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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Help Me Decide!

Okay you remember last week on Facebook it was retro week and we had to post an old picture of us.
Well this week we are to put a fictional character that best describes our personality as our profile picture.
Right now, as you can see to the left, I have Dory from Finding Nemo!
But I was torn between a few others.
Will you help me decide?

Who am I most like?

1st: Dory from Finding Nemo
(She has a love for life, she's a true friend, but most importantly, she knows how to speak whale!)

2nd: The 7 Dwarfs from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs!
( I'm pretty sure I act like most of these on any given day so I couldn't choose just one! )
3rd: Fozzy Bear! From the Muppets
( He doesn't let the fact that he isn't all that funny kill his dream of becoming a stand up comedian! Wacka! Wacka! LOL)
4th: Mrs. Incredible A.K.A Elastigirl from The Incredibles Movie
(Keeps a cool head under pressure. Risks her life for her family and also has the ability to expand her body to make it appear larger than it is! *Ahem*)
And last but not least
#5 Lucy from the I Love Lucy Show
(She always means well no matter what she does. She has a tendency to get into and/or cause problems where ever she goes. But her husband loves her any way!)
So who do you think I should have for my FB picture this week?



  1. Hmm! I love any of these especially Lucy! :D

  2. Oh it HAS to be Lucy!!!! All time favorite !!!
    Plus, Little Ricky has actually stayed at our house:)

  3. can you somehow mix all the names up, and come up with a super duper awesome character of your own? with the crazy long title.... ha! they are all pretty great! ;)

  4. I ♥ Lucy, or Dorie! ☺ I not that familiar with the Muppets or whatever their called. ☺

  5. I say Dory. But Lucy is a good fit too.
    Cute idea!

  6. I'm afraid I'm about to be dodging bottles of vitameatavegamen, but I really like Dory. Then again, I don't really know you that well, do I?lol If you go with Lucy, let me know...there may be two Lucy's on facebook, going by your description... LOL

  7. Fozzy!!! ALTHOUGH...if you change to Lucy, I'll change mine to Ethel, LOLOL

  8. Okay, sister, just so you know, I am also a Lucy (if you decide to change it)...and I copy and pasted your description as well...seems to fit me to a T lately. Ugh.

  9. I'm so glad I had Lucy in mind before I saw the comments or I might have been swayed to pick Lucy! She's actually my hero :)

  10. I do like Lucy, but I'm going to stir things up a bit and say Dory is my fave!! I'm so behind on FB - I still have to scan photos for retro pics. And now there's this AND I just saw somebody say it's Wedding Week and your profile pic should be a wedding pic. Sigh. How will I ever keep up?

    Big just-who-is-in-charge-of-making-theme-weeks-on-FB-anyway hugs to you! Have a super day my friend!! :)

  11. I pick Lucy! But Dory would fit as well, especially knowing that you speak whale so well! :)

  12. I thought you were more of a TIGGER type?...jovial and bouncy!

    Definitely a Cinderella type though. Always cleaning, losing a shoe or two (with all those pairs you have, who wouldn't!) And besides, She is very fond of pumpkin, too! ( ;

    Seriously, Lucy, but you've got to add razzle dazzle red to your mane! Though then maybe you'd be more like a Mr(s). Ed (you know the horse show?) chatty type.

    Yep, all of the above mentioned are possibilities!

  13. I put a retro picture up but I haven't got my other picture up yet. I didn't know about it. Doylene


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