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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Tour of Homes!

Grab your cup of coffee or hot cocoa and settle in because today I'm joining in with many others for a Christmas Tour of Homes, hosted by The Nesting Place.

Since most of you won't make it to our Christmas party this Friday, I thought I'd bring my house to you!
So sit back and enjoy the Christmas Tour of Our Home.
(Who knows you might even get a giggle. I know, I know, shocking!)

Here is the view as you would see it driving up to our house.
We got rid of the icicle lights and went with the LED multi colored lights this year.
(Even though I found 6-7 new boxes of Icicle Lights in the attic! SHHHH!!)

Here's what greets you as you walk up to our front door.
Gifts waiting for you on the front deck.
A happy sign hanging on the side of the house to bring a smile to your face.
A reminder to show love, joy and faith this season!
WELCOME to our home!
(My husband made this for me a couple of years ago! Isn't he handy?)
Coming in the front door you immediately see some of my snowmen displayed on the bookshelf.
(I love me some snowmen! LOL!)
Most of these are garage sale and thrift store finds. Yes, I felt the need to tell you that.
I haven't met a woman yet who won't share a good bargain with another. LOL!
The newest addition to my collection.
My Mom said she knew I had to have these! Thanks Mom!
You gotta love a snowman with legs!
Snowmen are everywhere, even on my counter!
Can anyone spot the corn kernel? LOL and the Hershey Kisses?
I got this little metal snowman tub at a garage sale for .50 and decided it would be perfect for this little funny display.
Later that day I found .30 in the little plastic container......
......and then this on the tree! My 7 year old really thought he had to pay .10 a piece for the cotton balls and he really wanted to make this ornament. Isn't he just too cute? He knows his Momma loves snowmen!
Anyone remember the "nostalgic" Christmas pitcher I got at the thrift store?
Well I decided that it needed a beautiful floral display to dress it up a bit.
What do you think? I like it better now! LOL!
Here's what I have displayed on my hutch.
And I'll wrap it up with a picture of our tree! Though they never look as good in a picture!Well I hope you enjoyed your little Christmas Tour of our home.
I wish you could stay for cookies and eggnog!
Why can't you all live closer? LOL!



  1. I sure wish that I had it in me to decorate my house. I am good to get the tree up. :) Your decor is beautiful! What a fun Christmas house!

  2. Your home is beautiful! love all your decor!! YOur Christmas tree is gorgeous! Merry Christmas!

  3. Your home is just beautiful!!! I love all the snowmen. I especially love the little Snowman tin with the snowballs. Very cute!!! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

  4. Wow, everything looks great, and sooo festive! I wish I had all that decor!

  5. Very nice! I'm still putting out Christmas decorations, a little here and a little there. Gotta finish up soon....having my extended family here next Saturday!!

  6. Oh, how festive! I was munching on your cookies all through the tour (didn't touch the eggnog though - ugh)! Thank you for the great tour! Thought the tub of cotton balls was fun and the story about your son was adorable.

  7. Wow, so very cute! I love the sign your husband made for you. I may have to show that to my husband. Everything looks so festive and cute.

  8. Love all the decorations, especially the legged snowmen - too cute!

  9. thank you for visiting my page, and leaving a sweet comment. your christmas decorations are very nice. love what you have done! Merry christmas!

  10. Pretty!!! :) I live close enough for egg nog and cookies!!! woo-hoo!

  11. Oh, I'm warning you now.... I'm on my way to come steal all your SNOWMEN!!! I collect them too, and you have some CUTE ONES! =0)

  12. Wow! Absolutely beautiful! And you have some serious snowmen!! Lol! Thanks for sharing!

  13. What a beautifully decorated home! Thanks for the tour Kim! I wish that I could have some of those cookies and eggnog with you too. :)

  14. What a fun festive house both inside and out!

    Love all your snowmen and what great buys you are getting at thrift/garage sales.

    Such a cute cotton ball ornament made by your son - adorable.

  15. Very fun! & very cute. Thanks for the tour.

    Blessings & Merry Christmas!

  16. Thanks for the tour! Your home looks great!

  17. I so enjoyed touring your home, you have done a beautiful job with your decorating, thank you for sharing.

  18. Kim

    I love how festive your home looks. I too have tired of the icicle lights and want something different. Maybe next year however. I was just lucky to get my decorations up before I got sick. Praise God for that miracle.

    I love all your little snowmen including the ones with legs.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  19. Very fun and festive!
    That cracks me up about your son paying for the cotton balls. I need to make a sign for using my lipgloss...I could be very rich by next year : )

  20. One year I actually made snowballs out of white hose....remember white hose?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got NO money for them and no cute ornament :)

  21. Hi Friend,

    I love your decorations, your warm cozy home, your gentle free spirit and you!


  22. Everything looks wonderful! Love the lit up presents and love the snow balls! Adorable!

  23. Oh I love me some snowmen!!!! I love those wrapped packages. How did you do that and get the lights to shine through?

    Your house looks awesome!

  24. Love the outside lights - so festive! All the decorations are so pretty my friend!! And I love the snowball story - so cute!

    You need to come here and take me out shopping for more Christmas decorations - LOL! I finally did post my tour - though you're snoring away right now! :)

    Big why-can't-I-come-to-your-Christmas-party hugs to you! :) Have a fabulous day or actually have a good sleep and I'll "see" you tomorrow!

  25. ♥ your decorations! Your house looks fabulous, very festive! May you be blessed beyond measure this Holiday Season! Thanks for sharing.
    Blessings~ Trisha

  26. LOVE your decorations!! I told the kids that we were going to see some CHRISTmas lights, so we'll have to drive by. ;)

  27. I love the little snowballs for sale! Your son is so sweet. Merry Christmas!

  28. Too bad we don't live closer! My kids would give you the coolest Christmas lights award!

    Thanks for showing us around. Come by and visit me anytime. Merry Christmas!

  29. Love all your snowmen! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  30. Thanks so much for stopping by. It was fun to see all your Christmas. I too am very fond of snowmen. I didn't show them off this year. (I did last year though!) I am also very fond of a good deal. I love to tell people about my yard sale and coupon deals!

  31. I love the blue lights on your tree! I am stopping in from Nester's place. To see my tour click on the 'Christmas 2009' tag on the left sidebar of my blog.

  32. I love the tour of your home decorations for Christmas. I also participated in Nester's Tour of Homes. I still have much visiting to do though.



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