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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Never Say Never!

It's recently been put on our hearts to try to be debt free so we have been looking at selling our house and buying something else cash. Right now we live on a half acre on a barrier island right across the street from the ocean and we are trying to move to the mainland.
We bought this house as a fixer upper 11 years ago, but in return we got a REALLY good deal on it and it will come back 3 fold. But I swore (and one should never swear) that we would never buy another fixer upper. Weeeeeeeell, it may be tongue biting time. We found a house on a little over an acre in a beautiful neighborhood on the mainland for $195,000. It's a pre-foreclosure and it needs a little love. The structure is sound but it needs cleaning, some paint and a BRAND NEW KITCHEN (which I'm not complaining about). Down the road it will need a few more things done but nothing to major. I've seen my husband turn this fixer upper of ours into a little beachside paradise and I know he can do the same with that one. But I also know it takes time and that's the one thing he won't have a lot of. We aren't letting that discourage us because if we sell ours for market value we'll be able to pay for that one and have no mortgage. Hallelujah.

Here's what we need from you. Prayers and lots of them. We feel like we are getting the green light to move forward but would like prayers for our house to sell in a timely manner and without complication and for the whole transaction to go through smoothly.

Right now we are in our comfort zone and it's a hard place to leave but we would be gaining much much more by leaving it behind. And I know that before long we would find our comfort zone once again.
This is the house in question.

This is the front of the property.

Oh and if it does go through we would love for you all to come and give us a hand cleaning and painting. I know you all won't mind. Right? Right? I'll supply the coffee, chocolate and some jammin' tunes for the late nights! LOL! You know it'd be fun!
Love you my friends!


  1. Kim,

    Lifting this request up in prayer as I type this that the Lord will guide you on the path of His choosing for you and your family.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  2. Dear God, please guide Kim and her family to make the decision you want them to make, about whether to buy the house they are considering.
    Please help them make the best decision that will bring them joy and security.
    In Jesus' name,
    I pray.
    Oh dear, will I be needed to help them paint? Ha ha.

  3. Lifting you up in prayer. That's a big decision... God will lead.

    Keep us posted!

  4. Nice big yard there. And the house looks pretty good from that angle. We'll for sure be praying for y'all. Selling is, supposedly, getting better, but still a hard row to hoe these days, God's will be done!

    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  5. That is a big front yard! So, where is the house?

  6. I'll be there with bells on! So long snow I'm going to visit Kim in sunny Florida!

  7. You know we will be there to help. Providing you have a place for us to lay our heads:)
    What an awesome thing for your family.

    WE would love to be debt free. Working towards that.

  8. How brave! I wish I had the wisdom to know what to do to make our lives better and the courage to actually take the steps:-)

  9. What a pretty place that will be; it's got great bones (somewhat like you and I)!!!

    When I was ready to sell 3 yr ago, I prayed and prayed about it and really felt like it was God's leading. I found the house I wanted and sold my old one in 3 days!! Now, it doesn't always work out this way, but if God is in the mix & you're praying, it'll turn out right.

    So, yes -- I'll be praying for you guys. And yes, send me an airline ticket, and I'll come help you move! (I don't take sugar in my coffee!)

  10. As my kiddos would say, "Crank up Toby Mac...cuz we're headin' south!"

    Well, maybe you and Toby and the rest of your clan could at least get the cleaning, painting and moving adrenaline going with a boost from him!?

    God bless you on this new journey!

  11. Takin' it to the Lord is the perfect place. He will guide you in this decision.

  12. Remember that God is sovereign over all people and circumstances....when it's HIS timing, HE WILL MOVE! (and, I guess, so will you!..lol!) We sold our house last winter when it "looked" impossible. He can do it for you! Your reasons are Biblical so just keep praying and watch to see what He'll do! I'll keep you in my prayers my friend.

    Oh, and if I still lived in FL I would most definitely make the trek up I-4 to the East coast and help you out!! :)


  13. I would love to do that, so you can be sure I'll pray for you to be able to. :)
    I love the yard. I can envision a huge flower garden there. :)
    Can't wait to see what ya'll decide!

  14. This sounds exciting and fun all at the same time. Praying for God's direction.

    Oh and yes, I have learned to never say never ;)

  15. I am praying my friend - I know that the Lord will help you move in the right direction! The house and lot look wonderful!

    Very exciting! Looks like somebody is going to get the cutest coffee/chocolate kitchen ever. :)

    I would help if I could my friend - you know that!!

    Thanks for keeping us posted! Big better-start-building-a-new-cottage hugs to you! :)

  16. I volunteer Kathy to help......and I'll help too if you'll pay my airfare!!!

    I'll be praying and I know that you can trust the Lord to open or close the doors accordingly!

  17. Of course we would help you! Can you move all the cute stuff in your back yard over there? Or to my house? LOL!!

  18. Oh, how cute! Hope it goes well, Kim! I'll be praying for God's direction.

  19. I will lift my hands and pray for you in this new venture but I really hate to paint! :)

  20. Whoo count me in!! Coffee, chocolate, tunes and I'm there! LOL!
    Will def pray for you though, it's a big decision, and moving and all that comes with can be such a bother.
    Our house is a fixer upper too... but our next and final house will not be! (Though...I might be biting my tongue on that too! *wink*) Hope it all goes well for you!

  21. How exciting! I will be praying that it all works out for you! After our marathon experience, I know exactly where your heart and mind are!

  22. That IS exciting! I'll definitely pray for God's clear direction. :)

    And it would be a total blast if all of us could meet at your place to help out! I'd even contribute to the chocolate supply.


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