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Thursday, September 17, 2009

I Can Still Read!

I can, really. I just don't make the time to. But I was perusing my good friend Lisa's blog the other day and she stole an idea from one of her blog friends who stole it from one of her blog friends who I'm not sure if she started it or stole it from one of her blog friends. I didn't have time to keep going back! LOL
But the idea is relatively simple. 12 book in 12 months. It just doesn't seem that hard. Because I really really do love to read. So I am going to take on this challenge of reading 12 books in 12 months. One book a month doesn't sound so intimidating.
I'm also stealing Lisa's idea of breaking the books into themes.
I'm going to do:
3 books that pertain to homeschooling
3 for keeping my home
3 devotional type
3 for pure pleasure

Here's my stack!
Here's the side view. Notice all the bookmarks? Yeah, I had really good intentions at several different times, but so much time has gone by that I really don't remember what I've read so I'm going to start them over!
So here's the official list:
  • The Charlotte Mason Companion
  • Easy Homeschooling Techniques
  • The Organized Homeschooler (I need to read and probably reread this one!)
  • Creative Home Organizing
  • Organize Yourself
  • Decorating Hints & Tips
  • Above All Else
  • Decision Making by the Book
  • Women of Passions Devotional (Thank you Laura Lee!)
  • The Massive Big Honkin' Book of Jane Austen Novels! (Has like 5 books in one! I'm only reading 3!)
Are you up for the challenge? Then steal it from me and pass on your book picks!



  1. Kim ~I just took your "are you addicted to
    blogging test " from 08' and since I'm on my Iphone reading it bc my Dh is not up yet and my computer is in there that's a pretty good indication that I am totally addicted :)

    Hope you have an awesome day! I am a book reviewer now so you will see all the books I am reading :)

    love u my friend !! :)

  2. Hope you enjoy your reading time and the books. I couldn't take the challenge. I am a bookworm and probably read 12 books in 3 months. It's just what I love to do.

  3. "...I can read of course, I just prefer being out of doors..." (Mr. Bingley)...
    I wanna do this...Hmmm, I'll have to go into my library and pick out 12 books...can I RE-read? LOL

  4. What a great idea! I am stealing this from you. As like you, I have several I've started reading but never finished. We keep buying books, but haven't touched many of them and made a pac not to buy anymore until we've read most of them, but we continue to buy them. ;) So what an awesome way to get er done!

  5. I am so not a reader, but I really should do this challenge. i need to read more.

  6. I love to read but Im not going to do the challenge!! lol.

    P.S How or where did you get the little 'Happy sweet reading my friends!' thing!!?? I want one!!


  7. good for you for tackling such a big commitment. i joined a book club once and although i love to read i had a hard time reading on someone elses time table. this however might be just the challenge i need! thanks.

  8. Glad you were able to use the idea my friend! I suppose I should actually be reading right now - LOL! Good list of books and I love all Jane Austen! I had a hard time deciding which 12 books, but I hope that I do better so I can add in others.

    Big just-think-of-the-stack-of-available-bookmarks-you'll-have hugs to you!! Have a fabulous day!! :)

  9. Good luck with that challenge! I hope you are successful:-)

  10. Count me out...but I love that you are doing it. I have enough time for 1 book at a time. I am soo bad at that!!!

    Good for you tho..and great idea!

  11. You inspire me! I look forward to what you will share from these books!

  12. I could no way accomplish that unless I did nothing else. Happy reading to you though! I do read some though. :)

  13. Kim,

    Since I became a blog book reviewer for Thomas Nelson publishers I am reading as fast as I can get through some of these amazing books I select. I am on book number 5 and have three more waiting that I have won from fellow bloggers. I just love to read so I guess that means from today forward I will join.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  14. Love your list! I love Jane Austen, too. :)

  15. Maybe your dog can lick your finger in case your pages get stuck together while you're turning them!

  16. I was reading your blog in my reader this morning and I thought, "Hey, I have two of those organizing books!"

    I love organizing so I have an embarrassing amount of books about it!

  17. Come on...go for all 5 Austen novels! :P

  18. Oooh I want to do this!! I do! I do! I do!!! I will have to compile my list and create a post some time this weekend! :) Thanks Kim!!!

  19. Kim, I love the idea of one book per month. Will have to think long and hard and come up with my own list!

    My only concern with you list is how to pick only three Jane Austen books? You didn't mention which three you were going to read....

    love hearing from you!


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