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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Partial Make Over Revealed!

Well half the moment you've been waiting for is here. I'm going to let you see the awkward room makeover first as the kitchen part just isn't done enough to reveal as of yet. But when it is I will be having a fun giveaway in honor of it. So be on the lookout for that!

The awkward room has been many things throughout the years. Dining room/ computer room, dining room/ family room, dining room/kids play area etc. We just never really knew what or how to put the room together. Until a few weeks ago when I got so frustrated with my small kitchen that I started to brainstorm. Yes my friends I started thinking outside the box. *Gasp* Who's says my table has to be where it has been for the past 11 years just because the people before us had their table there? Huh? Who? I can tell you right now my friends, it ain't there no more. No sir!

I never thought I could have a hutch because of the location of the table but since I moved the table we were able to buy a used hutch, give it a face lift, and now I have plenty of room to store my extra stuff that was over flowing from my kitchen.
Everyone that has come in our home since the makeover has commented on how cozy and wonderful it looks now. And it took me how long to figure this out? Yeah, 11 years! Oy!
So here are some really poorly taken before and decent after pictures!

We had already starting moving things around so not everything was where it originally was but you'll get the idea.

Yup! Here's an ugly sliding glass door with ugly white blinds. Yawn...boring. Replaced with nice curtains and a matching sheer. The flowers were part of my daughters tea party decorations but I'm going to dress them up for Fall because they looked kind of neat there.

Here's a really bad picture with bad lighting looking from my kitchen into the awkward space. My table was to the right there. You can barely see it.
Different angle of a before picture. With more bad lighting. That's what I get for being in a hurry!
The table was in this weird awkward L-shaped area.
But now it resides more in the middle of the "now not so awkward area" next to my new used hutch. I was able to salvage keeping one recliner in that area to make a cozy reading chair but the other one had to go. My husband wasn't to crazy about that. It was his favorite chair. *sigh* Sorry honey!Doesn't it look cozy now?

The computer hutch in the distance is where the table "used" to sit. We are going to sell the hutch and my husband is going to custom build a work station in the L-shaped area. It's going to be wonderful!
The future workstation area. I can't wait. It's the last thing in this area that we need to finish and we'll be done. Yeah!
Now I know you really want to see my little kitchen face lift but you'll have to wait just a tad longer. I need to find a few more things for it and then call it done.
So stay tuned in!



  1. I see your son trying to make his way into the picture!

    I love the open area.


  2. I think it looks just wonderful! I love room makeovers. I am always changing around our rooms.

    Great job!

  3. i really like the change alot! have fun doing the same with the kitchen.

  4. Just Lovely Darling! :) I'm starting my spare room today...*sigh*...good think they say my chocolate is supposed to arrive today - I'm gonna need it! :)

  5. Looking good girl!!!! Love the new curtains! ;)

  6. I love the new look. I like your wall colors too. Very cool.

  7. Oh how exciting that you no longer have an awkward area. It's so nice when your home molds to fit you.

  8. Ooooh I love these things! It's so fun giving home make-overs...everything looks so fresh and new! Glas you figured out what to do with the awkward room! Looks great!

  9. Love the makeover dahling...just love it! I want to come over again to make sure though. When can I arrange another showing? lol

    Love you mostestestester!

  10. Oh it look great! And you will love that new workstation when hubby builds it.

    Are those canoe-like bookshelves in your living room? They look cool whatever they are. Wouldn't mind see a picture of those either!

    My dining room has a piano in it. Yes it does. Along with the table, a hutch and a computer desk. ugh!

    Love to have it be just a dining room but for now it has to function as a dining room/computer room/piano room. Someday....

  11. Kim,

    I love what you have done to your kitchen so far. I too have had those traditional old white vertical blinds and felt they dated my home.

    Thank you for posting some creative uses for something other than the blinds.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  12. Everything looks so good!! Awesome job:-)

  13. Finally had time to come by while my son does homework and my Dad is taking a nap!

    Love your makeover my friend! Good job thinking outside the box (They were keeping you in a box?? So cruel...LOL)!!! It takes me years to figure out this sort of stuff. We did a few things shortly after moving in and have really only worked on the yard since and that's still not finished!

    Can't wait to see the kitchen too! Fun stuff!! Big who-let-Kim-out-of-the-box hugs to you!! :)

    Have a wonderful evening!

  14. It's looking good! I can't wait to see the new work station. :) Way to keep us all hangin'!


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