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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Let me throw something at ya!

I had a couple of ideas that I thought might be fun.
First I thought that it would be fun to have a Tried and True Thanksgiving Recipe Week, where we would link up our favorite appetizers on one day, sides on another, main dish etc. All related to what we usually serve on Thanksgiving. I am always open to try new recipes and I know that a lot of times the ones we make on Thanksgiving are ones that we love. So why not share them? Who would be interested in that one? I would probably do this one on my cooking blog!

Then my other idea has to do with Christmas. Now if you just got all excited with the anticipation of that glorious day, then you are who I'm targeting here. If you just cringed then you probably aren't interested. But I thought that having a fun week of quick and simple crafts and recipes would be fun. I'd give step by step instructions on a few fun and easy crafts and share a favorite holiday recipe each day. And then maybe have a fun giveaway at the end of that week. See I'm a homeschooling SAHM of 3 so I don't have all the time in the world to do things that take a lot of effort and time, so everything that I'd be posting would be quite simple and easy. Because I know a lot of you like to do a little something but don't have a lot of time either.
Who would be interested in me doing that?

I'm just throwing them out there to see what kind of response I get. Be honest. If you wouldn't be interested then let me know but if you would let me know that too! I mean once and awhile I like to appease my readers! LOL



  1. Ok first of all SHUT UP with the Christmas widget!!!! 65 days??!.....is that IT?!!! Oh help....


    Now, as far as your ideas, I'd be all over the Christmas one. I love Thanksgiving but in the past we've always gone to my in-law's, so I don't have any great recipes to share. :( I'm all about Christmas crafts and food and such!


  2. I love recipes and great (easy) craft ideas :) I think that is a great idea!

    I wanted to let you know that when we got our 5 year memberships to the Creation Museum we also got 2 free passes for a year! They expire in March, so if you all come to Ky befor then contact me and I can loan these passes to you!

  3. Kim,

    I love both ideas! Just like you, I love trying new recipes and things people make that work well! I'm all for you doing this and will contribute what I can.

    Sorry I've been slow at posting and commenting, just been really busy.

    I hope you have a great day!

    Jamie @ Dear Diary

  4. I would love the recipe exchange the Christmas thing..I am not so fond of because I am thinking about when it will be over since I work retail!!! ;)

  5. If you do it, I will be right her reading them all...won't have anything to contribute, because well...Martha Stewart I am not.
    You are very creative & I always love your ideas.
    Go with it!

  6. I love both ideas and would definitely participate! With family scattered and not always accessible, I try to make the holidays warm & fun and am always looking for things that will enhance the experience. Great ideas! MIKI

  7. Sounds fun, but...I don't like to cook much, have never cooked Thanksgiving or Christmas, have always gone to my mom's, not creative or crafty. The good thing is...I'd didn't cringe but it will be fun to watch you guys and I might just get inspired. lol

    (((hugs))) from AR

  8. Love both of those ideas! And since Canadian Thanksgiving was a week ago I am ahead of the game with recipes for ya!

    Oh how I love Christmas! Need to be busy making cards and gifts. Where will I find the time? May have to lose some sleep :)

  9. Kim,

    Anything that is quick and easy for moms whether it's crafts or cooking is welcome anytime.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  10. yes...and yes. :) Love you my bestest friend!

  11. Hey there,
    LOVE both of these ideas! Sounds like fun. :)

  12. It sounds fun, but I going to have to FIND some time 2 do the crafts. But I might be able to do the christmas one... maybe.

  13. I love both ideas my friend! I host Thanksgiving and always like checking out recipes!! I agree with what LegoMom said about the Christmas widget - LOL! I do like Christmas craft ideas though! Do both!!

    Big Holidays-R-Kim hugs to you!! Have a super day my friend! :)

  14. Oh, I love, love, love Christmas --- and yet due to the lack of funding, I'm DREADING IT!!!!

    ha ha ha

  15. They both sound like GREAT ideas:-)

  16. Oh Kim this sounds awesome! BOTH!!

    Would totally participate in both :)

    You are soooo much fun!

    love ya

  17. Thanksgiving recipes...I'm in (my cooking blog.) Great idea. I cook the dinner every year.

  18. I'd like to participate in the Tried and True Thanksgiving Recipes!


  19. Both are great ideas, but cr*ft is a dirty word in my house, lol! Go for it, though! I'll bet even people who don't participate will love reading and being inspired.

    Love ya loads, sweet thang!
    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^


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