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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Those of you who visit my blog regularly know that my closet has been the topic for a few posts last week. You know, the pants, the coupon?!
I really have learned some valuable lessons and in the process have given you all a few giggles.

So would you like to see some before and afters?
Of course you would.

They call this a walk in closet. I'm not buying it. I've seen other people's walk in closets and this my friend is no walk in closet. And in my perfect closet world, this one would have those fancy organizers and shelves and drawers and stuff to make the space more usable, but that's not going to happen any time soon because it's not a perfect world, so cleaning and organizing with what I had was my only option. (Wow, that my friends was the world's largest run on sentence!)

I have to tell you that the before pictures are kind of embarrassing. The only remedy would be for you to tell me that yours STILL looks like this but you are now motivated to clean it out! Okay? Okay!
*Deep Breath*
Here we go!
Before Picture One!
You see that humidifier box on the shelf? Yeah, silly me, I thought it actually had a humidifier in it. Comes to find out it had not one but two unfinished afghan projects in there. Oy!

After Picture One!
Before Picture Two!
Can you tell what this is? Besides a big mess?

After Picture Two!
There's a shoe rack under there that was used for everything but shoes.
I don't even like half these shoes so I don't know why I have them. The flip flops I wear are on my floor by the bed! LOL. They NEVER make it on the shoe rack!

Before Picture Three!
It's sad really! *sigh*

After Picture Three!
Do you see my fuzzy happy face slippers over there on the left?
I told you I love em'!
So there you have it. My tackle! My huge, yet enlightening tackle.

On a completely different note. Right now I have 199 followers and I'm a round number kind of gal. So who wants to round out that number for me? I'd greatly appreciate. It just kind of bothers me. LOL!!

Now go tackle you something or go to 5 Minutes for Moms and see everyone elses.

Happy Tackling My Friends!


  1. I am SO impressed! Great job organizing those shoes!!

    LOL the humidifier box!! I totally find things like that too in our storage room! :)

  2. You have inspired us all!

    Did you ever hear of the 27 fling boogie from Flylady? It's a very liberating task!

  3. Great job on that closet!!!! I'm impressed. At the moment I'm determined to keep my new house from getting all cluttered...but life will get in the way and it will happen. We just have to tackle these things from time to time.

    And I've been following from when you had only a few followers so I can't help you there.

  4. Super job! The closet looks great.

  5. I've not only read about that closet...I've STOOD in it! LOLOL...Nice job my bestest! :) I've always wanted a walk in closet, but now I think it's safer to be without one. LOL

  6. Great job on the closet! I have 3 walk-in closets and can't walk in any of them for the clutter. You have motivated me!!! Thanks, Elizabeth

  7. I love it! Great job!
    And we also had one of those water bottles for our change...until someone busted it. But we had about $70 in it when it happened. I think we put it toward our zoo pass.

  8. Great job on the closet! It does make me want to get started on mine now.

  9. Wow! You did a great job....and yes, my closet looks like the before, only worse:)

  10. Great tackles! It's great to accomplish something like that huh! I have a tackle like that of my bedroom closet on my blog from a while back. Nice to get it done.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    Mom All Day

  11. Girl those are great tackles...good job! I so need to hit the closest. They are embarrassing over here. I would be 200 but I am already on there:)

  12. Your closet looks great and I love your treasure chest! I didn't get through all of my clothes today because my back (that I injured last week) wouldn't let me work like I wanted to but I did collect a small laundry basket full of clothes to get rid of so far. I wasn't following you so I'm #200! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today!

  13. Hello friend! I saw your comment on my Homestead blog, so I came here to reply (where you'd see it!).

    I love this post. I'm also in the process of doing some reorganizing in my home. All. Over.

    Oh and I love the new look with all the hearts!!


  14. That is beautiful! Want to come do my closet??? Pretty please??? :)

  15. What an awesome tackle! I tackled my closet a little while ago and I'm embarrassed to admit that I need to do it again.

  16. Holy cow that looks amazing. What a great task to tackle. Good work! I bet you feel so proud and relieved to get it done.... :-)

  17. Wow - great job my friend!! Hmmm...I think your before pics look closer to my after pics - LOL! It really is impressive! Feels good, doesn't it?

    Big you-should-come-do-my-closets-now hugs to you!! And yay that you got #200! Have a great day! :)


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