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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

And Then She Moved to the Pantry!

(Seriously, you're gonna want to read this whole thing!)

Ah yes. The pantry.
It's a constant battle to stay organized. Especially when you have someone who may not share your passion for being able to find things once you purchase them, "helping" you put groceries away.

But since I had so much "fun" cleaning out my closet, I immediately kept the momentum going and moved on over to the pantry.
While there, I discovered a few things.
Buckwheat Pancake Mix (Exp. Date 20005)
Let me let you in on a little secret. I don't ever remember making Buckwheat pancakes.
Cranberry Sauce (Exp. Date 2007)
Probably still could have eaten it but I'm not into the whole corn syrup thing!
Brownie Mix (Exp. Date 2006)
That's around the time I went to making them from scratch.
Oat Bran (Exp. Date 2007)
Only had about a half a cupful left too. Like what's that gonna do? Oy!

And then I found a can of pumpkin here and a can of pumpkin there and then I remembered my trip to Wal-Mart to buy ONE can of pumpkin for last Thanksgiving's pumpkin pie. While standing in line with my ONE can of pumpkin I over heard someone saying that there was a pumpkin shortage and people were having a hard time finding canned pumpkin because apparently there was a lot of flooding somewhere where someone was growing them some pumpkins!
Well what does one do with this information?
She runs clear across the store with her ONE can of pumpkin and hoards as many cans of pumpkin as she could carry. She then weaves in and around people, without dropping her precious canned pumpkin to make it back to where she told the person behind her to save her spot in line and BEFORE the lady in front of her finishes checking out!

So in cleaning and organizing my pantry I found these!I'll be honest with you, had I had a cart I probably would have gotten a few more. But that's all I could carry!
Because God forbid that I EVER, EVER run out of that ever so important staple, pumpkin!
Because if times got tough, you'd want to just open up a can of pumpkin and dig right in with a spoon right? Oy! I got issues people. Deep rooted issues! LOL!
But if I didn't then this blog wouldn't be near as interesting would it?

What's in your pantry?
Love you my friends!


  1. Rock solid brown sugar.

    2 boxes that were opened but not properly closed. Maybe if I invest in an ice pick, they won't go to waste! I think there is some handy way of changing their solid state.

    Somewhere in cyberspace, I'll find a solution!?

  2. Stale marshmallows and an empty box of rice krispies.

    ...how much cream of mushroom soup should a woman have? I'm sure I've passed the legal limit.

  3. To anonymous: a slice of bread in the container will soften the brown sugar.

    Now for the pumpkin...do you have a dog? "Why?" she asks. Well, pumpkin can be a laxative for a puppy. I learned that from my vet. But with all that pumpkin, you'll need to open a kennel. :-)

    Thanks for visiting junkblossoms. I hope you'll come back soon. You won't find any of the above type suggestions. I promise.

  4. Oh my gosh, I just went through my pantry,not too long ago, and I found a ton of expired stuff, too!

    I have as many cans of pumpkin as you do. Your not alone.

  5. LOL, I don't have a pantry (I wish I did), but I know I've got some old boxes of stuff in my cabinets! I'm too scared to look.

  6. Anonymous: Pop the brown sugar in the microwave for 30 seconds and it should soften up for you!

    I really need to get my pantry clean as well. There are some scary things in there and we've only been in this house for 7 or 8 months.


  7. I can't buy tinned pumpkin in Australia - so you can send some this way so I can make pumpkin pie!!! Tuna - won't ever run out of tinned tuna as I have heaps. And enough instant noodles to feed the 5,000!!

  8. I have a great recipe for Pumpkin loaf if you want to use some of that up. Or make pumpkin muffins with cream cheese icing...mmmmmm.......

    Congrats on your 200th follower!

  9. I love pumpkin! I don't think I have one can in my pantry...wanna share?

  10. I kept hearing about that pumpkin shortage but there was always plenty here - though I kept buying cans just in case! I used a lot of them, but still have 3-4 left I think. We like to keep them on hand as we make pumpkin bread all year.

    No pantry :( , but a tall deep cupboard which is worse because you can't see anything behind the front stuff. I did go through a couple shelves in December trying to find some food to donate at hubs' office and found all sorts of expired things! Awful! My pile to throw away was much bigger than the pile to donate. What gets me is when I find things that don't have an expiration date. They can't be good forever, right? How old is too old?

    Big again-you-need-to-come-to-my-house-and-organize-everything-and-I-will-pay-you-in-chocolate hugs to you!! Have a wonderful day!

  11. I think you have enough pumpkin for awhile! :) Will you use it again before next Thanksgiving! LOL

  12. Canned tomatoes.........still. :)

  13. I track expiration dates in my recipe software so I never have anything expired in my kitchen:-) It is very helpful because I clean out my pantry twice a year!

  14. Adorable blog... Can't wait to follow you to see what you share next!

    Stop by my garden sometime.

  15. ROFL! I guess you haven't cleaned out your pantry since 2005, based on the oldest thing you found! We had fun doing a cleanout when we moved to our current rental home. Once we knew that we were selling, we stopped stockpiling groceries immediately and went on a "cleaning out the pantry" diet"! Then when it came time to move, we cleaned out those things that were too old (2007 on one item - hanging head in shame, LOL) or we knew we would never use. We'll be repeating the process when we move again in April/May!

  16. I proabbly need to rearrange mine. I'm pretty good about making sure of not keeping old things in there, but you never know...


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