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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Shhhh! Someone's Trying to Sleep!

Oh wait it's me! Have mercy. Does it have something to do with the fact that I am just 10 months shy of being 40 or is it just me?
Lately I've found myself being able to doze off at the weirdest time and places. Years ago I couldn't sleep unless I was in my bed, had a fan going for white noise and the room was pitch black.
I don't seem to have that problem any more. I mean seriously, I find myself dozing off on the couch while 2 rambunctious boys playing inches around my head, making cars sounds and laughing and jumping around. In fact one time I woke up and I had plastic food sitting all over me! Another time I fell asleep in my lounge chair while in the middle of a conversation with my hubby. What's up with that? LoL!
If I actually get to bed and am laying down and you wanna talk, (not sure why you would be in my room while I was in bed but....) don't leave the room for a second because I will be out like a light.
I think it all stemmed from my last child not sleeping well for a very long time and I learned to fall asleep fast, whenever I could. I don't know!
It's probably a condition but please don't diagnose me. It's more fun just finding how many places I can fall asleep in!
What have you discovered you do now that you didn't do years ago?
Does this happen to anyone else?

I wrote the above information last night but this morning it came to mind WHY I may be tired during the day. I don't know how I forgot about this because it happens just about every night! What you ask? You are asking right? Well I'll tell you. See we have this DOG, her name is Murphy. And she is a very good dog as far as dogs go. EXCEPT AT NIGHT! First off she has a very comfortable dog bed in the corner of our room and she will start off sleeping there. But then she ends up here.Yes, that's right in front of our bathroom door. AND she is ALWAYS there when I have to get up to use it! AND yes, I just took that picture this morning in the dark, just so you could get a visual.

At any time during the night she will have the notion to start licking everything in sight, the door, the floor, the wall, herself, whatever is within tongue distance. I don't know about you but the sound of a dog licking, can drive one nuts, not to mention bring them out of a dead sleep. And if it's not licking, she's chasing rabbits and in doing so she's "running" alongside our floorboard with her back feet and that wakes us up.
The thing is, she won't just wake up by us calling her. No, we had to get inventive. Snapping our fingers will cause her to stop licking (for about 2 seconds) just long enough to think we can fall asleep and then she'll start again. My husband actually has rolled up socks next to his bed to throw at her during the night to get her to stop. Yeah, it's that bad.
Well there you have it. Whether you wanted it or not! LOL. I didn't want you all losing sleep because you were trying to figure out why I was losing sleep! Because I just know you would!

GOSH, this post was long. Sorry! I gotta vent every now and again! LOL. It was a pretty sad vent wasn't it? I'll work on that.



  1. LOL! Uh,, no I do not have that problem! :D lol, I was almost SFETE!! Oh well. Poor you! lol :P

  2. Oh yeah, I was the first to comment on your blog today!!!

    Your #1 fan, Kathleen

  3. I still need the fan for my white noise in my room. TOo quiet otherwise. LOL!

  4. Kim,

    Yesterday while I was at pre-op the nurse told me about your problem which she apparently has as well. It is called the eye-foot disease.....when your feet go up your eyes go down!!! LOL She said it happens all the time and at strange houses and places as well!! :)
    Soooo glad I could help with the diagnosis LOL

    And the socks beside the bed to throw at the dog ~
    OH MY thats a good one! I will have to share that with my hubby he will love it!

    Oh ya, so sorry you didn't win the cups and will have to wait until dec to receive yours.....I was so sad I didn't win either :( I even dreamed about them last night!! OH WELL.....POO!

    Have a blessed day today my friend, love you

  5. Kim,

    The sleeping thing I am right there with you. I used to be able to stay up all night long, forget it now! I am in bed almost sound asleep by 9pm. I will like you fall asleep reading my book or watching TV. Is that what is like when we get older?

