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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tried and True Thanksgiving Recipes! Main Dish!

I am loving all the recipes that you all are sharing already. This is going to be a loaded E-Book by the time we are done this week.

Today we are talking about the Main Dish!
Now I have to be honest with you, I'm hoping to benefit from this today because I really don't have anything to offer.
My main dish goes something like this

Extremely LARGE Turkey

Stick in bag until popper pops out of turkey!

Yeah, I know! YAWN....Boring! What do you all do? I admit that we won't stray from having turkey for our main but I'm all for kicking it up a bit.
Do you have ham?
Do you have a roast?
Do you kick up your turkey?

Don't forget, you can always go back and link up your recipes if you missed the last couple of days. The more the better!
And remember each recipe linked is an entry to my giveaway. So link on up!


  1. Have you ever brined your turkey? It's yummy! Thank you for having this, because you're forcing me to come up with my Thanksgiving cooking schedule a little early which is a very good thing! :)

  2. I love easy! It doesn't have to be complicated to taste great. :D

  3. You have some great suggestions linked up:-)

  4. I am really enjoying this, Kim! And most years we kind of do what you do...easy but so yummy!!


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