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Monday, December 28, 2009

It just never gets old!

So what do you do with your gingerbread houses after Christmas?
Do you eat them? Throw them away? Do you even make one? or 5? LOL!

Well 3 years ago we started the official Gingerbread House Shoot!
But living on only a half acre, you can't shoot with just anything. So my husband whipped out the BB Gun, safety glasses and away we went. We harmlessly took our innocent, unsuspecting gingerbread houses and lined them up on a board in our back yard.

Some candies flew off using the BB's and holes were put through the walls but it just didn't seem to have too much impact. So what does my husband do? The only legal thing he could do. He got out the fireworks. (What he really wanted to do is take a shot gun and destroy them all at the same time.) But of course he didn't.
No, he resorted to using fire crackers to finish destroying our houses.
We have great video of the process and in the end MY house was the hardest to destroy. It took like 10 firecrackers to finally blow it up. We think it was all the gum on the roof holding it together! LOL!
Anyway, here is an after picture of the houses.Nice huh? And to think we used to just throw them in the trash.
If you never got to see them beforehand go here to see them in all their glory!

So what weird things does your family do? LOL!



  1. Luckily we are as redneck as it comes and we dont' think this is weird at all..lol. It does sound like fun.

  2. Too funny! Ours just go in the trash...how boring. This year we made a village and had a horrible time getting them to stand up so they left our home sooner that we planned:-)

  3. Hmmm you are giving me a great idea. Hannah would jump at the chance to shoot her new gun. Thanks for the fun idea!!

  4. Oh man! And what do the neighbors think?! ROFL!!!!!!

  5. I'm just impressed that yours lasts till after Christmas. I tossed ours weeks ago. Shhhh... the kids never noticed it was gone.

  6. YOU ARE SUCH A HOOOOT!!!! I am cracking up!!
    I will HAVE to share this with my son and DH and we just may have to start making gingerbread houses....they like anything they can blow up ;)

    Love you

  7. Better hope the HSS (Homeland Security Secretary) doesn't get wind of your destructo activity!?

    LUV the new "fake" flakes on the side. Keep dreamin'!! LOL

  8. our made it into the trash can but, when I tell my husband what you did with yours, we will be attempting that one year for sure! :)

  9. We throw ours away...but that way sounds way more fun! You all are such a fun family:)

  10. I have heard of shooting pumpkins after Halloween but never gingerbreads after Christmas! That's awesome:-)

  11. That is hilarious...and a lot more fun than just throwing it in the trash. I will have to keep that in mind for next year!

  12. That is SO funny my friend!! I can totally picture your whole family having a *blast* while doing it! LOL!

    So where's this video? 'Cause now I want to see it!

    Big if-I-need-things-destroyed-the-right-way-I-know-who-to-call hugs to you!! Have a fabulous day!

  13. I LOVE that...silly us...we just eat ours!

  14. I'm so glad we aren't the only family who does stuff like this. Last year, we started a new Easter egg tradition. I forgot to boil the eggs (discovered this when I dropped one while dyeing them). Josiah begged me no to boil them because they would explode better when he shot them with his BB gun. After the hunt, he lined them all up and shot them. Us rednecks gotta stick together, I say, LOL!

  15. My son will be SO glad when we do this next year! Love the idea.

  16. Oh my gosh!!! Too funny!! That would make creating them even more fun! Knowing you get to blow them up later! LOL


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