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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

And So It Begins!

Can you tell from this picture where this is going? Look hard my friends.

You knew this post would be coming, didn't you? Oh yeah! Those of you who have been here at least a year knew that the day would come once again. What day you ask? The day we decorate our Christmas tree. It used to be all me all the time. "Don't touch my tree I would say." And then my conscious (aka my husband) would tell me that I should let the kids help. I finally submitted last year. So it was me, my then 15 year old, my then 6 year old and my then 3 year old. *sigh*
And when it was all said and done I saw this!
Yes my friends, that above is a perfect example of a 3 year old "helping" decorate the tree.
And then there was this!
It's just wrong to hang 4 ornaments on the same branch. Wrong I tell ya!

But he's 4 now, surely things have improved! Uh, huh, yeah, okay!
Let me show you what I like to call, this years, exhibit A!
Please take the time to count all the candy canes in the above picture and compare with last years. Go ahead, I'll wait!
Uh, huh! Better? I think not!
But wait, there's more!
He got hold of my clings and never looked back!

You know this is hard for me but I've left them alone. Yup! I'm trying to turn over a new leaf. A leaf that says, "Relax, don't worry about it. Eat some chocolate and you'll feel better!" And so far it's working just fine!

Fair warning, the heated Gingerbread House Decorating contest is coming up soon! Haven't read last years post yet? Go here to check that out! It gets heated.

Love you my friends!


  1. You're too funny, my friend. LOL, I actually counted the candy canes, before reading further. I missed count after 12.

  2. I like your new outlook. My youngest nephew wanted to add a few ornaments to our tree. I resisted the urge to "help" him find the perfect spot....but Hannah did not and I just smiled! Are we voting for our favorite Gingerbread house again this year?

  3. The new "outlook" will undoubtedly give you many precious memories!!!

  4. Oh I remember this from last year. What a hoot!! Don't worry girl, you'll make it. Just think of how wonderful it is to let their creativity flourish..LOL!!

    Looking forward to the gingerbread house making!!

    Love the new blog template too!

  5. I'm loving it!!!

    This year is the first year my daughter and her "friend" put my tree up and decorated the entire room. I asked where my red shiny balls were? Where are my red shiny beaded garland? Where, oh where is the red. Anyway, I let go and let this be her year for complete control. I've found myself a few times thinking I'd just make a tiny adjustment here and there, but decided to let go and let her be. Maybe next year I'll have my favorite color red again.

    Have a wonderful year! I see the snow on your page! I love it! Where'd you get it? Can you share? It's snowing in Oklahoma, but not at my house yet. I hope the rain stays and the real snow stays away.

    Take care,

  6. Ha! Ha! Ha! My daughter "helps" and I help her right back by putting them where I want them after she goes to bed:-)

  7. Why don't you break down and buy him one of those Charlie Brown Christmas trees and give him a challenging science lesson on the law of gravity?! ( ;

  8. That is too funny! I always let the kids help and then the next day when they are not around, I move the ornaments around where I want them. I am so bad! I know! but they usually never notice! I will have to say that my kids are getting better as they get older. Thank God!!!

  9. LOLOL!! He likes candy canes and he knows that the candy canes like to hang out together on the tree. :) And the clings - love it! I'm very proud of you my friend! That is not easy at all!!

    Love the gingerbread house contest!!! Will you put pics up again for us to vote?

    Big you're-going-to-start-having-nightmares-about-candy-canes hugs to you!! :) Have a fabulous day my sweet friend!

  10. Umm, I hope you and your snowing dandruff are "REALLY" getting into the spirit of Christmas!! ( ;

    I guess your "OVERLY" decorated tree balances it all out!

  11. I just noticed that it is snowing all over your blog. How long has that been going on? Lol!

    I'm very proud of you. I'll try to do the same when my little one helps this year.

    We can hold each other accountable...Let's see how long we can "not touch it."

  12. I love that great big smile. He's so proud of himself. I think you did a good job, mama, by letting him help. You should be very proud of yourself ;)

  13. LOL I used to redecorate after the kids would decorate the tree and then I just gave up. They actually did pretty well this year. I only had to separate a few ornaments that were sharing the same branch:)

  14. Love your new CHRISTmas outlook!! :D Hugs!! You go girl!


    ...and LOVE the CHristmas look!



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