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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Holly Jolly Week Day 4! A few of my favorite things!

This has been such a fun week. I hope you all are enjoying it as much as me.
If you haven't already, check out yesterdays post. It has some really yummy cookie recipes linked up to it.

Today's post is all about our favorite Christmas Movies and Music.
I love hearing about movies that I haven't seen yet and music that might be fun to hear.
So join me today in listing your favorite things.

Here is my list.

The Nativity Story
It's a Wonderful Life
Such a wonderful movie. Simply a Classic!
Miracle on 34th Street
Another Classic

The first time I watched this I was 6 months pregnant and almost pee'd my pants 4 times. LOL!

Charlie Brown Christmas
Who doesn't love the scene when Linus stands on stage and quotes Luke 2:8-14.

The Santa Clause Movies 1, 2 & 3
Just makes me happy!
And you gotta love the classics from when we were kids!
Just feel good movies. The kind that make you smile!
The Christmas Shoes
This one I haven't actually seen yet but have heard that it's really good!

Now some of my favorite Christmas Music.
Burl Ives
I just love the way he sings Christmas songs. Always brings back good childhood memories.
Bing Crosby
Just takes you back!
The Time Life Treasury of Christmas
A great variety of different singers and songs. Very fun CD's

Avalon Joy
At the end of this post I'll have my favorite song from this CD. I hope you take the time to listen to it and really hear the words.
A Very Veggie Christmas!
For the kid in us! Yes I secretly love the Veggies! LOL
Chris Tomlin's Glory in the Highest
Our newest edition to our Christmas CD's and quickly becoming a favorite.

What are a few of your favorite things?
Remember tomorrow for Friday Funnies, try to come up with a Christmas Themed funny!
And on Saturday I'll be picking a winner for my giveaway!

Holly Jolly Hugs to you ALL!!

If you happen to watch this till the end you can get a chuckle out of seeing that they forgot to turn off their video recorder! LOL!


  1. The Christmas Shoes is an awesome movie. I've watched it several times, love the song. Even found the entire movie on youtube. But have tissues ready, you will need them.

  2. Those are great movies. I love Elf & Miracle on 34th street and the santa claus movies are awesome. So entertaining.

  3. We always watch It's a Wonderful Life on Christmas eve.

  4. Oh, that is sooooooooooooooo cool!!!! I wish our youth group was big enough to do that!!!

  5. This movie can be seen on SKYANGEL (TBN) during the Christmas season.


  6. We LOVE Elf!!! We watch that one all year long :)

    My girls love the Santa Clause movies too!

  7. Kim,

    I've gone way back in my Christmas movies to the classics like It's a Wonderful Life, but include White Christmas, Boys Towne, Holiday Inn and The Bells of Saint Marys'. Still searching for even more to add to my collection.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  8. I think you covered them all! Our must sees are "Its a wonderful life" and "Scrooge" But we also see most all of them at some point in the season as well.

  9. Lots of good Holly Jolly movies and music my friend! I do add also like White Christmas for the songs & dancing. And I consider Home Alone a Christmas movie too!

    Some of the Christmas CDs I listen to most are my Herb Alpert Christmas CD (hilarious, but I grew up hearing it every year) and an Amy Grant Christmas CD and we love listening to The Nutcracker!

    Big full-of-festive-favorites hugs to you! Have a wonderful day!!

  10. It's a Wonderful Life is my absolute FAVORITE Christmas movie! And Burl Ives - I could listen to his sounds all day long!

  11. very fun choices!! I so wanted to participate more in this week. It's all I could do just to "do" this week, though!
    Thanks for sharing!


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