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Monday, October 19, 2009

Making My Home Sing! Gittin' er done!

I'm joining Nan from Mom's the Word in making our homes sing.
For those of you who read my senseless blog post on Saturday, you know that I was cleaning out my linen closet. I also said that I have more little irritating jobs that need to be done, that I've been putting off. Why? Well probably because they aren't any fun, and I like to have fun. If housework were fun, my house would be the cleanest house on the planet!!

So in order to make my home sing, I'm going to get them done this week. This will clear my mind and probably improve my mood. I can't stand having them on the back of my mind. So I am now moving them to the front in hopes that I can get them done.

Here's what I'll be doing.
Cleaning Blinds (YUCK!)
Cleaning Ceiling Fans! (So not fun!)
Wiping Window Sills ( Can you hear the enthusiasm?)
Clean the Fridge (I can hear the words "how long has that been in there?" coming out of my mouth already!)
I did manage to clean the linen closet Saturday and realize that I don't need 3 "extra" sets of king size sheets. In fact once I got the 500 count sheets for $20.00 at Wal-mart the day after Thanksgiving last year, I haven't had the old 200 count sheets back on my bed. You just can't go back once you've had a taste of the good life! I'm slowly working my way up to the 700 count!
I also have approximately 8 extra blankets that hog up a whole bunch of space. Hi, I live in Florida!! We rarely use blankets and do I need 8? Apparently I do because I can't seem to get rid of them.

So anyone want to join me? Anyone want to do it for me while I watch?
Okay fine! I guess I'll do it. My home will be singing by Friday! In the meantime I'll just make it sing by making cookies!

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  1. Ugh, blinds, window sills, and ceiling fans! Again, UGH!


  2. Sounds like you are going to have a busy week. Just think how great you feel afterwards. I had to clean my house a couple of weeks ago, before Mom came for a visit.

  3. Nope, those don't sound like fun chores AT ALL. But I am sure you can think of a way to make it fun! Take care my friend! Have a great week!

  4. Good luck on that tackle list:-)

  5. oooo cleaning the fridge is right up there with cleaning out the closet! I tell you, you are in for a lot of fun!!! Wanna come on over to Spain and help me with mine! LOL

  6. I have a list just like that that I need to do soon. Blinds are the worst, though.

    I think I'll join you and make cookies instead today.

  7. Your home is singing now! I can hear it! Mine sounds like a record in slow speed! :)

  8. There's nothing quite like spring cleaning in October! FUN! :) Yeah, I've been doing blind, too.
    Um, I OFFERED to help with the Linen closet (once I found it), but you wanted to make hot chocolate and hang on the porch and have fun girl time instead...go figure. :) It wasn't much of a toss up, eh?

  9. Sounds like you need to put my "housecleaning week - once a year whether it needs it or not" pic up for the week - LOL!! Those are horrible jobs my friend, just horrible. Of course those same things need to be done at my house! I do have other things on the list that come first though. Ugh - and the week isn't starting out well as far as time for housework. I got a call this morning to go sub for 3rd grade - gotta be there in a couple hours. Tell the teachers to stop getting sick! :) Poor things, so far it's the new teachers getting sick 'cause they've probably not been exposed to all these germs before.

    Oh - I forgot - this isn't where I'm supposed to write my blog posts - hee,hee!

    Big YOU-GO-GIRL hugs to you for all that housework!! Have a lovely day!

  10. Oh I know what you mean about the ugh chores! Do you clean your blinds in the bathtub or driveway or just clean them right there?

    My friend's hubby put up two nails on his back fence and hung the blinds on those and then blasted them with the hose, lol!

    I don't like washing the bottom of the windows in the living room as they have snotty dog nose marks on them.....yuck.

    I love how you made your giveaway into a button, I shoulda done something like that with my free blog makeover giveaway.

  11. You could whistle while you work (might keep you from gagging when you clean out the fridge).

  12. Girl that is alot of not so fun stuff to tackle. Whistle while you work...it will make the time go by:)

  13. Oh, I hate that kind of cleaning. Now, purging is my friend. Love to purge, baby! To me it is a spiritual experience.

  14. Hey, I'm STILL hauling stuff out of this place! I think little gremlins come in at night and put more stuff in the drawers and closets while I'm asleep! Congrats on gettin-er-done!

  15. Blinds and fans and sills, OH MY! Hey, you've been reading my mail, LOL! Those are exctly the jobs I need to get done... er... well, sometime before the end of the year. (Guess what I'll be doing New Year's Eve, lol!) I did get the fridge about 2/3 cleaned out. Just 2 more science projects in the bottom drawer. [*;*]

    Love ya loads, songbird sweetie!
    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  16. so are you singing yet? it's more like humming today around here-tuesday is our busiest day. i hope you have a blessed week:) amanda:)


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