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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Coffee and Chocolate Review!

You all know that I have a passion for chocolate and coffee. I really am quite picky though.
Recently I was once again sent some chocolate to sample. It's Mavrakos chocolate sent from the Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate company. I'll cut right to the chase. It didn't do much for me OR Kathy. She was kind enough to help me sample each piece (as you can see from the picture to the right). There were a bit to many ingredients that I don't care to consume. The over all taste didn't do much for us either.(We actually filmed ourselves sampling each piece and it was quite hysterical but for some reason it wouldn't load. So you got spared.)
I'm kind of a chocolate snob so you can't necessarily take my word for it.
They also sent me some coffee to sample. I was really excited about this because every year around this time I try to find a "special" coffee to have for the month of December.
The name had me from the get go.
It was called Gooey Caramel Fudge Brownie!
Sounds good right? Wrong. It tasted like plan ol' coffee. What I wanted was a coffee that tasted like the name. It smelled good though.

So feeling a bit disappointed and let down I immediately went to my nearest Wal-Mart and bought some good ol' Hershey's Kisses and downed a few to make me feel better. It worked.
Then on my next trip to Publix I stopped and perused the coffee section and found an intriguing coffee. It's called Angel's Kiss (Chocolaty Coconut with a Halo of Nuts!) from Joffrey's.Was it good? YES! I can stop my search for this months "special" blend. It taste delicious and smells great brewing. I highly recommend this coffee!
Do you have a favorite "special" coffee that I must try?



  1. Thanks for the honest review:-)

  2. You really can't beat herseys kisses huh! I have a most favorite coffee and I drink it year round. It is Gevalia, stockholm blend. It is the best! Their is no better coffee out there, in my opinion. But this time of year, I add a little peppermint mocha creamer to it for that Christmas special touch. It is so yummy! I think I will go get me a cup right now!! :)

  3. Wow, chocolate and coffee that weren't good. Oh my, what a bummer!!!

    Did they just send it to you or did you request it again.. I got to review once for them, but haven't heard anything lately..

    It's hard to believe that there is bad chocolate out there.. but I guess there's a little sadness in the world even in the chocolate realm. LOL

  4. Oh, I'm so glad the video wouldn't load, LOLOL...whew!
    Um, you gonna bring some of that uber yummy sounding coffee over here tomorrow? :) I'll make something chocoalte and cake-like. :)

  5. Good old Hersheys for me too. I do like other chocolate but I know I can always find Hersheys. From one chocolate snob to another.

  6. Nothing as bad as a chocolate let down! I tell you! And then a double let down with the coffee! YIKES!

    WEll, I am off the chocolate for life I think unless it´s pure and no sugar added. I love it but so do my thighs. sighhh!

    But I still drink my coffee!!

    Love your new header and snow falling! How just perfectly Christmasy!

  7. The problem with having too much really good chocolate is that all other chocolate has to live up to that standard! :) And sorry that the coffee wasn't fabulous - but at least you found a new one!

    I am glad you are still getting free chocolate tho! Big now-you-make-me-want-to-see-the-video hugs to you! Have a fantastic day my friend!

  8. I found a yummy one at our health food store - Ghiradelli Chocolate Mint Mocha or something to that effect. It is delish!! :D

  9. Seriously - I wish I could see the video. how sad to be disappointed by chocolate AND coffee... Whew - thank goodness for Hershey & Joffrey's.

    My favorite coffee ever was Coconut Cream - I had it at a friends house while visiting her in Alaska. It barely needed sweetening (and had no sugar in it) and was so amazing I think I drank half a pound of it myself! Mmmmm - that takes me back...

  10. Sorry that they weren't up to par. Glad you found some good coffee for the cooler season:) I am still loving pumpkin spice. YUM.

  11. I recently posted a super simple recipe on how to make your own chocolate bars. You could save so much money and feel guilt free for "feeding" your habit, LOL! Check it out if you have time.



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