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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What I Learned This Week!

Do you think you can take another week of what I've learned? I mean I don't want to overwhelm you with this mind blowing stuff. Just chew on what you can and leave the rest for later.

This week I learned that....

1. ...blogland truly is a place that you can meet friends. (Even if our husbands still think it's a little weird!)

2. ....I'm obviously not sick of cake yet. Though this cake was not in any way related to my birthday like the first 3, it somehow still appeared when Debra and her husband set out to just get a "little" something for dessert last night. They came back with 2 cakes, doughnuts, ice cream, cookies, pie, and a strudel. Oy! They took their mission seriously! LOL

3. ....I can let go of things having to be perfect and just have fun.

4. ....my 4 year old will ultimately have to go "potty" while at the beach and is now all sandy and wet without a bathroom in site. (Yes, I ended up walking him home so he could go in comfort. With that said, I take off his wet shorts and send him into the bathroom. Oh no, not that easy. See there is something about a wet shirt that cuts off the "signal" and thus the shirt had to come off too. Then come to find out he HAS to have a shirt ON but just not a WET one, before he can "go". I'm sorry but if I had to "go" this would not have had time to take place, you know what I'm saying? LOL.

5. ....that my husband still gets excited when he has to extend the table to fit more people around it. LOL. Don't ask! Okay, I'll just tell you. It's a "new" table for us and we've needed one for a long time and we finally found one and he loves how easy it is because it's a drop leaf table and so he just enjoys "using" something that we "needed". .....it's a man thing! LOL

Okay as sad as it is, that's all I got. I'm drawing a blank.
All I can say is it's been a month full of fun and I've documented it right here on my little blog for your reading pleasure. But if your like me you're probably to busy for that! So I guess you'll never know and probably don't care about all the fun I had this month! LOL (Unless of course you are a faithful reader of mine then you are probably sick of hearing about it!) LOL!!

If you want to share your learning experiences head on over to Musings of a Housewife and link up!


  1. Oh my word the story about the bathroom had me rolling, That is hilarious!
    I have to have everything perfect and can't let it go either. Ugh.

  2. OY!!!!! That is ALOT of sweets :)!!!

    I love the going to the bathroom thing....poor guy.
    I am sure we all have our things we must have "just right" before it works!! tooo cute :)

    and we are NOT sick of hearing about your wonderful birthday month....we LOVE IT! and YOU!!

  3. Never tired of hearing your adventures! They are so different from ours and give me a glimpse into your life and I learn more about you each time.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  4. I hear ya on the perfect potty conditions. Kids oy!

  5. Sick of hearing about what??? LOL :) I loved hearing about all your fun!! Well don't get Debra and I together - you will really be rolling in dessert - LOL!! I'm gaining weight just hearing about it all. Oh wait, that weight gain is from my trip. Sigh.

    Your son cracks me up! You learn such important stuff - what would I do without you?!

    Big it's-the-year-of-dessert-for-you hugs!! :)

  6. Nice to know that there's never too much cake!

    My 3 yo son is bad about needing the conditions exactly right when he goes to the bathroom. Just GO already!

  7. Get tired of hearing about you or dessert or going to the bathroom? Don't be silly, my friend!! lol

    I love hearing all about us...Did you notice I seem to be in almost all of your posts now? And by the way, I forgot to tell you but when I went to the store I also got some healthy granola bars and some oatmeal bread and healthy nut bread...s that was good, right?

    Love ya, sweetie!

  8. I love that little man - he cracks me up...do you have any idea how long it took me to figure out what he was saying about his shirt???? I was hoping he could play charades, LOL.
    It sounds like you guys had a massive smorgasborg of dessert - KIM!!!! It didn't sound like that homemade healthy kind either!
    Love you my friend!

  9. sorry I have not been commenting very much lately,,, I DO read yours and Mimis blog EVERYDAY though!!!!
    I try to think of something to say but I just haven't been able to find the right words........

  10. Love the potty story! I am going thru some potty issues right now too! Well not me...Bindy! And sometimes it's just a game ya know...thanks fo the laugh!

  11. Great story about him needing the dry top so he could "go"!!!

    Thanks for sharing.

  12. My kids always seem to need to go to the bathroom in any public place! Such a pain. But the perfect outfit for peeing thing! That is hilarious!

  13. I love bloggy friends! They are the best! Yes, my kids have to go potty at the most terrible times. "why didn't you go before we left?" "I didn't have to go!" There is truth to that, but not the point I was trying to make!

  14. Suh-weet! LOL! Who can ever be sick of cake?! :D

    Lol about the bathroom isssue!


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