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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tackle It Tuesday! My Office!

Okay this tackle was definitely Tackle it Tuesday worthy.
You remember how I hung my head down in shame as I showed you the before pictures of our office last week?
Well December was a busy month of crafting and such and most of that goes down in the "office".
So it got bad, REALLY bad!
For those of you who might have missed the before pictures I'll show you once again.
I'm all about being real, even if it means showing you the second most messiest room in the house. Okay the 3rd messiest. Our sons room is second and our closet has got to be the worst. But that's another tackle in the making.
So here they are.
The BEFORE picture.
The whole view of the office.

The after.

The before picture.
My desk.

The after of my desk.
I'm pretty sure you could have figured out the before and after pictures without my commentary but it wouldn't have been as fun right? Right? Cause those of you who have seen my Vlogs now have my voice in your head (so sorry) as you read my posts and it makes it more real doesn't it? DOESN'T IT? LOL!
Well there you have it. Pretty good eh? It took me 3 days to do this. Three VERY long days!
If you want to see what other people tackled head on over to 5 Minutes for Moms.



  1. Awesome tackle!! It looks great:-)

  2. Good job. Wanna do my basement? If I want to "Tackle it Tuesday", I'd have to start on Saturday.

  3. Those are some good elves....send em my way!!

  4. WOW! you did awesome Kim!!! Inspired I am :)

    Have a blessed day ~ still praying for you

  5. I have a garage that needs tackle do you rent out your services.... :o)

    Excellent job!

  6. Great tackle! I re-organized my office yesterday too. Funny how the holidays, crafting and sewing gets everything messy.

  7. Had me confused for a sec - was looking around for a vlog of the tackle! :) Oh well - I do know your voice and it IS in my head whenever I'm here - LOL!

    GREAT job my friend!! Very impressive! I've got a cabinet with cookbooks, paperwork,etc calling my name for a tackle, but it will have to wait now until after my Dad's visit! You can come help me anytime you know! I would definitely feed you chocolate! :)

    Big you-did-such-a-good-job-you-deserve-some-chocolate hugs to you! Have a super day my friend! Oh, and I won't have a post today - getting ready for Dad; should be picking him up from airport around noon. Love ya!

  8. Wow....can you come over to my house? lol Good job, my friend! Looks awesome!

    Love you mostester :)

  9. Kim,

    You did a fabulous job! WOW is more than I can say and feel at how amazing this all looks and I can only imagine just how happy you are that it is done.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  10. Yay Kim! You did it! It looks wonderful! Great job! Just picture me jumping up and down with pom poms cheering for you!

  11. Wow that room and desk look great. I sure need to get organized too.

  12. You are the woman! LOL! My desk gets cleaned off one day and then a few days later it is a mess again. LOL! It is a catch all. Ugh!

  13. LOL, is that the best you can do? The before, that is. I'd invite you up to tour my spare room, but your fans would never forgive me. Once you stepped in there, we'd never find you again. Duller, a few weeks back, thought it would be a good idea to put all our excess clutter in there. Never... NEVER let a man 'pack'. Every time he says, 'can't get any more in there', (whatever there happens to be), I take over and work in at least half again as much as he had.

    But I digress. It's a daunting task I'm working up courage to face. It's way too cold for a yard sale right now, so it might be a while. Anyhow, I give you a standing ovation for your tackle! Is that a sewing machine under the baby blanket? (We won't talk about the Pooh on your chair. *sbert*)

    Love ya loads, tackle toots! 8-]
    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  14. Looks great Kim!! I love to organize.

  15. Now those are some awesome before and after photos!! Great job!

  16. Wow! That looks great! I'm trying not to be jealous as I'm living in half our house now with the other part unlivable until we get done with sheetrocking. What a mess! I'm trying not to get overwhelmed with the prospect of cleaning it all up. I keep telling myself that it'll be worth it!

  17. Outstanding job!! It looks like an entirely different room!

  18. Great tackle. I say as I look around my office that definitely needs to be tackled!


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