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--Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

If you give a squirrel a peanut......

.....they will come back looking for more. It's no secret that we love to hand feed our squirrels. And the other day the weather here in Florida was simply perfect. So out on the deck I spent a large amount of my time. My daughter and I were sitting there talking when I commented on how I could fall asleep out there. Before I knew it my head was back and my mouth was starting to open involuntarily. LOL My daughter figured I was probably no longer very good company and left me there. Well I took that opportunity to stretch out on the wicker love seat we were sitting on and take a little nappy.
I was simply soaking in the wonderful weather when I was awakened by the noise of two squirrels walking around the deck about 6 feet away. I payed no attention to them and closed my eyes. I then got an eerie feeling that I was being watched and when I opened my eyes again there they were, sitting right beside the love seat, starring at me, waiting for their peanut! I admit that it was quite a creepy feeling. LOL! Once they finally realized I was peanutless they moved on. But I have to tell you what a funny sight that would have been if you could have been an outsider watching it all! I started to crack up at it myself. No more napping outside for me.
Yup! That's my post for today. It was either that or I was going to show you the before picture of my linen closet. LOL
I actually have a lot of things I want to post but they take effort and I haven't had time nor effort lately!!
Don't forget the deadline to my giveaway is tomorrow!!

Oh and I'm going to need your input on a couple of ideas I'm throwing around. I'm posting about it tomorrow and will want to know whether or not you think it would be fun.


  1. Just glad those squirrels didn't come crawling on YOU!! YIKES :)

    Have a very productive day!

    love ya

  2. LOL, Kim!!!...you'd better be careful, or next time they'll crawl right up and take a peek inside your mouth! ;)


  3. Yes, that would be eerie:) Maybe they were trying to figure how to get you up in their tree-lol! Blessings friend! Let's see that linen closet!:) Amanda:)

  4. Dude...you could get a Rabies bite from them can't you? They look sooo cute until they bite your finger off!!! LOL ;)

    Don't give a squirrel a Peanut..for me mmmmK?

  5. They could have ended up in your lap! LOL!

  6. Oh my that would be creepy! But so cute too! They must have really trusted you! I am not so sure I would trust them though! LOL

  7. This is a cute visual to imagine. I have squirrels in my yard too. I sometimes feed them. They are interesting creatures. And I see they found an interesting friend.




    I'm coming back to Florida Thursday for the retreat. Are you by chance coming to the panhandle? There's still room.

  8. Oh I so have a visual....and that's funny. But then if they bit you that would not be funny.

    Was your ending supposed to be a cliffhanger? I'm leaving...you can't do that to me!! lol

    Love you!

  9. Those darned squirrels are getting bolder and bolder, aren't they?

  10. We have bold squirrels too. They are so cute & they love peanuts. I am too afraid to hand feed them.

  11. I love the mohawk on the squirrel! You should always keep peanuts on hand!


  12. Kim,

    At least the squirrels knew who the peanuts come from. How cute that they tried not to disturb your peaceful sleep.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  13. I probably would have SHRIEKED and then they would have been thinking, ((What's with the crazy peanut lady!)) ha!

  14. Oh my friend - what a picture in my mind! I do love watching squirrels, but am too afraid to hand feed as our Pastor's son was feeding a squirrel who bit him and he had to have the full series of rabies shots!

    Hope you are getting lots done at home. I am trying, but not succeeding much - LOL! I don't seem to have much time for blogging or blog-reading though when I am trying to focus on my home. I may have a post up by tonight, but you'll probably be in bed...

    Big today-it's-2-squirrels-and-tomorrow-it-might-be-3-and-then-4-and-pretty-soon-your-house-will-be-surrounded hugs to you!! :)

    Have a fabulously productive day! And by the way, I wanna know how your party was, but maybe you are saving that post?

  15. I would have loved to have seen that! LOL!!! I would have slipped a peanut in your open mouth and watched them get it...while you were sleeping. hehehehe

  16. LOL!
    Squirels are creepy! I don't like them at all. *Chills* One time I was sitting out side on a porch swing at my Grandmas house and squirrels started running around the swing. I cover my self up in the blankes next to me and curled up, afraied to move. A few minuets later one ran across my lap. :/
    After that I went inside. (DUH! I should have gone inside BEFORE I gave myself a heart attack!)

    If I were Kelsey, I would have put a peanut in your mouth and watched to see if a squirrel would get it!!! LOL!

    Have a great week!!!!


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