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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

More Learnin'

I gave you all a break last week but I'm back to share the wee little lessons I've learned since then. I know you want to know and that you care! Right? Right?
So let's see.
This week I learned that....

1. ....when you add butter to hot oil in a sauce pan you shouldn't bang your spoon against the edge, therefor sending the butter plummeting into the hot oil and causing little droplets of oil to shoot out and land on your feet causing you to do a little dance in front of the stove! STUPID!

2. ...having a yeast infection, not getting enough sleep, starting your monthly cycle, having a sore varicose vein on one leg and a sore knee on the other will not stop me from going to spin class! LOL! I know I know, way too much information! But are you laughing at me? Cause all I could do is laugh at me! BUT I did feel better afterwards.

3. ....you can never EVER have too much creamer in your fridge!

4. ....I'm addicted to hand sanitizer wipes and counting on Publix (our local grocery store) to ALWAYS have them handy to wipe off the cart handle and when for some reason they are empty, I go into a little panic about all the germs that are lurking on the handle and refuse to touch any part of my body for the remainder of the shopping trip. Which in turn makes me very aware of how unusually itchy my eyes and nose are, at that very moment! Oh yeah, it's fun to watch.

5. ... the shortest line at Wal-mart is not always the quickest. *sigh* Get to know your cashiers REALLY well! I will purposely avoid certain ones.

Well that's it for now.I will leave you with those thought provoking lessons and the longing for more. Just tune in next week and I'm sure I'll have some to share.
If you have some lessons you want to share just head on over to Musings of a Housewife and link up!


  1. Feeling guilty here as I have not "spun" in SO LONG.

    Looking forward (sort of) to starting back in September when the kids get back to school.

  2. And see, I just stopped shopping at Walmart altogether. But the same is true for Target when it comes to the checkout lines.

    Your spinning makes me realize that I've gone 3 or 4 weeks now without exercising. I MUST get back on the wagon. Sigh...

  3. I feel you about Walmart. The checkout experience is always special. By special, I mean retarded.

  4. Oh, this made me laugh! It's amazing when you read blogs because we are are so similar in some ways (completely with you on the banging spoon lol)

  5. sorry you had a rough week with #2.

    I will purposely avoid certain cashiers too but due to who likes coupons or not.

  6. I'm addicted to the little SaniWipes for the grocery carts, too. Seems like my store is always out now that I'm hooked!

  7. #2 does NOT sound like fun! Hope this week is better for ya!

  8. Thanks for the Wal-Mart advice; I'll do that!

  9. Just when I was beginning to think I was the only person in the world with issues....Thank You..I feel better now..

  10. You are such a trooper! I would have skipped spin class. I too have done te stupid dance in front of my stove.

    By the way you just say the word and you can come on over for a spa night at my place :)

  11. All I can say is, I wish I coulda been next to you in spin class, LOLOLOL. :)

  12. Ms Kim! Ms Kim! I made myslef a new blog!!!!! Come check it out, the link is on our family blog.

  13. Oh yeah, I have done the stove dance! Always makes it more fun when you trip over the dog while doing it...you should try that sometime!

    I can't seem to make it through the store without touching my eye or nose so I always figure I am just doomed to catching a cold or something.

  14. All those ailments listed in number 2 have clearly injured your brain. You WANT to go to spin class? Seriously, get help. Soon.


  15. LOL...I always pick the wrong line at the grocery store too. And why is it that Walmart only has like 3 lanes open, no matter when I go in there?

  16. Kim,

    Ah what a list. I do have done that stupid butter dance. It also works well for adding water to hot oil just to see if its warm enough?

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  17. Wow ~ doing the butter stove dance....I'll have to remember that

    You are quite the woman I think I would have gone to bed and NOT to spin class....I am bowing down to you!
    I asked for a membership for my bday in Oct so we will see what happens....I gotta do something

    love you and thanks for the laugh today, I just always love coming here!!!

  18. Oh my friend - I'm still amazed at #2!! I need you to give me some of your determination!

    Good things to learn as always! I hear ya about the lines. I got in line for treats at the movie theater (free kids movie) - picked a short line of the 6 lines. 15 minutes later, I was the only one left in the lobby!! It was cause my guy kept disappearing and then I had the fear that if I left my line and got in another, then my line would start moving. LOL!

    Hope you have a fabulous evening and hope you are feeling better! Big scared-to-come-in-your-kitchen-while-you're-cooking hugs to you!! :)

  19. More great lessons:-) Awesome!

  20. Oh yes...I always find myself smacking my forehead after waiting in the short lane at Wal Mart for 20 minutes...as only one of three people in line!

  21. Amen to the creamer. I love me some cream in my coffee!

  22. Ouch! I know that had to hurt. :(

    I do the same thing at our military commissary with using certain checkers unless we go through the self-service line. :D

  23. laughing about the shortest line is not always the quickest. I never seem to find the quickest. I have learned to not be in a hurry any time I go to Walmart. LOL


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