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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

You Probably Really Didn't Want to Know This But Here You Go!

My husband is a list maker. I am not. But I'm starting to think I may need to convert to his way of thinking pretty soon.
I tell you, the older I get the more I forget! Oh that's a nice little rhyme isn't it?
I just end up getting aggravated with myself for not writing it down. But I've been known to write things down and then not remember where I wrote it. I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle.

On an up note (not really) I went for my GYN appointment yesterday and because I'm lucky enough to be turning 40 within the next year, she told me I GET to make an appointment for my MAMMOGRAM. YIPEE! Lucky me! I then I broke out in hysterical laughter at the thought of it. Oh my friends, you just don't understand the mental picture I have in my head. I really feel sorry for the ladies that will get me as a patient. LOL! Don't worry I'll be leaving the camera at home. But as I was discussing this my friend Kathy yesterday she said that she has to make an appointment soon for hers (she's already had a couple because, well, she's older than me!)LOL! Anyway, us being us, we thought it would be "fun" to make an appointment back to back so we could go "together". No I'm pretty sure we draw the friendship line at going into the examining room with each other but at least we could comfort each other before hand! LOL And then of course do lunch afterwards and laugh about the whole experience.

Anyone else having these kind of OAD(old age disease) moments?

Please share. I need to feel better about it all! LOL!!


  1. LOL! Love the cartoon. :D I'm soooo not looking forward to that appointment. Ugh! Hope it goes well!

  2. LOLOLOL - well,...you SAY we draw the line at going in together, but there WAS that tube top incident at the Old Time Photo, LOLOLOLOL

  3. Kim,

    OMG IM thinkin I could have Rolled on the Floor for this one!! That cartoon is just toooo funny :0)

    I haven't ever had my appt and I'm 43 ~ so I know I need to make the appt as well.....just hate the thought of it :(

    I can't wait for this post after you girls gooo.....I have no doubt it will be a good one!

  4. Oh yea...gotta love the mammogram. It is not as bad as they say. The pain only lasts a few hours. LOL kidding it really isn't painful...too much.

  5. I'm 34 and having to have mamm's every year because of some "lumps and bumps". NOT fun and I think I'd like it if I could make it a hysterical date with a girlfriend. Haha! Though I took would draw the line at the room! ;)

  6. Hilarious cartoon! I think you are going to cause trouble for the ladies there - you will be a very difficult patient 'cause you won't stop laughing - LOL!

    I'm gonna wait a few months til I turn 40 before I make that lovely appointment. Glad you guys can go together!

    Oh, and I am totally needing to make lists now. I am forgetting things left and right. It's terrible!

    Big I'm-thinking-pancakes-sound-like-an-appropriate-food-after-an-appointment-like-that-hee-hee hugs to you!! :)

    Have a fabulous day my old friend!

  7. I am 34 now, but my doc convinced me to have one in my late 20s because my sister had breast cancer. Let's just say I was "unpleasantly surprised" at the experience and, much to my doc's dismay, have not been back for one since. Who knew something so round could become so flat? Yikes!

    Disclaimer: I am not discouraging anyone from getting one and am claim no responsibility... blah, blah, blah.

  8. ROFL!!!
    The only way to go through something like this is with a great sense of humor!!

    Love the cartoon.. too funny!

  9. I've had several over the years and they are no big deal. The first time, the gal was apologizing for "squishing" me, and I said "Hey, I have small children. I've been bit there, pinched, pulled, stepped on, spit up on, hit, kicked, etc. Nothing you do there is going to be any different."

    Just don't go during certain times of the month when they are real sensitive and you ought to be fine!

  10. Since my mom is a breast cancer survivor, I started getting my examines at 35. No fun:-(

  11. Oh MY!!! LOL I have managed to avoid that so far too!! Not planning one any time soon either!! OOOPPS!

  12. The cartoon is totally cute! I have had friends with me at my personal appointments before. It is way more fun to have support with you :)

  13. Love this cartoon and I think I am going to have to send you something fun along the same lines via email.

    I hate getting these and am still waiting for an much less painful way to screen for things. I just take pain meds before I go so they start to work when I leave.

    Love that you are going with a friend. That should make it much easier to deal with.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  14. Yep - I turn 40 next month - but I just found out I'm pregnant, so the whole mammogram thing is all wonky... Go figure. LOL

  15. LOLOLOL, love the cartoon!!!

    That is one thing I am NOT looking forward to!

    (P.S. I'm linking up tomorrow with a recipe!)

  16. Love the cartoon! Glad you get to have a little moral support for your first time.


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