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Monday, September 28, 2009

It's official!

We are now the proud parents of a beautiful 16 year old young lady!
And you wouldn't be my friends if you didn't want to see some highlights of the weekend.
It's going to be mostly pictures so relax.
I took about 150 pictures but don't worry I'm only going to show you half! LOL. Just kiddin'. I don't have that kind of time to kill. But I will show you the highlights.

Once upon a time ,16 years ago, I gave birth to a sweet, beautiful, precious baby girl. And now she has grown into our sweet, beautiful, precious young lady.

My daughter decided on a formal tea for her party and that's what she got. Complete with non-hired help. A.K.A. me and her Aunt Kathy! Aren't we cute? LOL

The attendees.

The beautiful cake made by Kathy.........whatever! LOL
The table setting.

I love this picture of the girls sitting on the deck. Very classic.
I got some great shots but I really liked this one. I had them all look at her while she looked at me. I think it turned out cool.It was a wonderful party. They had fun games to play and yummy food to eat.

Let me tell you something, teenage girls can put away some food. I'm just sayin'.

Here's the after math of the party.
My poor kitchen. There is a counter top under there somewhere.

Now Sunday was her "actual" birthday and we played it off like we weren't going to do anything special because of her party the day before. But then we told her that we would let her pick whatever restaurant she wanted to go to for dinner. She picked Carrabba's and on any other night I would have been really excited, but little did she know I had already made reservations to a very classy restaurant that she's never been to before.

Notice at the top what it says. Isn't that neat that they personalized it for her!!
Our precious!
She didn't know at this point that we were expecting other guests. (Uncle Mike, Aunt Kathy, Mr. Jason, Mrs Debra and sweet Josh!) She thought it was just going to be us, because "usually" on birthdays we just do a family thing, but tonight we were reaching out to some very special extended family. Skipping ahead to dessert because I didn't take pictures of the food. Duh!
Her yummy Lave Cake!!! If you've never had one, I highly recommend!

Now for some reason, I didn'tt got a decent picture of anyone that came. It wasn't my fault. I was mostly behind the camera so it's theirs for making the faces and not stopping long enough to give me a sweet smile. So instead I'm going to show you what you probably SHOULDN'T do at a classy upscale restaurant.

You probably shouldn't threaten someones life with a spoon.
I'm just sayin'.
Don't ever ever try to look smarter then everyone else or they most definitely hand you the bill at the end of the night.
Never leave your mouth hanging open in hopes of more food. It's just wrong.
Don't give the squinty eye to the one you love.......it sends bad signals! LOL

I'm pretty sure this is just wrong right here.
Don't set the remnants of a lava cake in front of your 4 year old and expect him not to scoop it up and do this. Oh and I caught my 7 year old licking his plate but didn't get a picture, but I'm pretty sure you shouldn't do that either.

Now hate me if you will but for the first time in my life, there wasn't a goofy picture of me on my camera. Hey someone had to hold it together before they kicked us out, right? RIGHT?I know I left out details and pictures and all that fun stuff, but I'm pretty sure you're over it by now and this is taking forever anyway!

But if you did make it this far, I am going to do some major revealing on my room makeover tomorrow. We aren't completely finished but the last part is going to take a bit longer to do.
So be looking out for that!

Thanks for sticking it out with me my friends and letting me share a bit of our weekend fun!


  1. I enjoyed the pictures of this wonderful occasion! What a great celebration you planned for her. Looks like everyone had a great time!

  2. What a lovely family! You're DD is very lucky indeed. Wish her a belated b-day.

  3. I almost feel like I was there celebrating along with you. And what a surprise to see Debra and her family; how cool is that? I wish I were closer and could stop by. But it certainly looks like you all had a fun time. Happy Birthday Kelsey!

  4. Both parties look like they were so much fun...I remember is(I think) Your daughter is beautiful...and she looks just like you....Happy Sweet 16!!!

  5. Oh, Kim...that was precious! I loved all the pictures of Kelsey and her tea party. I was trying to see if our teacups made the party or not. lol

    She looked absolutely gorgeous!!! And I loved the menu...that almost made me cry, well, I did tear up with that picture.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KELSEY!!! You're a beautiful young lady.

