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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It's in Your Hands Now! .

At one point this started out as bonding time between my daughter and my Husband. Now it's a full blown competition. Yup, Thanks to me! I couldn't just let them have fun and enjoy decorating a gingerbread house by themselves. No, I would hover and lurk and make suggestions as what I would do. And the next year it all started. I got MY own gingerbread house and let them decorate THEIRS. And then my husband decided that it wasn't fair that I got my own and so the next year we all got our own gingerbread houses to decorate. And then someone got the crazy idea to turn it into a competition. AND THEN someone got the crazy idea to blog about it the last 3 years and let people vote on their favorites. I mean what kind of person would do such a thing? *Ahem*
So it is now in your hands. It's time for you to humor me and pick your favorite Gingerbread House. And don't worry, you aren't going to hurt any feelings, it's all for fun! (Unless of course I don't win!) LOL!
These are going to be in no particular order and I'm not going to say anything about them as not to give any hints to who's is who's.
So without further ado, our houses.

#1 Methodical Madness!

#2 Blizzard Barn

#3 Sugar Shack

#4 Gumdrop Greatness

#5 Snowed Inn

Do you know how hard it is to keep my mouth shut and not spill everything that went down this night? Oy! It's HARD!!! So I'm going to have to end it right here.
I love you my friends.


  1. Well we ALL know the OCD's masterpiece.....but I'm not voting for it (unless I happen to have guessed the wrong one).......
    My kiddos vote for #2 and #5 because they are partial to snow. I like the name and originality of #4!

    However, they are ALL festive creations of which I can't wait to hear about the whole transpiring story of the competition day!

  2. #5 snowed in...original for sure.

  3. I think it is a FIVE way tie! They are ALL wonderful! What fun you must have had making those fabulous creations. BUT if you make me vote for only 1, I'll vote for #1.

  4. "Methodical Madness" haaaaaa I wonder who did this one {wink, wink}

    Our vote is for...........#2 "Sugar, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun ,dun...ah honey, honey...." remember that song? #2 is our fave with all the others coming in for a very close 2nd. Way to go!

  5. The Blizzard Barn had to be created by a male!!! I have to go with the Sugar Shack as that is where I met my hubby 45 years ago....at the Sugar Shack....not kidding :) They were all magical creations, however.

  6. I like "Snowed in"...LOTS AND LOTS OF ICING mmmmmMMMMMmmmmm!! But they are ALL awesome!

  7. My favorite would be #3 "Sugar Shack". Yep, I love it!

    My kids and I did this last year and had fun with it. Riley's been begging to do it again, but we were too busy making your puzzle ornaments to make gingerbread houses! ha ha ha

  8. I'm gonna have to go with the sugar shack. Love me some sugar!

  9. You all did a fantastic job and they look great. Having said that...my vote is for the Sugar Shack!

    Miss and love you guys!

  10. They are all great! How fun! But I would say that #1 and #3 are a tie! :) The competition is tight!

  11. Oh goodness Kim!!! They are all great, how can I choose just one!!!

    Well, guess there is only 1 way to do this....ask my 7-year old to choose!! She sees through better eyes then me!

    Ok...she picked Gumdrop Greatness! (Even she had a hard time choosing)

  12. #5 is the one I pick. I love the blue. So original.

  13. Kim,

    How much fun does this look! I love it! We never thought to extend our gingerbread competition to an individual level but love all these truly creative looks. Since I am analytical, mine would have to be choice number 1. I would probably be out there with ruler in one hand measuring the exact amount of icing per side of the house and the exact spacing between each and every candy to assure evenness and quality control.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  14. Tie ~ 1 & 3. Cute, what fun this would be!

    Merry Christmas ~
    TTFN ~ Marydon
    **NEW BLOG**

  15. It is not easy my friend!!! They are all really cute! How fun to have those on display! I am really torn between #1 and #3! Methodical Madness is very pleasing to the eye and has everything that I would want, but Sugar Shack appeals to the kid in me with a little more whimsy. So for whimsy & charm, I'll pick #3 even if it's not yours and you get mad at me - LOLOL!!

    Just for fun, I'll come back later today and tell you what my hubs and son each pick.

    Big love-your-crazy-competitive-gingerbread-house-making-family hugs to you! Have a fantastic day!

  16. Oh yeah! BLIZZARD BARN all the way baby! That is totally my pick! :)

  17. Gracious, what happened to Blizzard Barn?! Was the icing hurled at it from across the room? The engineer in me got a bit of a jolt with that one! hahahaha, MUST...TIDY...UP...ICING!

    My vote is for #1 because it IS the MOST methodical of all! Neurotic compulsive folks have to stick together since folks make fun of us so much!

  18. Those look awesome! I kept going back and forth. LOL! I think the Sugar Shack. :D


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