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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pretend You're Going to Move!

This is a great motivator. You start organizing things, cleaning things (you needed to clean a long time ago but have put off), and getting rid of things.
Seriously, knowing that someone might be walking through your house really motivates you to make it look 100%. It's amazing what you'll do for a perfect stranger but not your own family. LOL!
I mean who we trying to kid? I think it would be more believable for someone to walk in and see socks on the floor, dishes in the sink and no toilet paper on the roll. Then they would feel more at home. Don't you agree? Or is it just me?

I declutter at least once a year. But I'm always amazed at the stuff I weed out each time. It's like the stuff seems to multiply right before your eyes.
You start asking yourself, do I need it? Usually the answer to that is, "No, BUT......"and I can fill the blank with a 100 excuses to why I need to keep something that's been in a box for over 8 years and I hardly ever look at. It's MY stuff. My box!

Anyway, I really think that if we all pretended that we were going to move every month or so, our houses would stay a lot more organized and cleaner. The same concept goes for inviting company over but I don't think I go to the same extent of cleaning as the whole pretending to move thing.
What do you all think? Is there something to this thought?



  1. Yes, there is something to your theory, but let me just tell you, having moved a total of over 2500 miles in 4 months earlier this year, I'm quite happy with my "stuff" and I'm none too anxious to even "pretend" I'm moving again!!! lol!

    If I ever have to leave here due to circumstances beyond my control, I think I will just curl up and cry....

    Oh, a good of friend of mine sold her house in NH several years ago.....to the person who asked the realtor for a last-minute showing! They saw the house in all its lived-in glory!


  2. Great idea! I've been in full cleaning mode around here. Have you heard from Debra? Her blog is blank and I am concerned. I know that she is scheduled to go to hospital on the same day as Rachel's surgery. Do you know anything???

  3. Yes, I was in that mode today. So much to get rid of because Christmas is coming. Two birthdays makes for lots of extra stuff.

  4. oh my gosh! I love that mindset/thought process.

    I am in the middle of doing a fall cleaning and organizing.....feels so good to take those bags to Good Will!

    One thing that gets my floors super clean and my counters decluttered is having company over for a planned visit.

    great post!

  5. Just want you to know I am praying for your decisions.... was out yesterday and concerned that you hadn't posted so I read your post but was on my phone and didn't leave a comment but am excited for you! Being debt free would be awesome!! KNOW that I KNOW the LORD will lead, guide and bless this decision....every step of the way! and yes it is sad what we will do for strangers and not our families but then again I don't think our kids WANT it to be spotless :) they want it to be HOME and trust me my home is NOT SPOTLESS :)


  6. Kim,

    I usually get in those moods after the holidays. It's too hard for me to try and begin organizing right now and easier to do it after the New Year but I think your right. Hard to believe we accumulate that much stuff.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  7. Ha!

    I just have to imagine that someone judgmental is coming over to get myself going...because really, someone judgmental usually is.


  8. I'm with ya sister! I remember putting our house up for sale when my oldest was four and my youngest was a newborn.

    I kept that thing immaculate, but the one day the buyers came by it was messy with kid's toys all around and beds unmade and dishes in the sink! But, they bought it....guess it looked like home, lol!

  9. I think it's so true my friend! I was realizing that all the time you've been in that house - I have lived in 5 different places! Having been through 3 different house sales in the last 9 years, I SO know what you are talking about. We always spruce up & organize the house, paint a little, improve the landscaping, etc. and then we say - this place looks great, why didn't we do this before???

    Trying to do better in this house (where we hope to stay put for a few years!) and not put off the things that would make it look nicer or make it more comfy.

    I am giggling a little thinking about how you are going to justify why you need each and every piece of your Christmas decorations - hee,hee!! :)

    Big now-you-are-making-me-want-to-get-my-house-in-better-shape-thanks-a-LOT hugs to you! Have a lovely day my friend!

  10. If you know the secret to getting the male people in the house to cooperate with this process, please let me know!

    I'm really looking forward to seeing The Perfect Gift. I read one review that didn't rate it as highly as the first 2 'Perfect' movies. But I'm a huge Jefferson Moore fan, so I'll love it, anyhow. I'll let you know if I find out anything about where it's going to be showing.

    Love ya loads, mover maid!
    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  11. Man-oh-man, this is what we have been dealing with for 3 years now! That's how long it took for us to sell our house, and we started whittling stuff out the door during all that time. Selling, giving, throwing. We gave and threw things away just yesterday, the day after we got moved, LOL! And I'm sure that we will be throwing MORE things away as we unpack further. We have boxes set aside for another garage sale in early spring. We have more furniture to sell during the winter months too. And we are SO GLAD to be over with keeping the house spotless at all times for the 100+ showings we had! Gosh, we're looking forward to being a little messy for a change!

    Great post, and I am living proof that things got out of hand while we stayed in one spot too long!

  12. OK. This message is straight from God to me this morning. Amazing. It's just the motivation I need! Now if I can just find the time to pretend that I'm moving!

  13. i like your idea. i have been decluttering for the past several days. before i get christmas stuff out i want junk gone and i should do it monthly but in usually ends up only twice a year!

  14. YES, YES, YES and AMEN!

  15. I was just telling my sister yesterday that I'm JEALOUS that she is moving because it means she'll be getting to clean out her house. Like I can't just clean out stuff without moving! It's crazy! I did manage to finally get my office under control yesterday, but it took me all day to do it!

  16. Here's some "food" for thought as you declutter:


  17. Kim, this is exactly what I do! It works every time...and believe, there is more than one time! I have to go through this routine twice a year, because I end up bringing more into the house! This really is a good way to think about what we're keeping, though. Great advice...thanks for sharing...there is definitely something to this thought!


  18. Pretend I am moving? Hmmmmm! What a great idea!!

  19. There definitely is something to that thought. I hadn't thought of that. Especially for base housing inspection when you are moving out, they are extremely picky!


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