and a half times! How are you doing with it and have you read anything else by the Pearls? I so love them & would love to meet them and have them "train" me! I am so in a child-like temper-tanturm mode right now about being my husband's helpmeet, this is why I have not finished reading the book again yet.

    Lastly, why do you want to move and where do you want to move to? My husband is active duty air force so we have moved three times in the 12 years we've been married.


  10. I tried one of these, as well, a while back and was not too thrilled. I also went with my candles.

  11. Are you a Quaker? My best friend in high school was and they had church at theirs and others' homes. It was interesting but special to say the least!

    Then again I don't remember you wearing your hair in a bun and donning skirts. You don't fit the mold of a Quaker....maybe a quacker!!

    Seems like mine and others curiosity on this subject just might kill the cat! Hope you don't have one...oh that's right you only have squirrels and possums! ( ;

  12. That sounds funny to me! Could be a good tormenter if you moved it room to room without warning family - hee,hee!

    Happy Birthday a little early!! I'm glad it's all about you. Should I be reminding people that if they want to send you a gift - you like chocolate, coffee, and smileys??! :)

    Hmmm, questions...

    Why do you insist on living on the complete opposite coast from me?

    Why are you so afraid of canning?

    Are you still hiding chocolate in your bathroom?

    OK, maybe...

    What are the last 3 movies you have watched?

    What is your favorite feature (of yourself - e.g. eyes, hair, legs, etc)?

    Have you always been a healthy cook and was it hard to make changes?

    Long enough comment for now I think! And I must get to bed!

    Big it's-all-about-you hugs!! :)

  13. Why/how do you get up so early each day? Do you walk on the beach and go collect sea shells or catch a few waves??

  14. LOLOL, I would be jumping to the ceiling! I'm sure you two were a sight to see!

  15. lol I laughed out loud as I imagines the pssst that would follow you... I think that would freak me out too!!!

    Happy Birthday a week from tomorrow!!!

    What are you, like 23 or something??

    God bless!

  16. I did a review on this too. I love mine. I changed my smell to the apple/cinnemon one. It works great in my little bathroom. It goes off when I shut the door and turn off the light, so we rarely hear it!


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