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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Holly Jolly Week Day 2

Welcome everyone to day 2 of Holly Jolly Week here at Homesteader's Heart.
Remember tomorrow we are linking up our favorite most favorite go to Christmas Cookie recipes!
Since I'm baking next week I'm hoping to get some new recipes to try.

Okay, I just couldn't choose which Christmas craft to share with you today so here's what I'm going to do.
I'm going to show you my finished crafts and if you would like to know how to make one or all of them I will send you a word doc. with instructions via email.
That way this post won't be a 100 miles long. Because trust me, it would have been 100 miles long and I don't care how much you love me, I would have lost you at around the first mile. LOL!
With that said all you have to do is just send me your email and what project you want to know how to do in a separate comment.(Don't worry I won't publish it!)

First up is my favorite ornament craft.
Glittery Present Ornament!
I really had fun with these!
Warning: You will continue to see glitter on you and around your work area for months to come after this one. LOL! I'm just letting you know!
Second is my Christmas JOY Picture Frame!
Oh this next one really came out better than I thought it would.
I had a lot of fun making this one.
It's a Hand-Painted Wooden Christmas "themed" Checkerboard.
Isn't it just too cute? The playing pieces are painted peppermints and presents.

Lastly I wanted to show you how easy it is to make your own Christmas Cards.
These are just a few!
What do you think?
See anything you want to learn to do?
Just let me know and I will send you instructions on how to do them.

Don't forget to get your cookie recipes ready to link up tomorrow.
And if you haven't checked out the giveaway go here to see what you have a chance to win!



  1. I love the checkerboard and the cards! The presents are beautiful! I would love to do that checkerboard; Jacob and Dan are always playing checkers, and Jacob would love that....I may have to do this.:)

  2. Oh my you are the Christmas Craft Queen! These are all such great ideas and all well done. I just love to do these kinds of things, but life has been so hectic for me for so long...but 1 more week of school for this semester. So please send me the instructions and JUST MAYBE I'll have time to play a little. I'm hosting Christmas with my siblings and families on the 19th. That checkers game would be so cute. Pretty sure you already have my email address....but just in case....karenm@cpamurray.com

  3. You are a clever, crafty gal and I happen to really really like clever, crafty gals!!!

  4. Very nice! You have been so busy...but crafting is so much fun, isn't it?! Thanks for sharing your projects with all of us!

  5. Wow..you are one busy girl! Those are all great!

  6. Wow, these are all amazing! Thanks for the great Christmas gift ideas...
    Oh, it's hard to pick a favorite. I love the Christmas checkerboard- very creative, and cute! Oh and the JOY picture frame...I really like that. And the cards...and the presents...
    I like them all!
    The Girl in the Pink Dress

  7. amazing...love your crafts.


  8. I LOVE the checkerboard and the glitter ornaments! But the ummm.....glitter not so much...haha!
    I would love to invent glitter that wouldn't last for months after a project or would stay permanantly on the project! :D

    They are all great crafts though!

  9. Check you out my amazingly crafty best friend! I love my little sparkly gift ornament you gave me, hee hee! AND the cards are soooo cute....AND the photo of the "JOY" thingie doesn't do it justice, because it's even way cuter in real life than in the photo... Love you! :)

  10. These are super crafts to make, and I admire the glitter ornaments, checkerboard and the cards.

  11. Wow! You are crafty, aren't you?! LOL! They all look awesome!!

  12. Those are all fabulous my friend. YOu are so crafty. Love it.

  13. You are super CRAFTY my friend!! Those projects are all so cute! Love those glitter ornaments, but do not love glitter everywhere! That checkerboard would make a really cute gift. Oh - and we've decided that we'll make the wreath pins into magnets instead!

    Big you're my holliest jolliest craftiest friend hugs to you! Have a good night my friend! I'm going to try to put a few of my cookie recipe links into 1 post for tomorrow.

  14. What a cool checker board! My Dad would love that!

    Love all your crafts! You go girl!

  15. Those are all so cool! I think I might just try to make some Christmas card this year! That is a super idea!!! I better get started huh?

  16. Those are SO cute. Oh how I wish I were crafty! :-)


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