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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Tale From My Tea Cup

This week my good friend Lisa at Stop and Smell the Chocolates is having a special theme for her Tea for Two-sday. We are supposed to tell a little story about one of our tea cups. If you have a story by all means join in the fun.

My story is about these two tea cups. Both very different, but part of the same story. I'll try to make it short.
The one on the left was bought by my very best friend in the world, Kathy. Kathy and I have been friends for 13 years and have talked to each other at least 4-6 times a week since we met, unless on vacation.

This past year my best friend was gone for 4 months, not knowing when she was coming back was very very hard for me. All I knew was that I missed her terribly and wasn't sure what I was going to do without her. She bought the tea cup on the left and was going to send it to me in the mail. They are forget-me-nots. But shortly after she bought it her circumstances changed and she was back home. She wasn't going to give it to me at first but I asked her if I could still have it as a reminder of how strong our friendship is through good and bad.

Then this past birthday, knowing that I was still trying to grow my tea cup collection she let me choose one cup from her personal collection to keep for my very own. That of course made me cry because I have ALWAYS admired her beautiful teacups.
So I chose the one on the right.
I hope you enjoyed my little tea cup tale today!

All my teacups hold a little story but this one is one that will touch my heart forever.
I love you Kathy!

Big Hugs to you my friends!!


  1. What a sweet friendship story. Loved it. You two are such encouragement to me. I love seeing friends actually walking alongside each other everyday like you two do.

    Precious tea cups too!

    Hugs from Colorado.

    We are headed back to Florida Friday for a family vacation. Not coming to your area though.



  2. What a sweet story and sweet friend!

  3. Ooh...I have that same red rose teacup. Love it!

  4. It is so special to share tea with a friend. What a wonderful friend to give you her teacup. Great story.

  5. Ok, I'm sitting here in my hotel room crying. I remember picking out that forget-me-not cup for you and carefuly scrubbing the stains away. I also will never forget the special time of you looking over my collection and picking out a cup of your very own. It may seem silly to people who don't understand, but it's like you got to take a little piece of something I love, and love it too! :) I love you my best friend, not quite sure what I'd do without you. Ok, now after all this, I have to wait till after lunch to post my tea cup story, so I'll be a "late bloomer" today. :)

  6. Both teacups are beautiful!! What a special story of friendship to go with them! Thank you so much for sharing that today.

    Love you and your teacups my friend! Big a-lovely-pair-of-teacups-for-a-lovely-pair-of-friends hugs to you! :)

    Have a wonderful day!!

  7. Kim,

    It is so wonderful to have a story behind each of the tea cups. Most of mine were purchased by my hubby for me because at one point that is all I loved to drink.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  8. what a sweet sweet friend and story. How cool!

  9. I love the story behind those beautiful cups:-)

  10. A beautiful story of friendship...great post!

  11. What a blessing friendship is! I love the cup with roses. It is beautiful!

  12. I had no idea you and Kathy have known each other that long. Cool! I just thought you were bloggy friends who met in real life.

    Many years ago one of my dearest friends plunged into a severe depression. It was awful. She went to bed and I didn't see her for weeks and she didn't answer the phone or return calls or anything.

    We were very worried about her. It was hard on her husband and kids as well. My hubby and I tried to be supportive and do what we could.

    Anyway, during that time all I could do was pray for her but I really missed her.

    Even as the year went on and I saw her and talked with her she wasn't really "back." You know? Her personality was different. The laughter and joy was gone.

    Once she finally agreed to take meds, and worked through some things I saw my friend again and she slowly came back to life.

    That has nothing to do with it except that you talked about Kathy moving and it reminded me of how you can sometimes "lose" a friend for awhile and they don't even have to move!

    ~ Nan

  13. I once gave a gorgeous tea cup to a "friend" who later "stabbed" me in the back something fierce.......now I only collect tea pots and never give cups away to anyone! OUCH!
    Your cups are gorgy!

  14. Oh, what a touching story.

    I've missed you Kim. Going to be out of town this Friday, but I'm going to join you the following week.

    Blessings to you my sweet friend♥

  15. You're right, that IS a sweet story! After reading earlier, I had to call my closest friend. Unfortunately, she lives about 250 miles away. 8-{

    Love ya loads, sweet thang!
    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  16. I love your tea cup stories! Keep on sharing with us when ever you feel led.

  17. Your teacups are beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  18. I really like the teacup on the right! It is SO beautiful!!!

  19. Your teacups and story of friendships are so sweet.
    I have a teacup story. My friend who is 85 was moving and asked me to choose two of her delicate tea cups to have.
    I chose them and they are so lovely. When I wrote an article for Country Woman on how to grow and make tea, those two tea cups had their moment of fame, since they were in the photos in the magazine.
    My friend, Shirlee, who gave me the tea cups was quite tickled and of course I gave her a copy of the magazine with her/my tea cups adding charm to the photos.


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