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Friday, August 28, 2009

Not So Friday Funnies!

Are you all missing Friday Funnies? Me too! Without a computer of ones own it's hard to plan and link up and do all that fun stuff. I should have planned ahead and had someone co-host for me like someone suggested. Hind sight is 20/20 huh? BUT it will be back next week. Oh yes, it will be back!
I'm making a repeat performance at my MIL's. I tried to use my 86 year old Japanese neighbor's computer, but wouldn't you know it, hers is out too.
To make it more interesting I thought about going to a coffee shop that had WiFi and just asking some random person if they would let me use their laptop to do my blog post. That sounded like fun but time is not on my side. So I had to resort to driving a block away to my MIL's, who is gracious enough to let me use hers.
(If you have no idea why I'm writing this you need to read the last 3 or 4 posts of mine to catch up. It really is a sad sad story so have kleenex handy.)
Did I mention it's like 92 (heat index of 102) and my MIL has no air. Sweat is like starting to drip in places where I would rather it didn't. It really kind of puts a damper on the creative, funny juices! In fact it brings it to a complete halt and all I can think about is how nice it would feel to be sitting on a block of ice right now.
Well I just wanted to stop by to say Hi! See actually you haven't "missed" me much, except the posts I would have written if this all hadn't have happened. But then I wouldn't have gotten to see how much you all love me! LOL
Well I'm going to go dunk my head in a pool of ice water and head out!
Love you my friends.
Oh, did I mention that Dr. Mike and Kathy are going on a marriage retreat this weekend and therefor our computer will be sitting all alone, not getting fixed for 3 more days? *sigh*


  1. How could someone be so inconsiderate as to think a marriage conference and getaway is more important than fixing your computer? ;) LOL - your computer has bad timing!

    Lovely to see you for just a bit here and I am laughing at you sweating while typing - bet your typing per minute has increased!

    Hey all you wealthy people (aren't there any of those anymore?)- donate to Kim's need-a-computer-any-computer-right-now fund! :)

    Love you my friend! Big this-blog-post-is-all-sweaty hugs to you! Have a great weekend!

  2. Girl you are cracking me up. I would have asked someone to use their computer too. Some random person at Starbucks or something. LOL Desperate times calls for desperate measures. LOL
    Good to hear from you girly!

  3. Kim,

    Here is hoping that you and your much beloved computer will once again be reunited very soon.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  4. Oh Kim, it is amazing how much we come to depend on our computers. Mine has been hanging in there lately but a year ago it crashed so I know what you mean. And yes, you have been missed in bloggy land. Hang in there and jump in a pool girl!

  5. I did hear about the marriage seminar...great for them...but sorry for you!

    You really do love blogging if you are willing to sit in that temperature!


  6. Your Killing Me!!! I want to send you mine, I'm just not sure how I would explain that to my hubby...I went eight days once while mine was being repaired, only thought I was crazy before...You, your computer and your repairman will be in my prayers.......

  7. Thanks for the update. Sorry it's so.very.hot there! Get some ice cold lemonade. Computer issues are NOT FUN!

    Missed Friday Funnies this week. (In case you need a laugh, I posted a cute humor video.)

    See you next time,


    e-Mom @ Chrysalis

  8. Even in your time of sorrow and suffering you are still funny Kim.

  9. You are relentless in finding a way to blog! You go girl!
    How did that bucket of cold water feel? LOL

  10. how does your MIL handle that heat? yuck.
    darn those marriage retreats, obviously their priorities are screwed up if they are fixing anything before YOUR computer!


    Did the bucket of ice water over your head help at all?

    Did you notice I was missing during your time of crisis?

    I would send chocolate but apparently it would melt! lol

    I'm trying to make your feel better and I'm seeing that I'm terrible at it!

    OK, I'm so tired....I have to go to bed. Love you...does that help....most....mostest?

  12. Oh dear. I would have to say that you are just as funny now as you have ever been. Hang in there, suga. We'll be here when you get back.


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