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Monday, September 7, 2009

This House Ain't Big Enough For The Both Of Us!

It's either it, or me! And it isn't going to be me. I think I've been pretty patient. I've allowed it to go on for a few months now. I mean I'm all about letting imaginations run free, but the buck stops here. It's gotten out of hand.

See,I've recently gotten inspired! I know I know! I'm not sure what's gotten into me. It could be pure jealousy of the recent changes my friend Kathy has made to her house or simply that I finally "know" what I want to do with the space in question (after only 11 years of living here). BUT some changes need to be made in order for this inspiration to take hold.
Back me up here folks!
This needs to go!
Do you need a bit of a different angle. Okay!
This all started out as a "little" store. He would make things and people would by them. I know what you're thinking. "Aw, Cute!" Yeah that's what we thought too. 5 months ago! These pictures show it on a good day. Seriously a stack of paper and some tape and this kid can produce ANYTHING!
This my friends is a Merry Go Round!
This is a golf club!
And we buy toys why?

But the time has come for them to be a part of a very special relocation program. I need that space. The creative juices are flowing and a picnic table full of paper products is not going to stand in my way!
All I can say is be on the watch for the make over story of the century! Alright, maybe not but you know you'll want to see it!!!
So any suggestions on the pile of stuff?


  1. Continue to take individual pictures with each of item. Put in a scrapbook.

    Get out your hubbie's guitar....start a quaint fire outside in your deck or yard firepit/chimnea. Now gather some of your own paper stuff, and tell your son to bring his "pile." Begin playing and singing "Oh you can't get to heaven" on roller skates....cuz you'll roll right passed those pearly gates, etc. Sing the other verses (hopefully you know this song)......

    Now be creative and come up with a verse related to his paper creations.....Then have an "I can't take "em to heaven" burn 'em party. Make sure you have marshmallows, graham crackers and a milk CHOCOLATE bar ready to make 'smores right after to comfort him as he grieves the loss of his "stuff".

  2. twice a year I take a load to the local thrift store. I don't buy alot of stuff, so I don't know why it keeps piling up, but there it is and it must go.

  3. Put him in a cubicle of his own...out of sight out of mind for you. My kids have their own little art room. Perfect for their mess and I don't have to see it. :) I can just close the little door:)
    He is very creative though. Love it.

  4. I was getting ready to say the picture idea too.

    Take pictures of what he makes and make a little scrapbook for him.

    Remind him God is a God of order.. not chaos.. I use that one on my girls all the time..LOL

  5. You know me...Ms compulsive cleaner...I'm on my way with my broom....

  6. You should be proud! A little entrepreneur! That is great that you let his creativeness flow.

    I am the world's worse when it comes to our girls things and throwing them away!! I have a hard time! We have several sturdy boxes in our attic with their special things that they have made. I use the type of boxes that copy paper comes out of and they work great and stack easily.

    As far as organizing his paper and craft things, I saw the tall plastic three drawer containers at Wal-Mart last night on sale for $10!!! Maybe get one or a couple :)

    Looking forward to the makeover :)

  7. Good luck with that tackle! I can't wait to see what you are going to do with that space:-)

  8. We don't really have that kind of designated space either for our kids besides their rooms but they would rather bring everything downstairs to play where the people are. So our kitchen table had taken the place of an artist's easel and a magazine collage for my daughter's interior design class.

    The problem is that we do need a place to eat and even though we made due for three days, I finally put everything away yesterday and reclaimed the space for dining once more.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  9. Um do we live at the same house???? Ack.

  10. Oh my friend,

    You crack me up first and foremost .... but of all these ideas I guess I agree with Mikki and Mimi and taking pictures and making a scrapbook....or maybe a designated space in his room. Oh I don't know, I'm the pushover, remember! lol

    I love you.......mostestestester!

  11. Hey, he's pretty creative!

    I have a memory box for each kid, and it has a limited amount of room, so I have to be selective about what goes in there.

    Those big art projects won't. So they get displayed a bit, and then out they go (you can take a picture if you want). If the child doesn't want to part with it, then it goes into their bedroom for them to store, until they get tired of it.

    It's usually easier for them to part with when it's taking up prime real estate in their room!

  12. I had to laugh reading some of these comments, because, well, um, I know your little shop owner all too well and I know your house well too, and WE HAVE PLANS FOR THAT SPACE! LOL...Not thinkin' the bonfire's gonna work, all that hard work, um, nope. Not thinkin' the thrift store is gonna want the paper products, um, nope. Not thinkin' that stuffs gonna fit in the his room, um, nope.
    I like the scrapbook idea, but remember what I said? A catalog, that way all your blog followers can order items and you can mail them to them!!!!! :) Love it!
    (Hey, I've already got my share of purchased paper products and rocks)
    I love you my friend - did you paint yet?

  13. Loved the post and comments!! Definitely agree he needs his own space or place to put it away:) It is pretty cute!

  14. I don't know what you'd do with it all, but he's got a great imagination! How creative!!!

  15. LOL, I'll be looking forward to the "after!"

  16. Thanks for this post Kim! Man I got some good ideas Too!!! :-) Good Luck with that! Big decision!

  17. Oh, this is exactly. like. my 8 yr old son! He makes any & everything you could think of out of paper. Good luck decluttering!

  18. Just got home my friend! Your son is just too cute! What if he got to pick 3-5 of the very best items to keep and "feature" for sale in a new spot (like a window sill or a little out-of-the-way shelf somewhere)? then, as items are purchased, he can make a new one to go in its place. More of a just-in-time inventory system! :)

    I can't wait to see all that you are doing!! Wish I was close so I could come peek in a window!!

    Big your-son-is-an-entrepreneur-and-may-be-able-to-start-earning-money-for-you-to-go-to-Starbucks-sooner-than-you-think hugs!! :)


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