  6. So nice!! Great party!! Happy birthday!! Hey Debbie... watch that spoon!

  7. Um,...I have some comments about that photo...I think I might have to sue you for defamation or something, LOL. What's the Easter Bunny doing out n' about at this time of year????
    MMmmm,....Lava Cake! YUM! It was a lovely evening my friend - thanks for stayin' awake so late so we could chat about dark chocolate on your couch! :)

  8. Well I'm not over it - more details, more pics - LOL!!! I want to know what foods you ended up making for the party. It all looked like such a fun time and Kelsey is beautiful!!

    By the way, we have the EXACT same mat on the floor in front of our sink!

    Can't wait to see your makeover - I mean your room makeover, 'cause you yourself do not need a makeover! :)

    Big sweet-daughter-sweet-16-sweet-memories hugs to you!! :)

    Have a great day! I must stress now to get showered and get house ready and go pick up my Dad from airport in T minus 3 hours! :)

  9. What a totally fun birthday party! Love the funny dinner pictures too :)

  10. Your daughter looks like a very lovely young lady.
    Congratulations on a job well done!

  11. Kim,

    Great pictures and a great turn out for her birthday party! I love how the restaurant personalized the menu for her, did she catch that?

    Love all the pictures and I did notice an awful lot of chocolate in each of the cakes!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  12. A picture of him licking the plate would have been awesome!


  13. Oh that is just awesome. I love making memories for my kids and doing special things with and for them. You brought tears to my eyes when I read this thinking back over the years when my kids were young. I hope they have happy memories too. Your beautiful young daughter will remember this the rest of her life. You are such an awesome mom, a great example to her (and the other kids) and a great friend. Congratulations on a job very well done!

  14. I'm laughing so hard! It really looks like I'm going to throw that spoon! And I love the picture of you in this setting.

    What a wonderful night and what a wonderful surprise!

    We loved spending time with you guys. I mentioned to Kathy that I feel like our families blend so well because each couple has a scarlet threat of the Lord intertwining their marriages and obviously our younger ones are well on the way.

    Love you so much, my friend.

  15. You are de bestest MOM!

    Would you consider making me a temporary family member? My birthday is on the horizon. I LOVE tea and all kinds of sweets, too! With all boys at the house except me...I don't think we'll be doing anything with frills, anytime soon!

    My kiddos are into sweaty, competitive, sporty and borderline stinky celebrations. Glad to know you have one or two in your clan that really know how to clean their plate the wrongfully right way as well as make the day extra memorable.! ( :

  16. What beautiful pictures and a fun birthday for your sweet 16 girl. Loved the tea party and having extra friends and family join the dinner was so cool! Great fun pictures. Debra is cracking me up.

  17. I surely do recognize all of those most beautiful ladies !!! It looks like such a wonderful, memorable day and Kelsey is indeed a beautiful young lady!! And even better than that, sweet and Godly. She is the cat's pajamas, the whole enchilada!! Oh, and did I mention, Chart House is awesome....the menus are such a treat! And, of course, the lava cake.

  18. What a wonderful celebration. Thank you for sharing the day with us. Happy sweet 16th!

  19. What an awesome birthday! Way to go Mom!

  20. Looks like you all had a WONDERFUL time on both days. So happy for her and you!

  21. You did a fab job. What great pictures; she's a sweetheart!

    Come back over to enter/blog about my giveaway!


  22. What a fantastic celebration! She will remember it for years and years! I love the old-fashioned looking pics. Very cool!

  23. Outstanding! Love the pics. Looks like she had a wonderful time. The cake was beautiful!
    For my 16th, I had cherry cheesecake and a couple of friend over to chill. Not a very big deal, huh? :)

  24. What a beautiful party!! Happy birthday to your lovely girl!!!!

  25. Your daughter is beautiful :) What a great idea for a formal tea party! Happy birthday to your daughter! My oldest daugther turned 10 on the 23rd! Time does go by so fast.

  26. Your daughter is beautiful! what a great party too! I am sure she will always remember her sweet 16 party because of her wonderful mommy and aunt. :)


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