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Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday Funnies! Christmas Edition!

Well it's Friday and that means 2 things. First it's Friday Funnies and Second it's the last day of my Holly Jolly Week. If you haven't checked out this past week you can go here. I'll be picking a winner to my giveaway tomorrow and posting it, so come back to see if you've won.

Now onto the funnies. Do you have one to share? Let's try to come up with some good Christmas themed ones today to end my Holly Jolly Week with a bang. Just go post it and come back here to link up. Let's spread some Christmas Cheer!

Since we just took our Annual Family Christmas Pictures the other day, I thought I'd show you the outtakes.
I know that a lot of you can relate to trying to get young ones to "smile" or even look at the camera!

The head tilted sideways seemed to be the trend for the night.

Pay no attention the the head tilt boy and the one who decided that a good yawn couldn't wait. Oy!
After about 20 pictures this one would have been great! But I messed this picture up. Yup. My hand was on the move.
After about 10 more pictures, I was pretty over it. Hence the look on my face!
So it's a toss up between this picture.

And this picture! LOL! Have mercy!
Did we get the perfect picture? No. Uh uh! In fact I'm having a hard time picking the "best" one. There is something wrong in all of them. So I'm trying to narrow it down by what pictures me, my husband and my daughter look the best in! LOL.

Here are the choices that I narrowed it down to.
Tell me your favorite!



Happy Friday My Friends.


  1. I like #2....you all have good smiles on your face in that one.:) This is hilarious! I remember doing this a couple years ago, and we could not get Jacob to smile right; he always has this fake, cheesy, huge grin....LOL. Great pics!:)

  2. I vote for #1 but they are all good because they all show personality!

  3. ROFL! We did the same at a Christmas tree farm last week using a tree branch to prop the camera!

    They are all candidly beautiful.....I pick them all....except the ones where you are showing off your knee cap! Don't you think that was just a tiny bit too revealing!? ( ;

  4. What a fun family. I like a lot of them, even the silly ones. The world needs more humor. Wishing your family a blessed season.


  5. I love the goofy ones! Sometimes they are the best.

  6. They are all winners in my book! Sure can tell those are YOUR kids, LOL. (Yeah, take that comment anyway you want - hahahahaha!!!!) MMmmm, perhaps #4 is my top choice, but I'm sure loving the look of your son pictured on the right in #1!

  7. Great pictures! lol Looks like ya'll were having fun!

  8. I'm not sure. LOL! I love the CHRISTmas socks! :D I think #3 :D

  9. Yep, I choose #2 as well.

    They're all great - and I especially love your festive socks. Way to rock the socks, Mom!!! I'd so do that, too. =0)

  10. Oh, I can so relate to the picture taking thing! I was about ready to pull my hair out while trying to take the kid's Christmas pictures this year. I vote for number 1.

    Also, on your poll, I like a blog that has everything in it, recipes, family pictures, devotional thoughts, funnies. That's my favorite. You know, like your blog and mine, LOL!

    Have a fantastic weekend,

  11. Thank you for sharing that with us - how fun!! I do think I like #2 best, but then I like the more close-up in #1. Sigh - they're all good and that is a tough decision my friend!

    Big you-have-a-cute-family hugs to you!! Have a wonderful day my friend! :)

  12. I like #2 photo the best. However, I really enjoyed the others with the yawns and eyes closing etc. Your whole family is a riot! Just like mama.

    Love you,

  13. Kim,

    Love this post! Ah trying to get just the right family Christmas picture. Haven't even begun that process just yet even though I desperately need to. I'd have to agree with #2 being the best choice for me.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  14. Love the outtakes...those are so much like my families. LOL
    I like #2 Loving the socks

  15. Well...I think your whole family should have your socks!!! I think the funny ones are my favorite but you have a tough decision on your hands...I plead the 5th ;) LOL

  16. The crazy/ funny ones are great but I think I like 1 or 3 the best.

  17. I really like the one where your hand is on the move. Didn't find it too distracting at all but if I had to chose between the 4 I would chose #1!
    Gotta post our Christmas pics now! Fun Fun!

  18. How fun!! I like #1. But I really like the funny ones the best! They remind me more of you. :)

  19. I'm a little late, but...hey, it's never stopped me before. :)

    Just for the record, I slid right past the other comments so as not to be swayed with my choice.

    I was GOING to say #1.

    But then I saw #4. You all look great, and the look on your son's face, gazing up into...the ceiling fan?? lol!, or maybe God's smiling face?? Either way, the picture wonderfully captures not only your family, but a glimpse of a child's wonder at this special time of year...


  20. I personally LOVE the silly one with the peace sign and your DH asleep.

    One year we sent out a funny one like that and everyone LOVED it. It's always great to have fun with it!!

  21. I think your hair and Kelster's hair looks fabulous in #4 and that's the most important thing...right? Those pics were a hoot, my friend.

    See ya soon! I love you too!

  22. I saw you on Erica @ Scottsville, & came to check you out. I agree with the others who voted for #2. You have a cute family and a fun blog.


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