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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Trash To Treasure! Well Sort Of!

I'm sure I could link this post up to Tackle it Tuesday, Works for Me Wednesday, Make-Do Monday and whatever else they got out there. But since it's Tuesday I guess I'll link it up with Tackle it Tuesday and then erase that tomorrow and link it up with Works for me Wednesday! LOL! Oh how I kid. I honestly don't think anyone (but you all) cares about my tackles anyway! LOL.
But just to get that one extra comment I'm going to link it up. I wonder who that brave soul will be?
Aaaaaannyways...you that read my blog know that I'm doing a face lift in my kitchen/dining/awkward space, right? RIGHT? It all started with last weeks lamp makeover and since then I've bought curtains, fabric, paint etc. But today you are only getting another small glimpse. I know for a fact that this is going to give you chills. Yeah, it's that good. Okay, it's really not but I feel pretty good about it!

First off I must confess that before I gave these a face-lift we had actually used them the way they were for many years. We didn't just find them in the trash. No, we accepted them the way they were and I didn't realize just how ugly they were until I started my little makeover so they were at the top of my list of things that had to either go or be made pretty. I chose pretty!

So without further ado, our ugly pair of bar stools.
Now after a little love, they look like this!
All you need is some sandpaper, some batting to put under the fabric, some coordinating fabric and some coordinating paint and you have a "new" pair of stools. The only thing I had to buy is the fabric. I had all the rest of the stuff. So it didn't even cost that much!
Please tell me you see a difference! LOL!!
Are you interested in someone elses tackle today? (Probably not!) But if you are head on over to 5 Minutes for Moms and check them out.



  1. Great job! Love the before and after pics. :)

    Happy tackling! Here's mine: http://www.chocolatefingerprints.net/2009/09/tackle-it-tuesday-pretty-in-pink.html

  2. Hey girl,
    They look great! I also had missed the lamp~it looks amazing.
    Isn't it fun to have "new" things!

  3. How brave you are and how humble to show us those AWFUL bar stools. You sat on those things???? Oh dear! I'll continue praying for you!

    PS -- They look beautiful now, so obviously prayer works wonders!!

  4. Wow! Great job! They look new! :D

  5. Well SOMEbody thinks she's all that because she learned the HTML code for scrolling text! Tee hee - kidding - I love that and I WILL have a happy day - thank you!

    I keep forgetting to tell you that I love the quote at the top of your blog. There, I've said it.

    Your stools look fabulous my friend!! Very impressive!! I love how they turned out - you did a great job! Isn't it funny what we put up with for so long? We have sold a few homes over the last several years and before selling we would always spruce up the landscaping, do some painting inside and making things nicer in general. Then we'd step back and go, "Um, the place sure looks good now - why didn't we do that sooner??" I just need to set aside the time for some of these projects, make a plan, and DO it!

    Lovin' your makeover my friend! Big it's-not-what-you-sit-on-but-who-you're-sitting-with-that-matters hugs to you!! :) Have a great day!

  6. Wow, the stools look great and now I am hooked and will visit till I get to see the full room makeover!

  7. Great job! Those look great :) I bought some stools at our local mini mall/antique mall about a month ago and they were black leather with covers that were crochet. They were so cool!

  8. Kim,

    You are doing such a good job ...... I can't wait to see the final project! ALL OF IT!! :)

    love and hugs today!

  9. Great job, Kim! They look fabulous! Were they at the bar when we were there? If they were, it just tells you how much attention I pay, huh?

    You never cease to amaze me, my friend!!!

    ((hugs)) from Arkansas!

  10. You did a great job. They look wonderful.

  11. They looks so great with just a little tender loving care!!! Great fabric choice too!

  12. wow, nice job! THose look great!

  13. I ABSOLUTELY see a difference! Great job! Wanna come on up and re-do my kitchen stools?? :)

  14. Wow what a difference fabric can make. THey look fab!

  15. Those look wonderful! I love jobs like that! And now I'm curious about all the other things that you alluded to in this post so I'm going to have to bookmark you and add "find out about Kim's projects" to my list. :) (That will be a fun item!)

  16. They look great!! Awesome tackle:-)

  17. I've done my bar stools too. I did mine with a dear friend. We stretched the faux leather tight to the pad together. I used a staple gun. My seats are square. Corners were a pain.

  18. Wow they look great!

    P.S I like the "Have a happy day' thing! Where did you get it?

  19. You did a great job! I have some chairs that need a makeover and this gives me inspiration.

  20. Kim,

    These look both so amazing and cute at the same time. I would have never guess they were the same stools. What does the family think?

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  21. I think the stools look great! Of course we could tell the difference.

    I love your scrolling "Have a Happy Day" I just learned how to do that from Erica. Did She show you that? It is way cool!

  22. Of course I see a difference. And what a difference it is - great job!!

  23. Very cute, Kim! Look at you go, girl! For the record, I like your Tackle It Tuesday stuff!

    Oh, and never thought about coffee cake as a cure to world peace but I'm willing to keep an open mind.

  24. Great job!!! Love it. Any good bottom would be blessed to sit on those pretty things...LOL

  25. WooHoo! Good job, Bob! Bet y'all can really tell a difference when you're wearing shorts! *ow-ow-ow* I should've done a tackle post on my kitchen the past couple days, but I'm too embarrassed to post a before shot. Yes, it was that bad. {*;*}

    Love ya loads, dear one!
    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  26. Oh, I can't wait to sit on your stools and not have them pinch me in the hiney! LOL :)


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