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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Elvis was spotted at Christmas Dinner!

I'm not kidding. He made several appearances throughout the night. We managed to get pictures off and on all night. Want proof? Fine, I'll give you proof.
But first let's start at the beginning.

Christmas morning started out wonderful.
The kids opened their stockings, the coffee was brewing, the breakfast casserole was baking, the outside temperature was rising to 78, Happy Birthday was being sung to Jesus and then the presents were opened. It was a very blessed morning.

It wasn't until dinner time that Elvis started making his appearance. We ventured over to our dearest friends house where my bestest friend Kathy decorated a beautiful table for her delicious Christmas dinner.
Then the first Elvis sightings started. He tried to disguise himself as a girl but the blingy hat and sunglasses was a "dead" giveaway. LOL!
Dinner was then served and was it ever good. Though I did ask Kathy if I could have a "real" knife to cut my meat next time and not a knife that could probably only cut playdough! LOL!

Elvis didn't stay away long. Though this time he was a bit camera shy.

We ate dinner and let it settle a bit before digging into dessert. While we waited we chit chatted and had some silly fun. I know, who would even believe it?!
Being silly makes you hungry for dessert and let me tell you there was plenty of dessert.
Doesn't it all look delicious? Lava Cakes with Raspberry Sauce and Cream Puffs! YUM!
After dessert we opened presents with our friends. Another beautiful time.
But not until Elvis made yet another appearance. He really did get around.
We had our own personal paper shredder on site.
And ribbon organizer!
It was such a wonderful Christmas. A full day of fellowship and fun with friends and family.
But before we called it a night, Yes, Elvis made one last appearance to say good bye.
I hope you all had a VERY Merry Christmas as well. I can't wait to read all about it!
Thanks for sticking with me through this Christmas recap!


  1. I thought the dog might have the glasses on next! Too cute! I'm Cheese Makin' Mama's twin. Merry Christmas!

  2. You are crazy Kim! I love your sense of humor. Glad you had a great Christmas!

  3. Looks like a lot of fun! And you'll be able to use that ribbon organizer picture later on when he starts dating! LOL.

  4. You are so funny. I love that Elvis stopped by several times. Gorgeous table spread too. I have a personal paper shredder too. LOL

  5. ELVIS IS ALIVE!?? I just knew it!! How could such a "shady" character ever die?

    Here's proof! ( ;

    While performing one night near Jacksonville, Florida in 1990, a lady comes up to Elvis and says 'I thought you died in 1977?'
    Elvis replied, 'Well, I faked my death. You see, my bodyguards took me up to a cave in Arkansas and had me frozen BUT about a year ago, all of the ice melted because I guess I'm A-HUNK-A-HUNK-A-BURNING-LOVE

  6. Too funny! It probably is a good thing that Elvis didn't get to the desserts before you all!

  7. OH MY ...you girls are funny! Look as if you had a wonderful day :)
    My brother is just leaving today and his FB status on Christmas read:
    "To all my OK friends I am headed to the beach for Christmas ~ its warm and perfect.....Enjoy your snow!"
    We got 8 inches WAHOO! TWAS a wonderful gift :)
    Love you friend

  8. The silly pics of course are my favorite!

  9. Kim,

    It really does show us all just how much fun and love your family had this Christmas! Love it all!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  10. Looks like you had lots of fun my friend!! That was nice of Elvis to join you - did you even get him a gift??

    What a lovely time all together! And everything looked delicious! Merry After-Christmas friend!

    Big you-needed-some-blue-suede-shoes-to-go-with-those-glasses hugs to you! Have a wonderful Monday! :)

  11. It looks like you had a GREAT Christmas:-)

  12. You two are so goofy!!! Oh my goodness, can you imagine the fun the three of us would have shopping? Look out!

    Love the personal paper shredder and the ribbon decorator, lol!

  13. Fun! Fun! Did he sing for his dinner? Did you get him some new suede shoes? Too cute. Glad your Christmas was so merry!

  14. Great story!!! I love the dog - we use to have one that did that. The current ones steal all the tissues and eat them.

    Your dinning table looked beautiful and so did all that yummy food.

  15. Guess those crackers really cracked everyone up!?

    You and Kathy are real whoots!

    Your hubby looks like a repair man that just tried to sell us a new heating system for 6K! Of course, if it would've actually been your hubby we might've considered.......especially if he kept his "groovy" shades on and belted out "Blue Christmas" in his blue suede shoes!!

  16. LOL...I have no idea why I never saw this post, lol.
    Um, I hope you cleared up that that was MY dining table and MY yummy food, LOLOLOL.... I need affirmation. :)


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