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Monday, July 27, 2009

Fashion Sense from my 4 year old!

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not very clothes savvy. I mean if you read my post about my clothes shopping adventure, you know that when someone has to have someone go with them to buy clothes, well, they have a problem. I'm also afraid that I've passed this problem on to my youngest.

Yes, my precious son has his shirt not only inside out, but backwards as well. And what kind of mother lets him walk around like this all day? I mean the humility. Actually he could care less as you can tell by the camo pants he chose to wear with his blue inside out backwards shirt.

On yet another day he choose the "gray" theme. Now I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to wear ALL gray the same shade on your top and bottom. And once again he has his shirt on backwards.
Yesterday, though I didn't get a picture of it (because we were already at church), I noticed that he had his PANTS on backwards. Oh this one keeps me hopping that's for sure. And as long as we aren't going to be seen in public, I just let it fly. Why? Because as I look at him all day long he brings me the biggest smile.
Do your kids have this problem? Do YOU have this problem? LOL


  1. At least you like to shop, I once took my middle daughter shopping SEVEN times before she could find a pair of shoes that she liked. And she was in elementary school!

  2. Mine ys always mismatches socks one brand new with one old cruddy been through the swamp mate. My os can NEVER see the big stain.. mud, grease, etc. on any of his clothes that he tries to wear when we go out among the natives.

    My ys also has this thing with the waist of his pants. If they even slightly feel tightish it's whine city....yesterday to church he wore pants with a zipper and button that were feeling too snug, so he wore them unbuttoned and half zipped which I didn't notice until he lifted up his untucked shirt. I was praying all morning that they wouldn't be doing any of those jump up and down spin around kind of songs in Kids church.....

    Also, both of my kiddos are color blind (no joke) so somedays when we are hermits I let them adorn themselves in whatever they choose. These are the days that it feels like the circus clowns came to town without an invitation.

    Boys....gotta love 'em and laugh with 'em or you might as well check into the insane asylum! ( ;

    PS My ys about the same age as yours was just smiling and looking at the recent posted pictures of your son. I asked him, if he saw anything different or unusual. He said, "Nope."

  3. Do we have this problem?.....Yes. Yes we do. ;)

    My youngest (7) is a great fan of wearing his shirts inside-out and backwards. Although USUALLY it's one or the other and not both at once. I've learned to stop commenting on it...I get rolled eyes and a "YES Mom, I KNOW it's backwards!" lol!!


  4. I can so identify with this post. What is really sad is that I don't notice it half the time! My son got done with his soccer game and I realized he had his uniform shirt on backwards. Yikes!

  5. Too cute and funny!! My son is just starting to come out of the phase where "matching" means that top and bottom must be same color, even if red shirt & red shorts are different shades & clash so bad it makes your eyes hurt - LOL!

    Son often has shirts on backwards, but claims it's always by accident! And he has one outfit he has tried to wear in public more than once - but both hubby and I made him change. Hard to explain without pic, but loose, long shiny silver athletic shorts with a tight, almost too-small heathery taupe t-shirt. It's quite the sight!

    Boys really are too funny! Big don't-copy-your-son's-fashion-choices hugs to you my friend!!! :)

  6. oh Kim....this is tooo cute! He made me smile too :)
    and yes, my son is the exact way and sometimes my daughter well maybe not backwards but inside out for sure!
    They both also wear mismatched socks....BUT it sure makes doing socks easy :)

    love you my friend!

  7. The joys of letting them dress themselves. Too cute.

  8. So funny! Your son is so cute! Aw! Just let them be! It shows their character and personality! And brings lots of smiles to many people's faces. I know it did mine!

  9. I have an almost thirty year old son who STILL likes to wear a tshirt inside out....something about not liking the seams............. but I don't think he wears it like that for work....at least I hope not.

  10. My son would wear pajamas everywhere if I let him. Often his trousers on on backwards. For a while he insisted on wearing a toque that he called his pilot hat. That was in May. Sigh.

  11. I can completely agree with you. My teen thankfully is at a point in which she can master shopping for her own clothes. But there was a time, when I dreaded it. It took days and every store in our city limits to find her a pair of jeans.

    It would have been easier on both of us to have them custom made. We always dealt with too tight, not tight enough, their scratchy, their itchy, you name it.

    I am praying for you that it will be a short lived time for you and they will make some sense of it all soon!

    Love and Hugs~ Kat

  12. Having two teenage girls in the house means fashion is in the air, thought mishaps like this would cause one to run in tears..LOL

  13. My boys wear their shirts inside out. They say when I wear it next time it will be the right way.

  14. And Kim, your blog always seems to bring a smile to my face. Thank you for that.

  15. Well, I wore my Mickey Mouse sweatshirt on backwards one day and noone told me that the picture was supposed to be in the front, lol!

  16. Someday I've been known to have that problem! I love that you let it go...it would make me smile too!

  17. So funny!

    I am new here but I sure will back soon. Nice "meeting you" I enjoyed my trip here :)

  18. My son like to put different fabrics together like plaid and stripes for church. Uh, no! LOL!


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