    I too hate that licking sound. My cats love to do it just when we are in that perfect stage of REM sleep and then it begins. I too have that ammunition of balled up socks, pillows you name it and it will hurled towards them in the middle of the night.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  6. Oh that is so funny! Your dog would drive me nuts too, lol! Can you put him in another room or put up a baby gate so he can't get down the hall?

    Our beagle used to sleep in my son's room until he began to growl at my son for moving in his sleep (we were afraid he might bite him).

    We closed the door and didn't allow the dog in at night, and then put up a gate so that he wouldn't push at the door with his feet (very annoying).

    The first couple of nights I'd hear him pacing back and forth in the hall, but after a couple of nights he "got" it and now he just sleeps on his dog bed in the other room.

    Our poodle sleeps in her kennel. She seems to like it in there.

  7. That is so true, Kim!!! Our dog can wake the dead with her licking. Drives me completely insane! Maybe the fact that I am 42 (next month) with a 4 month old can also contribute to my sleep patterns.

    Ok, they are no longer patterns, they are more like a mixed up crazy quilt...no rhyme or reason to them!

    Anyway, Kim....thanks for following my blog and lots of hugs are being flung your way...here comes one now.......


  8. Oh I know the feeling. I have found myself nodding off on the couch before it is time to go to bed too. That would have never happened before. I could not fall asleep if I was sitting up at all especially if I was watching tv.
    Oh, and I have one of those dogs that runs and chases and barks and wags his tail, all while he is sleeeping. It is so hilarious! He does not nor will not ever sleep in my rooom though.
    No licking though either. I think that must be a nervous tick or something. I have heard of dogs doing that out of a nervous habit.
    Anwyays, Happy Napping to you to!

  9. TOO funny..that dog would drive me nuts. :) LOL.

  10. This is why our dog is not allowed in the bedroom. Sometimes she makes a little woop..... woop.... sound when she's sleeping. Amusing during the day, but in the middle of the night... not so much.

    As for the napping here, there, everywhere, I say enjoy it while you can. Funny, I can fall asleep in a heartbeat when I'm reading, but once I turn off the lights and my head hits the pillow, I'm wide awake. >:\

    Love ya loads, sleepytime gal!
    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  11. I am a very soft sleeper so, if you wake me up...I am up and then crabby and sleepy the whole day. However, since I started working out again, my sleeping is much better:-)

  12. Sleep is so overrated. Once you have kids, a dog and an early to work hubby.....it seems pointless! ( ;

  13. Oh my friend, I am so glad you diagnosed yourself - LOL! If my sleep is interrupted it makes me more tired than if I have a short amount of sleep. Our dog sleeps in a big kennel in our room, but he does do the licking. It doesn't wake me up if I'm asleep, but sometimes hubby hears it and bangs the side of the kennel.

    I do start dozing off on the couch at night, but once I head to the bedroom I am awake again, usually for a long time. And I get oh so sleepy when I am reading out loud to my son! I have to stop because I get HUGE yawns and can hardly keep my eyes open - it's so silly!

    Oh - and your Christmas countdown up there is killin' me!! Why must you do that to me?? AND thanks for reminding me that I am only 7 months away from being 40!

    Big your-silly-YAWN-dog-needs-to-YAWN-sleep-somewhere-els...zzzzz...-huh?-YAWN-stretch-hugs to you!! :)

    Have a great evening!

  14. I literally laughed out loud when I read about how your husband uses rolled up socks as missiles. Mine does the same thing! Except he hurls them at our cat when he decides to do weird licking things and make weird noises in the night. Perhaps they were separated at birth! :-)

  15. Too funny. I am the same way. If my head hits the pillow. I am out. Once in the bed I want to sleep...don't try to have a conversation, because you will her ZZZZzzz's in the middle. LOL
    That is so funny about the dog too.

  16. I've always been a good napper and could fall asleep anywhere. Apparently now that I'm older, I have lost the ability to sleep on airplanes. Bummer. But I do nap almost every day. I went through a phase where I'd nap on the floor while my daughter played around me. I've woken up to plenty of toys on me!!

  17. LOL, you dog sounds like a real character!


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